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Sarah S
Most Embarrassing Day Ever! pt 3
Fri Apr 13, 2018 3:39pm

Hey all, sorry for not posting this when I said I would. I decided to rewrite the chapter for some reason and then just forgot about it. My apologies for not posting this when promised. But it's here now, so I hope you enjoy!

If you haven't read the first couple chapters, please do. Here's the link


Most Embarrassing Day Ever! part 3

No. It can't be. I was wearing them into this class! Someone must have taken them from me, but how? Am I that heavy of a sleeper that I didn't notice someone taking off my only piece of clothing left?

I forced myself to look down despite knowing my worst fears would be confirmed. And sure enough, I was completely naked. Everyone in class stopped their rush to get out and stared at my shaved, naked vagina. Suddenly I remembered to cover up, and I threw both of my hands over my pussy to shield it from view. It's embarrassing to still have my boobies out in the open, but since everyone has already seen them it made more sense to ensure my lady bits were as covered as possible.

My teacher, apparently still groggy from just waking up, either hasn't noticed or hasn't remembered that I was wearing shorts when I walked in but am now butt naked in his class. I frantically looked around to see if anyone's holding my shorts, but I didn't see them anywhere. My classmates were now taking pictures of my naked body, with my tits and ass totally unobstructed. Luckily I don't think anyone took a pic of my pussy before I covered up. I asked my classmates if they knew who took them or what could have happened but of course nobody knew. Jerks. Well, seeing as there's not much I can do here, I have to think of some other option. While I was thinking, I guess everyone either got their fill or wanted to let everyone else know that "Sarah is butt naked in school right now!" because they started to file out of the classroom. I didn't want to be alone naked with my history teacher (he's kind of weird), so I reluctantly left with them. Upon stepping into the hallway, everyone's eyes were again on me, this time surprised once again as instead of simply being topless, I was wearing only a pair of tennis shoes. Part of me wanted to just ditch the shoes since the contrast made me feel even more naked, but given how rarely the floors get washed that wasn't such a good idea.

While everyone in the halls was gawking at me and snapping pics, I suddenly remembered that I still had a pair of gym shorts in my gym locker! And since it's lunch time, I can use my break time to get them without being late for my next class. Making up my mind, I headed to the gym, trying to ignore the "flash" sound from everyone's phone cameras.

After a few minutes of enduring everyone staring, laughing, shouting “nice tits!” or “nice ass” taking pictures, and even dodging the hands of some boys who were certainly trying to touch my boobs. I finally ended up at the gym. I turned the handle, but instead of opening, it didn't budge! It was locked! Of course, how could I be so stupid? There weren't anymore gym classes today, so they locked the gym so that nobody would mess around in it.

Crap! After pouting over losing my chance to be dressed (at least from the waist down) for a couple minutes, my stomach started growling. Ugh, that's right, I haven't eaten yet today. Groaning, I tried to accept that fact that I'll probably be naked for the rest of the day. I got to the gym and of course everyone was staring at me again. I realized I've gotten better about ignoring them, even if they can see my full tits staring back at them, bouncing slightly with each step. Whatever.

Because of my unsuccessful detour to get my gym shorts, almost everyone had already gotten their lunch, so the line was pretty short. When I got to the food station, I realized that I would have to use both hands to hold my tray, meaning I'd have to uncover myself completely to do so. I thought about turning back and just skipping lunch, but a violent growl from my stomach betrayed my desire for modesty. Okay, I thought, maybe if I'm super sneaky nobody will notice until after I sat down. Ignoring the lunch lady's disapproving stare as I loaded my tray , I tried my best to find a seat at a table before anyone saw my bare vag.

Of course, with my luck today, that did not happen at all. There weren't any empty tables, so I looked for one without anyone that would give me trouble. Unfortunately, as soon as I made my way towards a table, some girl noticed and shouted "HEY LOOK, YOU CAN SEE SARAH’S VAGINA!" and of course everyone saw. I blushed heavily as I tried to sit down quickly, hoping at least nobody was able to snap a picture. But alas, that also didn't happen, as at least five cameras were able to get a full body shot of me holding a lunch tray with both my boobs and my pussy completely exposed. I regretted shaving a few days ago, as that only ensured that everyone got an eyeful of my pink lips. Well, so much for making it through the day without my full naked body being documented for anyone to see. How could this have happened? How did I end up completely, 100%, butt naked in school?

I tried to eat my lunch and forget I was naked in the cafeteria with all my peers staring at me, but I could only manage a few bites before the bell rang for next class. I got up and put my tray away, and started heading to my next class. I covered my pussy with my hand as I braved through the same halls I walked every other day, except this time wearing only a pair of sneakers and a nervous smile. As expected, people were still taking pictures, videos, and laughing and pointing, and a few boys (and a couple girls) even poked my boobs and ass. I ignored them, and eventually they went away so they wouldn’t be late to their classes.

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        Been waiting for this for a while! Was not disappointed
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