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Second Story
Sat Jan 13, 2018 12:23pm

It had been months since Jo's naked humiliation at the hands of Aimee but the degradation had been so severe she could still barely bring herself to look her fellow students in the eye. And nobody was going to let her forget anytime soon with videos of her barking like a dog getting a regular run at school.

Bec meanwhile had been desperately trying to come up with a plan to help her fulfil her promise to Jo of getting revenge. The problem was Aimee had been actively looking out so it was proving a difficult task.

As Bec and Jo sat in Bec's lounge room trying to plot, Bec's older brother Mike arrived home from college. Upon seeing Jo Mike broke into a broad grin "Hey Jo you make a great pet" he teased. "Shut it Mike" Bec growled instantly wiping the grin off his face. "Hey hey I'm just teasing, you know I thought it was harsh."

"Yeah well instead of teasing how about you do something useful and help us with revenge?" Jo said.

"Revenge hey..... hmmm well why the hell did she do it anyway?"

"Coz of Dave" Jo sighed.

"Wait what? Basketball Dave?" Mike asked surprised.

"Yes, both Jo and Aimee were chasing him though only Aimee is now" Bec explained.

Smirking broadly again Mike said "Yeah good look with that, he bats for my team you idiots."

"WHAT??" Jo exclaimed, "You mean I got punished for showing interest in a gay guy? Well that's just ...ing great."

"You sure did hun but don't worry it'll help you with revenge" Mike said. As he filled the 2 girls in on his plan both their faces started to light up.

24 hours later both Bec and Jo were positioned outside Mikes room. "Are you sure about this" Jo whispered, "For crying out loud Jo do you want revenge or not" Bec whispered back.

"Yes but.."

"No, no buts this is the plan and its not like he's innocent he could've stopped it."

"Fine lets do it."

And with that the girls rushed into Mikes room cameras rolling catching Dave the basketball heart throb on his knees in nothing but a g-string sucking Mike for all his worth.

"Ahhh" Dave screamed throwing himself off Mike looking terrified. "Wha, no, wait, this, uh" he said in his panic state unable to form a sentence his wide eyes flicking between Mike, the girls and their camera phones.

"Breathe" Jo said to him, "Just breathe."

"We can keep a secret" Bec smiled "But you have to do something for us first."

"Anything" Dave said panicked "You don't get it I'm not ready yet, highschool locker room will be hell if the guys find out."

"Its fine hun" Jo said soothingly "Just need you to do some things for us, hell it'll probably boost your rep."

"Uh ok then, what is it?" a slightly more calmer but more confused Dave said.

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        It's actually called First Story. Scroll down a ways on the story board and it was posted on December 23rd.
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