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One Morning At The Pool
Wed Dec 6, 2017 8:00pm

17 year old Katie spread the blanket on the flat area surrounding the pool. The sun was already streaming through the sky deck above and warming the place nicely. She had chosen to come early today to avoid the crowds that usually file in during the afternoon and evenings at the popular gym/pool.

Katie, an adorable girl with jet black hair, large doe-like eyes, and a voluptuous body loved to flirt with the boys. She also had her share of female rivalries who were jealous of her body.

She was lying face down with the top of her white bikini undone in hopes of catching some of the morning sun to help her tan. She never heard the foot steps of the girl who stood looming over her.

Jade, also 17, could not believe her luck. She had warned Katie time and again to stop flirting with her boy friend, Eric, but she seemed to enjoy it. Now she was going to show Katie the consequences of her flirtatious ways.

Studying Katie’s bikini she noticed it had strings on each side of the bottoms. An impish grin formed on her lips as she slowly bent downward. Katie still had no idea anyone was near her. She seemed to be in a half sleep.

Gently and carefully, Katie loosened the strings to both sides of her bottoms and then cautiously gripped the end of the top, which laid under Katie's chest, and gave a quick tug, ripping it out from under her, leaving her huge tits naked and bare.

“HEY!!!” Katie shouted as she saw Jade a few feet in front of her holding her top and swinging it back and forth.

“I warned you to stop flirting with my boyfriend bitch, but you wouldn’t listen. “I think I will just keep your top and let you show off those big tits you are so proud of,” Jade sneered.

“Jade! Stop it! Please...give me my top before someone comes!” Katie pleaded as she rose to her knees and crossed her arms to try and cover her exposed breasts, totally unaware that her bottoms had been loosened by Jade as well.

“Come and get it if you want it that bad,” Jade teased as she swung the top back and forth in front of Katie.

As Katie walked forward, Jade would back up, laughing and sneering, particularly as she watched the strings in Katie’s bottoms slowly begin to unravel.

“Jade please give me my top before people get in here. I promise I will never flirt with Eric again. You have my word!” Katie pleaded as she clutched her hands over her ample tits.

“If you want your top you will have to take it from me,” Jade snickered as she waved it over her head and backed up.

“Give it to me bitch!” Katie snarled as she rushed forward. Suddenly a ghostly look came on her face and she stopped dead in her tracks as she felt her bottoms slipping down her legs. “What the…?” Katie gasped as she looked down to see the dreaded sight.

“Ha ha. I will take those too,” Jade beamed as she reached down and stole the bottoms before Katie could react.

“NOOOOOOO!” Katie screamed as she realized she was standing butt naked with Jade holding both pieces of her bikini.

“Whoo hooo,” Jade teased. “A real naked bimbo ready to give the boys an eye full. I love the little patch of hair between your legs. Most girls shave their pussies now in case you haven’t heard.”

“Jade I beg you, please give me my clothes!” Katie pleaded, nearly in tears now.

“Crawl over here and kiss my butt and you can have them back,” Jade replied.

“What?...you’re mad. No way am I going to do that!” Katie hissed.

“Suit yourself. See ya later,” Jade grinned as she turned to walk away, waving Katie’s bikini triumphantly over her head.


Will Katie relinquish and swallow her pride to get her clothes back, or will Jade have something more diabolical in store?

    • Conclusion - dazed, Sat Dec 9 10:30am
      Jade let out a collective sigh of relief when the door opened and the three girls dragged her back inside. “You said anything to get your clothes back?” A victorious Katie beamed as she wore the... more
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      Katie chased Jade clumsily towards the door, one hand draped over her tits and the other covering her crotch. “Please give me my clothes back!” Katie wept as Jade raced through the door and began... more
    • Re: One Morning At The Pool - Schlumpf83, Thu Dec 7 2:45am
      Cool story! Looking forward to the next part!
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