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Initiation Prank
Tue Jan 9, 2018 5:15pm

Jennifer was a freshman in college when she was humiliated by the Emba Nu Fe sorority sisters. Each year the sisters would recruit three more young girls to join their house. Jennifer was one of the girls who wanted to join really badly but the girls didn’t want to recruit her due to Liz (one of the sorority sisters) being the older sister to a girl Jennifer used to bully in high school. When Liz discovered Jennifer wanted to join, at first she simply wanted to reject Jennifer, but then she came up with a brilliant way for her to get revenge for her sister. She talked with the other girls and they all thought her plan was amazing.

One week went by and the sisters invited four girls to the house. Three of them were real recruits and one of them, Jennifer was about to be a victim to one of the most humiliating events the campus had ever seen.

Jennifer was smiling with glee when she got the invitation. She was so happy to be a part of the sorority that she picked out a nice dress and set of underwear to wear and headed over arriving 5 minutes early to give a good impression.

She was immediately greeted by Liz and the other girls. The two other recruits were in on the plan as well as they had been told to arrive 30 minutes before Jennifer did.

“Hello, Jennifer. You’re the last one to arrive so you will be the first one to undergo the initiation,” Liz smirked.

“Initiation?” Jennifer asked puzzled.

“Yes, I’m sure you’ve heard all of the stories about hazings?” Liz explained. “Well we have our own sort of initiation procedure. Come on in.”

Jennifer entered the house and saw a circle of chairs each occupied by a sister. In the middle of the circle was a blanket on the floor, a razer blade, and shaving cream. “Now don’t worry, all of us had to go through this same thing. You are not the first to go through this.”

Jennifer nodded still confused as to what was going on. “First, you must take off all of your clothes,” Megan instructed. “You must feel comfortable living with us so if you can strip naked for us, you’ll live well with us. If not, you can’t join.”

Jennifer gulped but did as she was told. She took all of her clothes off and stood naked. Her brown bush was visible to everyone as well as her size 36B breasts. Her plump butt was also very much visible to everyone in the house. She was then instructed to lay down and spread her legs which she did so obediently. Her bush was quickly trimmed off and then shaved completely so that nothing was left behind, not even stubble. The girls also shaved her armpits to ensure no hair was left behind besides the locks on her head.

Jennifer then stood completely naked and bare. “Now, Jennifer. It’s time for the intiation,” Liz said with a smile pulling out a pair of handcuffs. “You are to run all the way to the front of the campus with your hands handcuffed behind your back. Once there you will see a lockbox attached to a flagpole. The combination is 3415. You will need to ask someone to unlock the box for you and then you will find a silver key inside. You must ask a different person to unlock your handcuffs. If you don’t, you will be banned from the sorority and you will not get any of your clothes back. Once you return the next girl will be sent out.”

Jennifer nodded acknowledging Liz’s instructions. The handcuffs were put on her and Jennfier began to run out the door and down the sidewalks. She was lucky because the sidewalks were completely empty. Nobody was there. Maybe she could get away without being caught. She continued to run all the way across campus. A silver car passed her and honked but she couldn’t see who it was. Other than the silver car, no one seemed to notice her. She made it all the way to the front of the campus when she stopped in her tracks. Her eyes widened. “Oh my god!” she screamed.

Every single member of the student body was standing in the front staring at her. Everyone had cameras filming her and taking pictures. Woof whistles were heard from the crowd of people as they all laughed at her. That’s when the silver car pulled in front and all of the sorority sisters came out of the car giggling and laughing. Jennifer had no way of covering and worst Jennifer approached the flagpole and all there was was a note.

To Jennifer, this will teach you for bullying my little sister. This is not an initiation. You will never be apart of this sorority. But I hope you enjoy your humiliation. Everyone will know who you are by the end of today. - Liz

Jennifer didn’t know what to do. Everyone was laughing at her. Liz smirked. “By the way, here’s your clothes,” Liz said pulling out Jennifer’s suitcase which was filled with ALL of her clothes.

Liz dumped them all on the ground. They were all cut up into the tiniest of pieces.

“Have fun,” she giggled.

Jennifer never felt so humiliated. “Oh and I almost forgot. These are the keys,” Megan laughed. She threw them into the storm drain.

Jennifer wanted to die as everyone took pictures and filmed her running around naked unable to cover her bare pussy. That was until she tripped falling flat on her face with her legs spread wide apart. Everyone laughed even harder at that. A professor came out to see what the ruckus was all about and was livid to find Jennifer “streaking.” He dragged her naked to the dean’s office .

Unfortunately for Jennifer even though there were cameras all across campus, it only showed her willingly streaking around campus with handcuffs. Instead of explusion, however, Jennifer was forced to do lunch duties for a month completely naked as punishment for streaking. Her photos were posted everywhere as well.

    • This was great! - dazed, Tue Jan 9 5:46pm
      I am a huge fan or sorority initiations and this one added the plot of revenge which made it all the more fun to read.
    • Wonderful humiliation - Hooked6, Tue Jan 9 5:43pm
      Great story. Loved it.
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