Girls Trip Part 3
Wed Feb 14, 2018 8:15pm

Lucy woke up early the next morning. She stood up, walked across to the window and stretched. She glanced at Jess. She had slept without any covers and now lay, legs spread, wearing only her matching red lace underwear. Jess was Lucy's friend, but she had gone too far yesterday. Lucy wanted revenge. Jess was far bustier than Lucy, with her double-D's dwarfing Lucy's perky B's. As she lay there, her breasts were rising and falling gently as she breathed. Suddenly, Lucy had an idea. She managed to roll Jess onto a blanket. Good thing she's a deep sleeper, thought Lucy as she dragged her towards the door. Lucy opened the door quietly. She dragged Jess further out onto the corridor which made up a balcony overlooking the car park opposite their room. Lucy looked around. There was no-one up, yet. She carefully undid the clasp on Jess' bra and gently slid it over her arms, fully exposing her pale, untanned breasts. Jess rolled over in her sleep, her blond hair falling over her face. Lucy sighed with relief. But she wasn't done yet. She slowly hooked her thumbs under Jess' thong and pulled it down her legs. Soon, it came off her feet, and Jess lay on the balcony, naked. 'Now,' Lucy thought. 'Just to take the blanket.' She decided not to go as slowly this time. She grabbed the edge and yanked it from under Jess. Still, Jess did not wake up. Lucy grinned. She ran back into the room, her breasts bouncing lightly against her chest. She took Jess' phone from her bedside table and slotted into Jess' ample cleavage. She shut the door. "Now," Lucy said to herself as she lay down on her mattress. "The fun begins..."

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    • Girls Trip Part 3 - Anonymous, Wed Feb 14 8:15pm
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        Jess woke with a strange sensation in her breasts. She opened her eyes and gasped. She was lying on the balcony, totally naked. Her phone was vibrating between her breasts. She crawled up against the ... more
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          Jess stepped out of the shower and began to dry herself. She found her thoughts wandering to the day ahead. Lucy wanted to go and explore the town, as did Jess. There was bound to be a decent shop... more
          • P.S - Anonymous, Fri Mar 9 3:30am
            Sorry that one was so short, just wanted to let you know that I'm still here! The rest of part 5 is coming, I just need to get it right. Watch this space!
        • Re: Girls Trip part 4 - Wldone, Fri Mar 2 10:44pm
          Part 5?
          • It's coming - Anonymous, Wed Mar 7 11:35am
            Been really busy lately, but it's on it's way, hopefully this weekend.
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