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Mother ENF
Mom’s Revenge (Part 1)
Mon Jan 8, 2018 5:49pm

Erica was a spoiled brat who would complain about every little thing that she didn’t like. Her mom put up with it for 16 years until she finally had enough. It was Erica’s first day of senior year but she had failed her Math final exam the previous year causing her scholarship to be taken away and all of her colleges to reject her. Her mom was pissed and decided to not punish her over the summer. Instead, she would wait for the school year to start.

Her mom woke up early in the morning and removed all ot Erica’s clothes from the drawer. She replaced all of her lacey underwear with children’s strawberry shortcake and My Little Pony underwear. She completely removed all of Erica’s bras and took away her shirts as well instead she put bright pink tops that had childish images on them. Her mom also donated away all of her pants and jeans only leaving her mini skirts behind.

“Erica, wake up!” She yelled.

“Get out or here, bitch!” Erica yelled back.

Her mom grew red with anger. She yanked Erica out of her bed and dragged her to the bathroom. Using her strength, Erica’s mom pinned her to the floor and stripped her of her pajamas and underwear. She filled the bathtub with warm water and forced Erica into the tub.

“What the ...?!” Erica yelled.

“You sit there in silence or I will make this a living nightmare. It’s time you learn your lesson and stop being such a spoiled brat. I’m sick of it!” Erica’s mom scolded.

She pulled out a razer blade. “I suggest you sit still.”

Erica stopped squirming afraid of getting cut as her mom took the razer and shaving cream. She shaved off all of the hair from Erica’s pussy. Erica cried begging for ger mom to stop but there was no use. “Stop this right now! I swear I will kill you! You ...er! You ...ing bitch! Get your hands off of me.”

Erica’s mom shook her head. “I was going to allow you to attend school in an outfit I picked out fot you. But now, you don’t deserve any of it. You’ll be lucky if I let you wear the panties.”

After she finished bathing Erica, her mom pulled her out and dried her off. She then pulled her by the hair and took out a pair of Pinkie Pie panties with an I <3 Ponies on the back. She forced Erica to put them on and then dragged her by the hair downstairs and out the door. Erica begged her mom to stop but she wouldn’t. Her mom dragged her all the way to the car and made her climb into the backseat while she drove her daughter to school in only a pair of panties and a completely exposed A Cup chest.

    • Mom’s Revenge (Part 2) - Mother ENF, Tue Jan 9 2:43pm
      Erica’s Mom drove right to the front of the school and parked in a parking lot. She then opened the door where Erica sat trying to hide herself from everyone. Erica’s mom grabbed her by the hair and... more
    • Re: Mom’s Revenge (Part 1) - Anonymous, Mon Jan 8 6:41pm
      Great story! Love this idea! Does the mom end up treating her daughter like a little kid after school? Maybe the mom could get ericas crush to babysit her later
    • That's interesting - dazed, Mon Jan 8 6:22pm
      I like the taking away of her clothes etc, but I can't imagine the school letting her in wearing only her panties, but it is a delicious thought :)
      • Awesome - ScreamMario51, Mon Mar 19 5:42am
        Great!The adults seem normal and i think Erica really deserves it!Please make more.It's very great! By the way is there boys in this story?Nothing has been mentioned yet about genders.
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