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Cain Geesman
Sat Dec 2, 2017 11:32am

Ok here is another story from me. My friend Lydia came over to my house yesterday. She was wearing these gray gym shorts and a white tank top. Her shorts were really short and when she bent over you could see her butt cheeks sticking out the bottom and she knew it. The shorts were lose fitting but noticeably rode up her butt crack too. We were watching TV and she was lying on the couch on her stomach with her backside on show to anyone walking by. She kept shifting herself around jutting her butt out every so often just to tease my brother and his friend who were there also. From behind her you could totally see up her shorts. It looked like she was wearing a thong underneath so you could see a lot if you know what I mean, ehem! I could tell she was totally doing it on purpose. Ever since I was over at her house and her and friends depantsed me, underwear and all, then took my shirt away too, and THEN refused to give my clothes back (see my other story) I have been plotting revenge. Well we were pretty bored and Lydia eventually fell asleep on the couch in that same position. While getting a drink in the kitchen I asked my brother what he'd give me if I gave Lydia a massive wedgie for him. He got all giddy and whispered to his friend then said they would do my chores for the day if I did it, but it had to be a good one. Then I asked, "What if I do more than that?" Eagerly they asked, "Like what?" "I don't know..." I said smirking. "How about if I rip her shorts off? What's that worth to you?" "Oh my God that would be awesome!" he said giggling. "Ok chores for a whole week, but only if you really rip them off.. and her panties off with it." "Chores for two weeks for that you pervs" I said just to give them a hard time since I really would have done it for free anyway. "Deal!" they both said in unison with almost no hesitation. "OK get the camera so we can record it. I want to show it to my friends later." "Yeah!" they laughed and returned with the camera moments later. I got a pair of small scissors from the kitchen and put them in my back pocket to make sure I would not fail. Standing like 10 feet away behind Lydia my brother gave me a thumbs up letting me know he was ready. I snuck up behind her silently then yelled, "Surprise!" and sat on her back yanking the back legs of her shorts right up her ass super hard. Her shorts stretched way up her ass crack totally exposing her bare butt cheeks. She screeched in shock arching her back up in pain not being able to get up with me sitting on her holding her down pulling her butt in the air. I yanked at them till I was pulling so hard I heard the seams start to give. "Oh my god stop! Your ripping them!!" she screamed pinned face down in the couch. I instead pulled even harder till I had her them stretched half way up her back side buried deep in her ass crack. The material was actually more fragile that I anticipated and with a few more vicious tugs I heard and felt the straining cloth give way tearing open at a seam completely exposing her bare naked butt to us all. She let out a quick screech feeling her shorts tear open as I rendered them a tattered mess wrapped around her waist. My brother and his friend laughed and applauded at the site of her bare round jiggling ass as he caught it all on video. Standing from behind Lydia he had the perfect shot right up her legs and right up her butt no doubt. I all her struggling we got more than a few embarrassingly open shots of her privates. Wanting to finish the job and fully humiliate Lydia I pulled the waist band of her shorts out and snipped them with the scissors. The elastic snapped apart as I whisked them clean off leaving her totally depantsed and bare assed pinned down in front of us all. Laughing I swatted her cheeks a few times just to embarrass her more for the camera. "Oh how does it feel now Lydia?" I laughed letting her know this was payback for stripping me at her house. She tried to get up but I would not let her. I pulled her butt way apart so my brother could get a good shot of her butthole and pussy. She was trying to resist so I smacked her rump and jabbed my finger in her butt once to let her know what would happen if she didn't cooperate. With me sitting on top facing her feet straddling her with her arms pinned at her sides under my legs too she could not do much except lie there with her undulating bare butt right in our faces and at our mercy. I tried to pull her thighs apart but she kicked and twisted till she managed to roll over but still not get out from under me. Now we could see her whole exposed torso and pussy from the front side. I pulled her shirt up past her pierced belly button to get full view of her nudity. She was trying to yell really loud so I slid back just enough to sit on her face and muffle her screams with my ass. I pulled her legs up by the knees and tried to spread her legs wide open but she bucked up throwing me forward and scrambled off the couch making a break for the door completely bare from the waist down. What a site it was! Laughing hysterically we chased after her grabbing her ankle before she made it to the stairs. Pulling her down I dragged her back kicking and screaming bottomless with flashes of her exposed pussy and butthole on full show for the camera as she kicked and twisted trying to get away. "Oh no, You're not getting off that easy after what you did to me last week!" I threatened. I asked my brother and his friend to help me hold Lydia down so I could humiliate her further like she did to me. They both seemed hesitant so I told them if they did I would exonerate them from having to do my chores like we agreed too earlier. They gladly joined at the sound of that offer. I told my brother to hold Lydia's ankles, while his friend held her arms above her head. I tickled her all over letting her writhe and twist in naked humiliation for a good 15 minutes just to give my brother and his friend a good show. I pulled her shirt all the way up, and then pulled her bra up making her boobs pop out wiggling all over the place. Eventually we managed to wrestle her shirt and bra off totally off leaving her stark naked and red faced with embarrassment. We paraded her around the house with her arms held above her head so she could not cover. All she could do was twist around and try to cross her legs in a desperate attempt to hide her exposed privates. It didnít work. We took turn swatting her ass just to make her buck and watch her tits jiggle all over. It was hysterical. After a good hour of naked humiliation on video we let her go but the funniest part was that her shorts were ruined thanks to me, and I would not loan her any of my clothes to wear instead. We laughed watching her pin and tie her tattered shorts together enough to wear them home. She lives 4 blocks away and once she left I ran after her and tore her make shift shorts off her again right in the middle of the street! She had to run the remaining 2 blocks completely bottomless and covering with her hands again as people stared in amazement! She was so mad at me she looked like she was ready to cry. Revenge is sweet. Haaaa!

    • Nice story very realistic - Janie, Sun Dec 24 12:19pm
      I enjoyed it very much.
    • Canít find it - Anonymous, Sun Dec 3 1:03am
      Whatís the name of your old story
    • other story? - Anonymous, Sat Dec 2 6:36pm
      I could not find the other story too. Can you please repost the other story where Lydia and her friends depantsed you. Thanks!
    • Re: Revenge - Ben, Sat Dec 2 6:31pm
      Amazing! She got what she deserved.
    • Other story? - Jeepman89, Sat Dec 2 5:21pm
      How do we see your other story?
    • enjoyable romp - dazed, Sat Dec 2 4:46pm
      Nice little revenge tale.
    • Poor Lydia - Schlumpf83, Sat Dec 2 1:55pm
      Oh wow! Great story! :D Very well written! I would love to hear more stories from you with Lydia!
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