Emma G
Valentine’s Day (Part 1)
Wed Feb 14, 2018 8:34pm

Anna was a nice girl but often viewed as the nerdy type at school. She wore glasses, a ponytail, and was never really the type to be asked on a date. She had long brown hair and bright green eyes. It was on a Valentine’s Day she was finally asked on a date by Tommy Rolland. Tommy was one of the most popular guys in school. He was a stereotypical jock and looked to prove he could get any girl he wanted. Poor Anna, was the victim of a cruel cruel dare.

Anna was so happy to finally have a date on Valentine’s Day that she thought nothing of it. How was she to know that the person who asked her was really an asshole? Anna shyly answered the door in a nice long blue blouse and black pants. Her hair was down for a change, she managed to put some lipstick on for the occasion.

“Wow, you look hot,” Tommy said whistling. “I figured we coule go to my house and do some things ir you know what I mean.”

Tommy winked at Anna who smiled and nodded. “Yeah, that sounds great! Let’s go.”

Anna’s parents were out of town so no one was there to stop her from going. She followed Tommy into his car who then drove them to his house. Tommy led Anna inside his house and up the stairs as she held his hand. They entered Tommy’s bedroom which was completely dark except for a very dim light near the bed. Tommy grinned as he kissed Anna’s neck. “Let’s start slow and then we’ll let everything fall into place. Don’t worry, I will guide you.”

Anna and Tommy continued to makeout before Tommy slowly reached for the bottom of Anna’s shirt. “Are you sure?” He asked.

Anna nodded. “Do it.”

Tommy grinned as he took off her shirt to reveal her small B cup breasts. Soon after the shirt was off, the bra soon followed and Anna was left completely topless. Tommy worked his way to her pants and unfastened them before completely removing them. Finally, he removed her white cotton panties leaving Anna naked and bare. Tommy then took some rope and tied Anna’s hands to the frame of the bed.

Suddenly the lights came on and a flash of several cameras followed one by one. Anna gasped as she laid there naked and completely exposed as several of her classmates took pictures of her. She saw several kids with their cellphones out recording her. She looked at Tommy with tears in her eyes. “How could you do this?” She cried.

“Please, you didn’t seriously think I was going to ... you, right? I mean look at you, you’re completely bare down there and your breasts might as well not exist,” Tommy laughed as the others laughed too.

Anna squirmed as she tried to break free but to no avail. Tommy smirked as he touched her pussy. “I guess I should give you what you want,” He laughed. He opened the door and called a name.

In came a medium sized black dog who immediately jumped on the bed. With Anna’s pussy fully spread and aroused, the dog immediately began to lick her private area. The tongue reached surprisingly deep inside her as the dog continued to lick fast and hare. Everyone was recording Anna and laughing as she shuttered. She waw helpless to do anything and she felt so humiliated as she was losing her virginity to a dog instead of the star quarterback.

Finally the dog stopped as Anna cried and shivered. “What on earth is going on?!” A girl yelled standing in the doorway.


Option 1: The girl helps Anna.
Option 2: The girl humiliates Anna further.

Voting will end tomorrow when I post the next part.

    • Valentine’s Day (Part 2) - Emma G, Fri Feb 16 4:09am
      Note: I do not okik writing.com because you have to pay for premium membership otherwise the servers are very unreliable. The girl srood in the doorway gawking at the naked humiliated girl. “Who the... more
      • Great - ScreamMario51, Tue Apr 10 11:57am
        Great story! Please make part 3!
      • CHYOA - Ewong, Fri Feb 16 8:14am
        there's another site called chyoa.com that also has interactive stories. The initial chapter has to be approved by a site admin (usually doesn't take long) and then you're free to do whatever. Just... more
        • Re: CHYOA - Emma G, Fri Feb 16 10:04pm
          Look, no offense, but I really don’t care. I know you’re trying to be nice, but I choose to use this site for a reason. So I’m going to use this site and this site alone :D. I just prefer it. Don’t... more
      • Liked this part - dazed, Fri Feb 16 8:12am
        Great having to wait home naked with hands tied. Good touch
    • Re: Valentine’s Day (Part 1) - Idea, Thu Feb 15 1:52pm
      Try writing.com. They have something they call interactive stories, where you Can write a page with multiple continuations. (3 at most, I believe) it would work better, than writing a story in here... more
    • Re: Valentine’s Day (Part 1) - Anonymous, Thu Feb 15 6:21am
      Option 2
    • Option 1 (nm) - Anonymous, Thu Feb 15 3:35am
      • Other Option Inspiration - Fraternity Man, Tue Mar 6 3:44am
        I've been lurking in the board for quite some time (posted a couple stories years back, one about twins in theater and one about a frat basement halloween event), but I think this might inspire me to ... more
      • 2 our comes - Anonymous, Thu Feb 15 3:37am
        Can you make two story one for option 1 and one for option 2 cause it will be not fair the people to not get there part writen
    • Not expecting that - dazed, Thu Feb 15 3:26am
      That one took me for a loop, but I have to go with option two.
    • Re: Valentine’s Day (Part 1) - Anonymous, Wed Feb 14 11:39pm
      2 for sure!
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