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Princess Alice
Thanksgiving Contest Winners
Fri Dec 1, 2017 8:44am

Well, we only had three official submissions, so congratulations - you all place!

3rd Place: Thanksgiving Game, by Tim the Elder
—Good story with a game of Truth or Dare. I feel like it could have been a little stronger if you focused on one person more than the others being embarrassed, and it could have been a little bit longer than it was. Still, well written, and a nice read.

2nd Place: Black Friday Mayem, by dazed
— Solid public stripping. Personally, I would’ve enjoyed it better if the main character was being stripped, rather than the other way around. But I loved the creativity of choosing an idea still technically on Thanksgiving weekend, and it was interesting to read about a stripping with two people that had never met each other before.

1st Place: Tomboy No More, by MikeGesitt
— Great story that hit all the bonus things I asked for at the beginning. Good pacing, build-up, and development, and a variety of unique and interesting characters. Also creative that the stripping was basically Elyse’s fault, rather than being tricked or stripped by others. Overall a great read!

I know I didn’t offer it at the beginning, but I feel like a contest is a little more fun to win if there’s a prize involved. If you’re interested, I can try to write a short story based off a guideline you give me, MikeGesitt. After all, the point of this contest was to get more stories posted on here, so this could be another way to achieve that.

Thank you all for submitting stories, and I hope everyone will also participate in Santa Clause’s Holiday Contest as well. Happy writing, and happy holidays!

-Princess Alice

    • Thanks! - MickGesitt, Fri Dec 1 3:33pm
      Princess Alice, I'd like to thank you for announcing a contest with interesting criteria that inspired me to write my story. And I'd also like to thank 'A Fan' for giving me the polite nudge into... more
      • Sorry! - Princess Alice , Sat Dec 2 10:46am
        MickGesitt, got it! Sorry I messed it up on the contest winners section. And I'll try my best for the Holiday Contest. I have an idea or two, neither of which involve the cliche stripping. Also not a ... more
    • I’m truly humbled - dazed, Fri Dec 1 10:41am
      Being named among such awesome writers is in itself a prize. Thanks Princess Alice for a wonderful contest
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