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The Game Part 1
Fri Nov 10, 2017 9:57am

The Game Part 1

Sixteen-year old Allisah went to go and get the mail and she opened the flap to see a decent sized envelope. The size that was used to mail important documents that couldn't be folded. She looked at the front of it and saw no return address, only her name written in black sharpie market. She walked inside and sets her parents mail on the kitchen table.

She walked up to her room, sat on the edge of her bed and opened the envelope. Her eyes go wide as she pulled out pictures that were of her being ...ed by her teachers! Allisah was shaking and started pacing back forth while looking at the pictures on her bed. She then noticed on the back of one of the pictures was a flashdrive.

I don't want to know what's on that but it could also have answers to who took these pictures. Allisah thought as she took the drive and plugged it into her laptop.

There was only one file to click which was titled 'Play Me.' Allisah clicked it and a window popped open with a black screen.

Hello Allisah Fuches, I wanna play a game." a person using a voice scrambler said. "You would rather sleep your way through highschool rather then get a good education."

Another screen popped up showing Allisah bent over a desk and being ...ed.

"You would rather destroy marriages then be faithful to your boyfriend."

Another screen popped up, this one had Allisah ...ing in a bed that was not hers and this one had audio. "Boy you're a a lot tighter then my wife."

"And you're a lot bigger then my boyfriend." Allisah moaned.

Allisah watched with horror and anger.

"So, if you don't want these pictures and videos of your whore lifestyle all over the web, then you better win the game. The first game is very simple, all you have to do is make your Instagram account public, strip down to you lingeire, take a picture, front and back then caption it feeling sexy followed by posting it."

Allisah then saw a time appear on screen, counting down from sixty. She stood up, not wanting to do what they demanded but she also couldn't have those pictures and videos seen by anyone. The timer was on thirty and she she stripped down to her lingerie and grabbed her phone. She took the picture of her front and then looked over her shoulder to take the picture.

After posting it the timer stopped on five and Allisah pressed her head against the desk. She picked her head and realized something. "If this was a recording, how did that timer stop without me hitting pause? Allisah thought.

She looked closely at the screen and in the darkness saw a hooded figure appeared. "Congratulations on passing the first game."

"How are you doing that." demanded Allisah.

"If you weren't too busy sucking the computer teachers cock then you would have leaned to be careful when plugging in flash drives from strangers as they could have nasty viruses."

Allisah grabbed the drive and yanked it out.

"Afraid that won't work Allisah, once you clicked that file, you gave me all the access to your computer."

Allisah was furious. "I'll kill you, come meet me in person and I'll ...ing kill you."

"We will meet in due time Allisah, for now prepare yourself for the games have just begun."

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