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Holiday Contest: A Live Christmas Tree
Sun Dec 3, 2017 1:32pm

The parents sat the three girl’s down and explained that they both had to be out of town on business for a few days, but not to worry, they would be back on December 21st, still enough time to get the house ready for the holiday. Because of the danger of a fire or something going wrong, they would have to wait for the parents return for the traditional decorating and lighting of the tree.

Brenda, the eighteen year old daughter was left in charge of her two younger siblings, Denise, age 16, and Pam, age 14.

The first few days went by as normal, but soon the girls were beginning to get gloomy at the lack of a Christmas tree in the house. There was always one up before now. The usual festive mood of the house just wasn’t there.

The lack of a festive mood got even worse when one night Brenda stayed out with her friends until way after midnight. The two younger siblings were angry so Brenda promised she would do anything for them if they would not tell their parents.

Friday morning a huge snowstorm hit the area and school was canceled for the day. Stuck at home, the two younger girls were restless and bored until some of their neighborhood pals came over. Six girls raging in ages from 14 to 16 sat in Denise’s bedroom trying to conjure up some holiday cheer.

“Let’s make our own Christmas tree,” Denise chirped to the group as she laid a couple of musical bells, some multi-colored garland, and silver tinsel on the bed.

“How we gonna do that?” Pam replied with in an inquisitive look. “What are we going to make it from?”

“Now from what...from whom,” Denise instructed. “You heard Brenda say she would do anything if we didn’t tell mom and dad on her, so we will make Brenda be our live Christmas tree,” Denise beamed, relaying her full plan to the cackling girls.


It was mid afternoon and Brenda was leaning over peering out the large picture window in the living room at the snow covered scenery, when the ambush commenced.

Dragged to the floor by the spirited teens, Brenda was stunned as she felt them remove her shoes and socks.

“Stop it!!” “What are you doing?” Brenda shouted as her arms and legs were pinned to the floor.

“Remember, you promised to do anything if we didn’t tell mom and dad on you, so we’re going to strip you and make you a live Christmas tree,” Denise grinned as she began peeling Brenda’s slip over top off.

Brenda blushed, part from shame and part from anger, as her shirt was removed and tossed into the corner. The girls laughed and giggled as they pointed at Brenda’s ample tits, stuffed inside a tight fitting white bra.

“Get her pants off!” Pam yelled as Brenda screamed and struggled to get free.

The jeans were unsnapped and slowly wrestled down her legs until they too were tossed into the corner leaving Brenda in only her bra and panties.

The group rolled Brenda over onto her stomach and hands began to unhook her bra while others patted her shapely butt before grabbing the waist band of her panties.

“NOOOOOOO!” Brenda screamed as she felt her bra come undone, and her panties being tugged downwards, until she lay butt naked on the floor, blushing from embarrassment, as the girls laughed in glee.

“I didn’t mean something like this. Come on, let me go. Give me back my clothes!” Brenda pleaded.

“Too late. A deal is a deal,” Pam teased as she slapped Brenda on her bare ass leaving a hand print.

“Let’s get her up. I want her in front of the picture window, just like a real tree.” Denise barked.

“You can’t do this...I’m naked!” Brenda squealed as the girls forced her to her feet while pinning her hands behind her back.

“Oh don’t worry, we will only open the curtains a few times,” Denise teased as the girls duct taped Brenda’s hands securely, then placed the tape around her ankles to ensure she could not go anywhere.

The mischievous girl’s then positioned the hapless Brenda in front of the picture window and grabbed the decorations. Brenda was hysterical at thought of passing strangers or neighbors seeing her naked and again pleaded with the girls to let her go.

The first body part to be decorated was Brenda’s huge breasts. Her body now matured, her C size breasts were full and succulent. The girls attached a metal clamp on each nipple from which dangled a golden bell.

“Try it out,” Pam snickered as the girls made Brenda’s breasts jiggle and move, producing a festive ringing of the bells.

They then began wrapping her body in the garland, streaming it from her neck to her feet, with enough space in between the strands to reveal the naked flesh beneath. The final strand was ran between her legs, ensuring that it touched her sensitive spots.

The effects were felt by Brenda immediately as the prickly strands of garland began scraping and itching her pussy. This caused her to move in discomfort and that made the bells on her tits ring.

The girls topped off the decorating by hanging a few bulbs on the garland, draping her body in silver tinsel, and putting a red Santa hat with a white ball on her head.

“Now for the lights!” Denise yelled as she scampered into the kitchen closet and returned with an electric color wheel that had rotating, red, blue, green, and gold lights. She plugged it in and the colors began bathing Brenda’s body. It was just like a real tree, only better. It was made from a naked girl!

“NOOOOOO!” Brenda screamed as the girls turned her around facing the picture window and opened the curtains.

“We have to show off our new tree. It’s the festive thing to do,” Denise teased.

The huge blanket of snow made for very little traffic, but soon the two Johnson boys that lived at the end of the street trod by pulling a sled behind them. One glanced at the window and stopped dead in his tracks before he began elbowing the other.

“Close the window! They are going to see me naked!” Brenda screamed. “This is horrible, let me go!”

The two boys, of course, came close to the window and took some pictures on their cell phones to share with others. “Turn her around so we can see her butt,” one of the boys yelled.

The giggling girls turned Brenda around, giving the two boys a perfect view of the embarrassed girl’s naked ass through the window.

After the two boys left, they drew the curtains and began playing Christmas music while they had some snacks and teasing Brenda.

Afterwards, they turned Brenda around again and opened the curtains. It took some time but a gang of girls that lived nearby strolled past the window, looked and laughed as they began pointing and taking pictures.

“Make her shake her tits!” some yelled, as they gazed at the two bells hanging on them.

Pam and another girl smacked Brenda on her bare bottom and ordered her to shake her tits. When the girls couldn’t hear them from the outside, Denise motioned them to come inside.

“Nooooo! don’t bring them in here!” Brenda groaned in shame.

The four girls strolled into the living room,, laughing and making fun of the naked Christmas tree. “Ok, let’s hear the carol of the bells,” one teased, and Brenda was forced once again to shake her breasts to make the demented bells ring.

She blushed as the girls died laughing while the bells tolled their sounds. She cringed and blushed as the neighborhood girls took many pictures while making fun of Brenda before leaving.

The girls pulled the curtains back again and Brenda drew a sigh of relief. “Alright, you’ve had your fun, now turn me loose!” Brenda snapped.

“Oh no, not yet,” Denise snapped back as she raced to her bedroom and came back with some magic markers, the kind that would wash off with water.

The girls spun Brenda around again and began writing on her butt cheeks, much to her protest. When they were finished, “Merry Christmas,”glared in bright red across her ivory mounds.

The girls took pictures of their artwork and then their friends had to leave. Once they were all gone, Brenda was certain she would be released.

“Mom and dad will not be home till morning. I think we will leave you up all night,” Denise teased as the two girls trotted off to their bedrooms.

“Nooooooo! Let me go!” Brenda yelled as she struggled to break the duct tape and free herself.

The coast now clear, and with no one to prevent her escape, Brenda began an awkward hobble towards the kitchen in hopes of finding something to free her from the tape that bound her arms and legs. As she hopped, the bells on her breasts tolled out their sounds, and the garland and tinsel swayed back and forth.

She was making headway when she lost her balance and began tumbling forward face down on the carpet. The vibration from her fall caused a small speaker on the computer stand to topple over and strike the keyboard, which activated the webcam.

The image was one of total humiliation. Brenda’s bare ass with the holiday message scrawled on her cheeks filled the screen. One by one people on the contact list were being treated to the display of Brenda awkwardly trying to rise to her feet.

Aunts, uncles, friends, and neighbors began commenting their replies to the unsuspecting Brenda. The image even went viral and began spreading over the internet. By the time Brenda successfully freed herself she was an internet sensation. Luckily for her, her face was never shown and her identity never realized except for the friends and family who taunted her endlessly.

    • Fantastic story! - Schlumpf83, Sun Dec 3 5:23pm
      I enjoyed it very much!
    • wonderful story - Hooked6, Sun Dec 3 1:54pm
      I just love the "Live Christmas Tree" idea. Very imaginative.
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