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Quid Pro Quo
Mon Feb 12, 2018 8:12pm

Amy parked the car by the river bank and turned off the engine. Beside her in the front seat was her younger sister Patty. The two had a long running game of one-upmanship in which each would try to outdo the other in some prank or dare. Despite the numerous humiliating, embarrassing, and even dangerous situations they had found themselves in, neither would ever give in and tell the other they had won.

Amy gazed at the green grass that lined the field just in front of the river, which was flowing lazily past their sleepy little town. The sun was bright, and barely a cloud in the sky as she reached behind her and fetched her Nikon camera.

“I think its time for another game,”Amy spoke as she adjusted the lens on the camera.

Patty knew exactly what Amy meant and her jaw dropped. “And just what do you have in mind?” Patty whispered as she studied the sly grin on Amy’s face.

“You will find out soon enough. Get out of the car and follow me,” Amy ordered.

A surge of excitement, mixed with a nervous feeling, filled Patty as she followed Amy across the parking lot and onto the grassy field. At the edge of the grass, just in view of the river the two stopped.

“I want you to strip down to your panties, get on your knees and put your hands behind your head!” Amy barked.

“Amy no!” Patty gasped as she looked around. “People will see. I could get in trouble.”

“That never stopped us before. Are you giving in and declaring me the better woman?” Amy jeered.

Patty glared at her sister, but there was no way she was going to give in. She bent over and removed her two shoes and socks, pulled the t-shirt over her head, unzipped her jeans and slid them down her legs before stepping out of them. She looked quite delicious with her milky white breasts naked and free.

Amy watched Patty, clad in only a pair of white flowered bikini panties, slip down to her knees and place her hands behind her head. Patty raised the camera and peered through the lens at the erotic sight and began snapping a few pictures.

“Amy, someone is going to come. Can I put my clothes back on now...please?” Patty pleaded nervously.

“Just a few more shots. I want you to scatter your clothes around you on the ground so the camera will see your discarded clothing,” Patty instructed. “You look so slutty like that.”

Patty bit her lip but remained kneeling on the grass, all the while scanning the area for anyone who might be coming that way.

“Enough pictures!” Patty moaned. “Let me get dressed before we get caught.”

“One more thing,” Amy beamed as she peered through the lens. “I want you to wet your panties like the bad girl you are.”

“Noooo. Amy, no. Come on, not that,” Patty pleaded as she blushed at the thought.

“If you want to put your clothes back on then pee yourself for me. I want a shot of you kneeling on the ground in your soaked panties. If you refuse, our game is over and I win right here and now.”

Her face flushed with shame, Amy strained against her bladder until a visible wet patch formed in her crotch and a small, trickling stream oozed from her panties onto the grass below. Her shame was intensified as she heard Amy’s mocking laughter from behind the camera.

“I can’t believe you made me do this,” Patty moaned, nearly sobbing.

“Oh I am not done yet little sister,” Amy quipped. “For the grand finale I want you to take off your panties and stand bare ass and titty naked on the edge of the field until a barge passes by. I am sure the pilot and crew of that boat will appreciate seeing your naked ass greeting them.”

Amy! You can’t be serious. I did what you told me to do. Let me get dressed now!” Patty whimpered.

“You can dress when I am done, and not a minute before. Now stand up and get those nasty panties off. Toss them into that trash receptacle over there,” Amy demanded as she pointed to a nearby trash can.

Amy could not resist taking a few shots of Patty’s walk of shame as she strolled bare ass naked across the grass clutching her soiled panties in her hand.

Patty strolled back sheepishly and took her place at the edge of the grass, standing completely naked in broad daylight. Twenty minutes passed before they heard the sound of a large barge chugging down the river. It blew its horn just as it neared them.

Amy forced Patty to stand facing the barge and waving at it as it slowly passed. From their position they could hear the excited cat calls and whistles of the men on the barge. Amy even made Patty bend over and spread herself for them as they slowly passed down stream.

“Alright, you can dress now,” Amy grinned as she began walking back to the car. Patty hurriedly snatched her clothes, minus the discarded panties and dressed, running to get into the car, thankful that no one had come by and caught her.

“Quid Pro Quo sister,” Patty growled as she ran her hands through her hair. “My turn next, and I am going to lay awake for days figuring out something so humiliating, so degrading, you will give in to me,” Patty snarled as Amy laughed and back the car out to head back home.

“Not a chance in hell,” Amy smiled.

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