Girls Trip
Wed Feb 14, 2018 5:42am

Last Summer, Lucy and Jess, two friends from school, left Manchester and flew to Arizona to spend the holidays. They were both eighteen, so flew unaccompanied. Lucy was a perky blond, who always wore tight jeans. Jess often wore similarly tight short-shorts that struggled to contain her toned, round ass. Somewhere over the Atlantic, Lucy started to get bored. "Jess," she whispered. "Wake up!" Groggily, Jess moaned, but did not wake up. The air conditioning was on full, and it was cold inside the plane. Lucy grinned and yanked the blanket off Jess. Jess' eyes opened quickly. Jess was sat in her red lace thong masturbating. Her shorts were around her ankles. "Lucy!" She hissed and snatched back the blanket. "You weren't asleep at all!" Lucy laughed. "You horny bitch!" Jess went bright red. "Keep it down, Lucy." Lucy laughed and put her earphones back in. But the worst was yet to com.

    • Girls Trip Part 2 - Anonymous, Wed Feb 14 8:13pm
      Jess and Lucy got off the plane and through security easily. They stepped out of the airport and were hit with a wave of heat. "Damn," said Jess. "That's hot!" Lucy smirked. "You could always lose a... more
      • Girls Trip Part 3 - Anonymous, Wed Feb 14 8:15pm
        Lucy woke up early the next morning. She stood up, walked across to the window and stretched. She glanced at Jess. She had slept without any covers and now lay, legs spread, wearing only her matching ... more
        • Girls Trip part 4 - Anonymous, Thu Feb 15 5:01am
          Jess woke with a strange sensation in her breasts. She opened her eyes and gasped. She was lying on the balcony, totally naked. Her phone was vibrating between her breasts. She crawled up against the ... more
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