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Claire the Prefect
School Story Contest Winner
Sun Apr 15, 2018 10:07am

Thanks to those of you that participated! It's always nice to get new stories up on the board.

The two full stories were written by dazed and ASHLEY (qm didn't finish the story in time, though I really hope the rest will be written anyway), and it was pretty difficult to choose a winner - both stories had a sibling rivalry, though done in quite different ways.

However, between the two, ASHLEY's story definitely had more of the pacing and interesting characters that I originally asked for. ASHLEY, congratulations! As promised, you may request a story if you'd like, and I'll write it the best I can.

Great job to the rest of you as well - I really enjoyed all of the stories you wrote. Hope to see more stories in general - I'll take a break from hosting for a bit, since I think it's more interesting when different people come up with contest ideas.

Until next time,

P.S. It's been a busy weekend, but I'll be writing the next part(s) to "The Theme Park" this week as well.

    • Re: School Story Contest Winner - Anonymous, Tue Apr 17 7:36am
      You should put up the links of the two stories.
    • Thanx and here's an idea - ASHLEY, Mon Apr 16 7:51am
      Thank you so much, Claire the Prefect, Here's my story request: There once was an author named Claire Who'll write about a girl who went bare Because of some magic, That's funny, not tragic, In a... more
      • Hmm I'll try... - Claire the Prefect, Thu Apr 19 8:32am
        Well, I've only ever written more "realistic" stories, so this will definitely be a bit outside my comfort zone. But if you're sure that's what you want me to try, I'll do my best! --Claire
        • That is one hell of a challenge - Hooked6, Fri Apr 20 1:46pm
          I understand your preference of writing a story plot with a more grounded and realistic premise as many readers try and imagine themselves in the story either as the main character or as one of the... more
        • what is real, really? - ASHLEY, Thu Apr 19 9:00am
          I don't want to take anyone beyond their comfort zones.. other than the erogenous zones, that is... But how does this sound? The tattoo parlor is run by a mischievous erotic-hypnotist who makes you... more
      • Conrats and yes - dazed, Mon Apr 16 9:05am
        First, congrats Ashley. Well deserved win. Your story idea sounds incredible too. Love to read it
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