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Sarah S
Most Embarrassing Day Ever! pt 3 (cont)
Fri Apr 13, 2018 3:40pm

Unlike my other teachers, my physics teacher was not as liberal. When I entered his classroom, he started lecturing me in front of everyone about how he can’t allow me to be naked in his class and how a girl should be dressed “modestly” or whatever. Technically there isn’t a dress code, which is why I’m allowed to be naked I guess, but I guess he just can’t accept that. I told him it wasn’t my choice to be naked and explained the situation. His look turned sympathetic, but he repeated his rule that nobody can be naked in his class. I said “fine” with a huff and started towards the door, but he grabbed my shoulder and told me he also couldn’t allow me to skip class now that I’m in the room.

“Well what do you want me to do then? I can’t be naked in here, but I also can’t leave. So what the heck can I even do?” I asked, annoyed.

He thought for a moment, then made an announcement to the rest of the class, most of whom were stifling their giggles. I just stood there nervously as he talked, trying to play it cool and not act too embarrassed.

“Poor Sarah here is naked, and apparently it was not her fault. Even if she can be naked elsewhere in this school, she can’t be here. And it would be unfair to make her leave and miss a lesson because of something outside of her control. So if any of you would be so kind as to lend Sarah a piece of clothing, it would be much appreciated.” he requested. Pfft, good luck getting anyone to put a stop to the free naked girl show.

As expected, nobody’s hand rose. The teacher looked visibly annoyed.

“Okay, well someone’s going to have to give something, so if nobody volunteers in the next ten seconds, I’m going to have to pick someone myself.”

Ten seconds passed, and again nobody volunteered. This is going to get interesting.

“Looks like it’s up to me then.” he growled. Scanning the class, he quickly settled on a brunette girl named Teresa, who was wearing a grey tank top and asked her to remove her tank top. Teresa’s eyes went wide and tried to convince him to pick somebody else. But the teacher, already mad about wasting so much time, wouldn’t budge, and threatened to take away all her class participation points (a significant chunk of our grade) if she didn’t comply.

“Fine!” Teresa hissed. Seeing no way out of it, Teresa angrily ripped off the tank and threw it at me. I now see why she was reluctant, because the sight bare bouncing tits (about a B cup, maybe a bit larger) revealed that she wasn’t wearing a bra! Fuming, Teresa sat down in her seat, apparently too mad to cover up. The rest of the class switched their gaze to the topless brunette, as now they have seen not one, but two of their classmate’s boobies! Teresa gave everyone the finger, but still didn’t cover up. I kinda felt bad for her, but hey, I’ve been freakin’ naked here! And if she volunteered earlier she could have given up her pants, since she probably was wearing panties.

I graciously put on the tank top, but was dismayed to see that it only came down to the top of my waist; it was nowhere near long enough to cover my pussy! Oh well, everybody already saw it anyway, and I was grateful for the cover I did have, even if it was just for this period.

Class went on as usual, except for the fact there was one topless and one bottomless girl amongst their peers. Once class ended I got up out of my seat and was about to (reluctantly) give Teresa’s shirt back to her, but I guess she was still so mad she stormed out of the class topless before I could do that. Poor girl. Oh well, at least I have some coverage now.

  • Most Embarrassing Day Ever! pt 3 - Sarah S, Fri Apr 13 3:39pm
    Hey all, sorry for not posting this when I said I would. I decided to rewrite the chapter for some reason and then just forgot about it. My apologies for not posting this when promised. But it's here ... more
    • Most Embarrassing Day Ever! pt 3 (cont) - Sarah S, Fri Apr 13 3:40pm
      • Loved it. (nm) - This Guy, Sat May 26 2:13am
      • At last! - Red, Fri Apr 13 5:19pm
        Been waiting for this for a while! Was not disappointed
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