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Sun Jun 3, 2018 9:55pm

So, not a lot of feedback on the discussion board but with the first entry being posted I should probably announce the contest. Stories need to be revolved around something summer related. Examples include but not limited to: waterparks, beaches, pools, pool parties etc. Stories must involve stripping. No exhibitionism, accidental stripping etc. Stories can be light hearted and playful or mean spirited. The more humiliating or embarrassing the better. The prompt is broad to leave plenty of room for creativity but spanking, wedgies, tying up, filming, forced orgasms, forced spreading etc etc are all some of my favorites. Any story is welcome. Multiple parts are welcome. Multiple stories from one author are welcome. I would love to see as much entrys as possible and participation throughout the board. Winner will receive one story wrote by me(may take time, not in a private household) incorporating elements and suggestions they would like. With that I hope to see plenty of activities and stories and hope everyone enjoys. Good luck everybody. Deadline wont be for awhile but i will announce when its getting close. Ive been a long term reader and would love to see some of the veterans and new people alike in the contest.

Grammar will be better in written story then here.

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