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A Cliche ENF Story | Part 1
Mon Dec 4, 2017 1:12pm

Mary Sue was the most popular girl in school. She was the head cheerleader and was dating the quarterback. She had fair skin and average sized breasts with a very slim body. Her hair was long and blonde, although her carpet did not match and was a dark brown.

Hannah Reese was a nerd who wore glasses, was captain of the mathletes and never dated or kissed anyone in her life. She had pale skin and smaller breasts with an average waist. Her hair was always tied up in a messy brown pony tail never shaving a hair on her bush, but also not having much TO shave.

One day Hannah was heading to her first period science class looking at her phone when she slammed right into Mary making them both fall over. Hannah’s books flew across the floor as she laid on top of Mary. In disgust, Mary shoved Hannah off of her. “Watch where you’re going, bitch,” Mary said.

Hannah blushed and scurried to pick up all of her books. “I’m so sorry. I didn’t m-mean to,” she said.

Mary looked Hannah up and down. She slammed Hannah against the nearby lockers. “I’ll remember you, bitch. At lunch time, you’re going to regret slamming into me like that. Just you wait. Everyone is going to see how pathetic you are. I’ll make sure they laugh at you and take pictures of it too. But for now I need payment from you for slamming into me,” she said, then whispered. “How about those panties you have on under that lovely skirt of yours? If you say no, I’ll take the bra too. You do have panties on don’t you?”

Hannah trembled in fear trying not to cry. Hannah had to lift her skirt slightly as she reached for the waistband of her panties. She then let them fall to her ankles before stepping out of them. She then picked them up and handed them to Mary before putting her skirt back.

Mary held in a laugh as she examined Hannah’s panties. Unfortunately for Hannah they were old panties as it was laundry day so small pee stains could be spotted on the cotten white panties which were also decorated with teddy bears. “Wow, this is pathetic,” Mary laughed. “Now head to class while I figure out the best place to put these. Probably in the nursery room. One more thing before you go. I want to fix your skirt. If you adjust it at ALL. I will make our little lunch meeting 10x worse than what I plan on. When you sit, you must have them apart.”

Hannah was a deep red from humiliation but nodded as Mary adjusted the skirt so the waist band was at Hannah’s belly button. This caused the skirt to appear shorter and more revealing than it was. When she sat down, Hannah’s skirt would raise a little and anyone looking would be able to see clearly she has no panties on.

Hannah was then allowed to leave for her first period class. Mary held the panties in her hand and thought of where to put them. Then she smiled. It would be perfect. She walked to Hannah’s locker and taped the panties to the front of the locker. She then took a blank piece of paper and wrote “For Hannah Reese:Just in case you need them! — Mommy P.S. One more and it’s back to diapers for you!” she then folded the paper to make it look as if it were a note and taped it above the pair of panties.

Then Mary left for her first period class.

As students passed by Hannah’s locker, they saw the panties hanging on the front with the note. They giggled to themselves and whispered. Some of them took pictures and spread rumors around the school that Hannah wet herself. People also began to notice that Hannah wasn’t wearing anything underneath and wondered if she had actually wet herself and threw away the panties. People could see Hannah’s pussy as she sat with her legs wide open.

After first period was over, the bell rang and Hannah headed to her next class. That’s when she walked to her locker and gasped. Everyone was gathered around it taking pictures and whispering. When they noticed Hannah they pointed and laughed. Hannah wasn’t sure what they were laughing at at first but as she approached her eyes widened. Her panties were taped to the locker and a note made it seem as though it was in case Hannah peed herself.

One person behind flipped up Hannah’s skirt revealing her uncovered pussy. Everyone laughter.

Oh my goodness.
Did you pee yourself already?
Looks like you need diapers!
Wow, going commando!
Hey, there’s a pair or panties for you!
How cute!
The nerd wets herself!

Hannah wanted to cry and die in a hole. Not wanting to be embarrassed further, she took the panties from the locker and then put them on. People burst out laughing as she did this because it made it seem like they really were meant for her instead of being her original panties. She then pulled her skirt down to cover the panties and opened her locker to get her panties. Both of these actions would prove to be a vital mistake as Mary was not happy at all when she saw her at lunch.

    • Nice start - Janie, Fri Dec 8 9:24am
      Keep refining your work. Try to be realistic. In my case I don't call anyone names until I'm in a real kicking, biting and scratching fight with them.
    • Re: A Cliche ENF Story | Part 1 - Anonymous, Mon Dec 4 8:09pm
      I vote for hannah to get punished first for stripping but then the twist is mary lou is punished after much worse all the while have her thinking she got away with it. Have Hannah have control of her ... more
    • Part 2 - ClicheWriter, Mon Dec 4 2:18pm
      Hannah forgot about what Mary had told her and she sat alone in the cafeteria and began to eater her lunch like usual. Ten minutes later Mary approached her and whispered “You little, bitch. Not only ... more
      • A Cliche ENF Story | Part 3 - ClicheWriter, Tue Dec 5 3:12pm
        Since Hannah’s clothes were confiscated as evidence, she was forced to remain naked as she and Mary waited for the Security Office fo come back with results. Students passed by as they went to visit... more
        • Love it - jalixm, Tue Dec 5 10:35pm
          I hope you take your time torturing Hannah before punishing Mary. Personal preference. Great read so far
      • Pls punish mary - Anonymous, Tue Dec 5 12:38pm
        She needs to be punished for humiliating her make that she as to listen and do what Hanna says
      • Punish mary - Anonymous, Tue Dec 5 5:01am
        I feel it would be better twist if Mary got caught and punished
      • Punish mary - Brandon, Mon Dec 4 9:32pm
        Hannah already got humiliated, let's hear about mary getting humiliated now.
      • Interesting setup - dazed, Mon Dec 4 7:10pm
        Be interesting to see if Hannah is found out or gets away with it.
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