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Strip Horse (Rewrite)
Tue Feb 13, 2018 2:30pm

"Author's" Note: This was a story that was originally written by Teresa, I kinda liked it so I did something I usually do, which is to rewrite certain stories by adding a few parts and slightly altering others, I've also written a sequel, which is completely my own, that I will post in the comments, here's the original story:


Please enjoy my version as well.


At age 16 I was at a local basketball court shooting hoops with my friends Martha and Cynthia. All the rest of the people at the court were boys around my age.

A boy came up to us and suggested we play strip horse. Basically horse except as you got letters you lost clothes. The idea seemed kind of thrilling to me and Martha, because we were good at bball and did not think we could lose. The idea of forcing other girls to strip in front of boys seemed thrilling. Cynthia did not want to play since she was awful at Basketball, but we forced her to go along.

Martha went 1st and made a layup, both me and Cynthia made it after her so we didn't lose any clothing. Then Martha made a harder shot on her 2nd shot, both me and Cynthia missed. We got H, but this was a somewhat free round since we only lost our shoes and socks.

Martha made her 3rd shot and both me and Cynthia missed. We now both had HO. This was a more serious miss as we both had to take off our shirts. I had huge boobs, and the bra I wore was too small for me and showed a lot of cleavage.

I was pretty embarrassed to be in front of boys this way, though I found some consolation in the fact that Cynthia was in her bra too, even if her bra didn't show as much cleavage as mine did.

Martha made her 4th shot and both me and Cynthia missed again. We now had HOR. As me and Cynthia removed our pants, Martha mocked us by saying we had HOR because we were whores.

I now stood in my bra and a g string thong in front of about 20 boys, Some of the boys shouted out "nice ass." I wanted to cover up but was not allowed to, Cynthia was in her bra and underwear too. But she was not wearing a thong so her butt was not as exposed like mine was. things got really humiliating when Martha went up to me, smacked my bare ass, and laughed.

Martha made another free shot. My luck finally turned around as I made the shot and didn't have to strip further. However, Cynthia missed and had to take off her bra. She did this slowly and was obviously very embarrassed. Her boobs were average size; not huge and not tiny, and even though I'm not lesbian I got aroused by seeing a topless girl so embarrassed.

Martha finally missed on her next free shot. Cynthia now had a free shot, but of course she missed her shot too, and now I had a free shot.

I made a 10 footer, Martha made it and remained fully clothed, however, Cynthia missed and had to strip now fully naked.

She slowly pulled down her panties on account of being so embarrassed. Her pubic hair and butt were slowly revealed, and she was unintentionally providing the boys with quite a striptease.

When she was done, she was forced to join the boys and they all began groping her the second she sat down, she was clearly very humiliated.

Me and Martha continued playing; I kept making free shots, and Martha made her ensuing shots so she remained fully clothed, after I made about 7 free shots, Martha finally missed, she got an H and had to take her shoes and socks off.

I kept making free shots and eventually Martha missed again! Off came her shirt.

Her boobs, like mine, were huge, but she was wearing a more properly sized bra that didn't show as much cleavage as mine did.

Martha now had HO to my HOR as she pointed out, she was still beating me. Eventually, I gave Martha an R of her own, and it was my turn to mock her because she was on HOR too, Off came her pants to reveal her blue panties.

She was not wearing a thong so her butt was not on display like my butt was, I still spanked her on her panty covered ass like she had spanked mine after I stripped to my thong, I then gave Martha a wedgie so her ass was showing to all the boys as much as mine.

She adjusted her panties after the wedgie, but even after adjusting her panties some of her crack was still showing, the wedgie exposed some of her pubes in the front as well, which she didn't notice, and i didn't tell Martha about her display.

I unfortunately missed my next free shot. A few shots later Martha got me down to HORS and off came my bra; I was topless and in a thong, all the boys were ogling me.

One more letter and I would be naked.

Martha kept making her free shots, but I avoided elimination by making the shots myself, eventually one of her shots barely rimmed out and now I had a free shot.

It took awhile, but I eventually gave Martha her own S. We both were at HORS, She was topless as well, and seeing Martha topless made me less embarrassed to be topless myself, especially when I looked over at Cynthia, who was completely naked and still having her whole body groped by the boys, some of them were even fingering her pussy, at this point Cynthia seemed more to be having fun than uncomfortable, moaning and squirming with every little touch and tease the boys exacted on her.

It didn’t take long after that for the game to end, as I gave Martha an E in just one more shot as she missed again, she was probably rattled from having to be topless in front of everybody, and couldn’t concentrate as well. She was now naked.
She tried to put he hands over her bare vagina but the boys held her hands up to prevent her from doing so, exposing her entire body to our audience, and she was blushing like crazy.

I went to get my clothes and put them back on, assuming I was allowed to do so, however, one of the boys took my clothes (as well as Cynthia and Martha's clothes) instead and put them in his car while we were playing. He told me I was to remain the way I was, topless and in a thong, although it seemed the boys had more planned for us since he told me that I still had to sit and watch “the show”.

I was forced to sit with the boys in my thong and watch Cynthia and Martha perform their punishment for losing, the boys replacing Cynthia’s body with mine, touching my bare boobs and butt and even made me get off the seats and spanked me, some of them even put their hands inside my panties and fingered my vagina. This was humiliating beyond belief but I was at least glad that I wasn’t out on the field being humiliated like Martha and Cynthia.

The show was of Cynthia and Martha naked as they were forced to run around the courts and do naked suicide drills, then they had to play a 1 on 1 match naked, which Cynthia quickly lost, her forfeit for that one was that she had to sit in front of everyone, spread her legs and masturbate as Martha joined me on the seats, where the boys began groping her as well.

Even though she was getting into the attention from the boys earlier, Cynthia was still pretty embarrassed, but I guess she was feeling pretty horny since she still lay down, opened her legs wide and started rubbing her pussy and fingering it really fast, she was moaning pretty loudly and didn’t stop until she came, her butt lifted off the floor and she looked like she was having the orgasm of her life.

When this was all over us 3 girls all had to run home. I was the only one a bit covered, but my boobs and and most of my butt were still showing.

My house was about 2 miles away; I lived good distance from the other two, but the court was closer to the court, so we decided to head there first. We alternated between trying to cover up and simply trying to run as fast as we could, which got us spotted many times, several cars even honked at us, which didn’t help with the humiliation.

At one point, I really had to pee due to all the work we did. so I hid behind a bush that sort of covered me, pulled down my thong and peed there. When I put my thong back on, it became soaked and largely see through from the urine, and I really didn’t feel like wearing it when it was this wet, so I decided to take it off and leave it there, now I was as naked as the rest of the them.

We eventually got to my house, sadly we were caught immediately, my mom, dad and brother saw that the 3 of us completely bare naked and asked what happened. I claimed some other girls stripped us, which they seemed to believe, seeing us essentially wanting to die having to stand there completely buck naked, they had mercy on us and let us go up to my room.

We finally relaxed as we got in, I got dressed and I offered Cynthia and Martha some of the clothes in my room, but since I was feeling pretty in control, I told them that they had to masturbate on my bed for the clothes.

They looked at me, they were a little angry, but I guess they were as horny as I felt so they played along, they both lay down on my bed and began fingering themselves until they orgasmed.

I kept my promise and gave them some clothes, so they said goodbye and went home.

After all of that, I was pretty horny myself; forcing my friends to strip, getting touched by all the boys and making them masturbate for me all had me worked up, so I sat down on my bed where my friends were just a minute ago and started playing with my own pussy.

This day was part of my fantasies for a long time afterwards.

    • Awesome story - dazed, Tue Feb 13 6:54pm
      Very hot and fun to read. Good job
    • Strip Horse Rematch - Viredae, Tue Feb 13 2:42pm
      I couldn’t stop thinking about the last time Martha, Cynthia and I played strip horse in front of nearly two dozen boys, which ended with Martha and Cynthia naked, Cynthia masturbating in the court... more
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