Craig Landers
Summer Days Story Contest Entry
Sat Jun 2, 2018 7:28pm

(This is my first story! With that being said, let judgement begin!)

My name is Alice Staten and I just had humiliation of a lifetime. First a description of myself: I stand at 5'9", have brown hair that reaches in between shoulder blades, and have an athletic build after years of running.
It began when I had invited to a party by this girl, Sonya. She had a pool, so I wore my black one-piece underneath shirt and jeans shorts (I like skintight feel of fabric more so then loose fitting bikinis). Many boys wolf whistled when I stripped down to my suit and girls were eyeful watching me, making sure I didn't flirt with their boyfriends.
As party died down, I lied down on one of pool lounge chairs. Letting last few rays of sunlight dry me as I watched sun go down. With fatigue from lots of swimming plus heat, I fell asleep.
When I woke up, I tried to move my limbs but they were tied down to chair's legs by purple tights.
"Hey! What is this?!" I shouted, despite seeing no one around me. It looked like everyone had already left.
"Awake at last." Sonya said. She climbed out of pool on a ladder and headed over to me. Sonya had shoulder-length blonde hair, took a 32B bra, and she had on a brown bikini, alongside her friends Denise and Rachel, who wore black and blue bikinis respectively.
"Listen, I got to get home..." I said
"Oh shut her up!" Soyna said.
"On it!" Denise said as she retreated into house. She came back with a wide leather belt draped around her neck and two socks dangling in her hands.
"Punker up buttercup!" Denise said. I clamped my mouth down but they pinched my nose and I eventually relented which allowed them to stuff socks in my mouth. They packed it tight and force feed me belt, cinching it between my cheeks so that it went under my teeth.
"This is your punishment because you went skinny dipping with my boyfriend on graduation day!" Sonya declared.
I gulped, I was guilty of that yes. Her boyfriend, Greg, approached me as I was closing up public pool. Greg was a bit of a local bully but he was well toned and didn't carry himself like normal today, more reserved. He asked if he could have one last swim before he left for tomorrow and, being human, I granted him this request.
Instead of using changing room though, he took off his clothes till he was naked and dove right into water.
"Care to join me?"
I figured why not as long as nothing sexual happens. And, secretly, I decided why not thrill him since probably will not see him again. I slowly, seductively, took off all my clothes and jumped into water.
We splashed, swam next to each other, talked of future plans and just had a good time till sun went down. I got out, Greg watching water drop off my body and had just put on my bra and panties when Greg cried out "Wait!"
He got out of pool and said, "To remember this night, I have an unusual request: can I sign your butt?"
To answer him, I grabbed my waistband and pulled panties off hips. They pooled at my feet, locking my legs in place. "You better not tell anyone about this!"
"Definitely!" he said as he retrieved a black Sharpie marker from his jeans pocket and proceeded, putting each word on a cheek.
With that done, we finished dressing and went our separate ways. Oh, I had disabled surveillance cameras to conceal what happened from my boss: I explained that a surge shorted out an outlet which caused circuit breaker to trip.
"Denise, Rachel: What should we do to her first?"
They both chanted "Strip her!"
"Alright!" Sonya said as she clicked scissor blades. She started cutting up at one of my legholes, she made an inverted Y cutout so they pulled my swimsuit right off me after snipping shoulder straps.
So, there I was stripped naked gagged and tied down to a bench. Showcased like a trophy for their perverted pleasure, a living play doll.
"C'mon girls! Let's have a little fun!" Denise said. Soyna left and came back with tweezers and a wine glass. Something small and scarlet was inside wine glass.
Sonya brought over an insect, dangling on tweezers. It wriggled back and forth, yearning for release from mechanical restraint. She positioned it right over my belly button.
"This is known as Mandible Piecing...letting an insect chew out your belly button to induce pleasurable pain." Whilst she said this, Denise caressed my cheek, ran her hand between my breasts, and traced out a circle around my belly button with black Sharpie. She put an X inside it so center of it aligned with center of belly button.
"This particular one is a centipede. I choose it for its shape, a biological drill going deep into your pit! It seems my little brother's insect collection has amounted to something after all!" Sonya said.
"You're going to experience this, whether you want to or not."
With those final words, I thrash wildly as they dropped centipede onto my stomach. Sonya saddled me and held down wine glass, preventing it from going anywhere but it also meant it took an interest in its surroundings.
It probed my belly button with antenna, and sensing it could go deeper, burrowed itself so its head disappeared from view. It was a horrible sight, half of a scarlet insect trying to force its way down. I felt it working, its teeth and legs pinching my skin.
"What you think girls? Should we let it venture south?"
I screamed my lungs out, trying to fight their gag to make some noise that would compel them to stop this. Sadly, all that came out was moaning and they chanted 'Baby talk!' I felt myself go hot and must have passed out because that is last thing I remember, pain and their laughter.
I woke up to find I had been untied and was in a chair on my poach. They dressed me in my shirt and jeans shorts but there was no sign of my one-piece, not that it mattered since they had butchered it.
When I logged onto my computer, it informed me I had new mail. I opened a message from an unknown address to see a video of me, they sent me Rachel's cell phone footage.
It opened to reveal cell phone footage of me, naked gagged tied down with a centipede crawling into my belly button to laughter of three girls.
"She must have passed out!"
"Well, this is no longer needed then." with that, she took off wine glass, grabbed centipede with tweezers, and put it inside wine glass.
"As long as she's passed out, l'm gonna take advantage of her. Let's see if she is a deep sleeper! " Soyna said
"Human version!" with that, she inserted her tongue fully into my belly button and swirled it around whilst kissing/biting me.
"Let's take her clothes!" Denise said.
"No, let's not be cruel unreasonably. We'll take her swimsuit...she can't use it anymore. It'll be our trophy!" Soyna replied.
Sonya then faced camera directly, "Alice, you will keep quiet about this or next time perhaps we'll let me little brother get involved. Early education on female anatomy."
I now live in shame, of having a live insect being forced into me by three women. What's worse is I did in fact briefly like it, but that feeling was quickly displaced as those three degraded me.
Maybe I'll explore this erotic sexual preference in college but, for now, it just reminds me of being dominated by three women.

    • Good job - Nikolai, Sun Jun 3 8:19pm
      I liked it. The centipede part was a bit different and not necessarily my kink but not gonna knock yours. The rest was good and the buildup and descriptions were good as well. Keep it up and not a... more
      • Reply - Craig Landers, Mon Jun 4 1:08pm
        Aw...Mandible Piercing not your thing hm? Lol, I did warn you of some weird fetish material. As for inspiration, oh where did I begin?! Bug scene in The Matrix, spider on Adalind's stomach from NBC's ... more
        • Expansion - Craig Landers, Mon Jun 4 4:59pm
          "This is not the kind of penetration I'm used to"-Wynonna Earp. I think this best describes Mandible Piercing. Although some forms of sex practices have become more commonplace like BDSM duo to... more
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