Room Spanking + Anal at Dinner Party
Fri Jun 8, 2018 8:52pm

Last weekend, my family had a big dinner party at our house. Since I invited my girlfriends from school, I required that the party be assigned-seating so that my friends and I could sit together and gossip.

On the night of the dinner party, friends and family began to show up. Aunts, uncles, friends and extended family. Since I wanted to impress my friends, I wore my brand new panties that let my bubbly butt show off, and a tight dress to show my thin waist and curves.

When everyone sat down to eat dinner, my friends and I started to gossip about the people at the table I had never seen before. My friend Jackie was very rude, and pointed out that an aunt of mine looked like a baby whale. What we didn't know is that the room had quieted down and so everyone at the table heard us laughing and saw us pointing!

The rumor was that me and my siblings were spoiled, so my mom decided to teach me a lesson.

" young lady, go to your room RIGHT NOW"

I really didn't like being yelled at in front of my friends, it was embarrassing.

I quickly went upstairs to my room where I assumed I was just being grounded.

Suddenly, I heard footsteps. It was my mom.

"What you and your friends did out there really embarrassed your aunt!"

"I'm sorry, Jackie was the one who said it!"

"I DON'T CARE who said it. It's time we teach you a lesson about why it's bad to humiliate others"

"Please mom, I don't want to be embarrassed in front of my friends!"

"It's too late."

She immediately grabbed my arm and threw me over her lap.

My room door was open, so maybe someone could hear what happened next.

SMACK after SMACK, my mom spanked me over my dress. She hit my bottom so hard that I could feel it bouncing up and down!

Suddenly, she pulled up my dress.

"What are these panties?"

"Mom, I'm grown up now! You can't control what I do and wear!"

She immediately started to pull them down while I used my free arm to try and keep them up.

"No! I don't want to be spanked naked! "

I tried reaching my hand back to cover my butt, but it was too late.

She grabbed a hold of my hand and moved it out of the way and slapped my butt harder while I kicked my legs up and down.

After the spanking was over, I realized that some people could hear because my door was open. It was a bit quiet downstairs......

"It's time for the embarrassing part"

"What? You just spanked my naked butt!"

She grabbed me and forced me into doggy style. Then she pushed my head down on the bed so that my ass stuck out and I was completely helpless!

She slowly dropped some oil on my butthole, and started to push her index finger in me!

"OWWWW STOP! That's my ass! WHAT THE HELL!"

She moved on to her thumb. I remember it slowly going in and feeling the pain of something so big in me.

Finally, she took out a butt plug that started out thin and got bigger.

"Oh my god, there is no way I can take that!"

"It's too late young lady, you deserve this"

She slowly put it in me while I let out a small scream.

Once it was halfway in, she stopped. I was SO relieved.

She ordered me to keep the butt plug halfway in my ass while I put my dress back on and headed back downstairs.

The table suddenly started chatting again as I descended the stairs.

"Sorry for the delay everyone", my mother said, "I was just having a chat with my daughter".

Since the butt plug was only half way up my butt, I tried walking around the kitchen to avoid having to sit next to my friends and talk about what just happened.

"Young lady, sit down and join us now, unless you want to have another talk"

I immediately rushed to the table and hovered over my seat.

"Sit down ALL the way" said my mom from across the room.

My friends hadn't said anything yet, but they were staring at me.

Slowly, I sat down while I squirmed a bit because the buttplug was getting thicker as I sat down.

It was really hard to keep a straight face as I sat down.

Jackie, my rude friend, knew what was up.

She started whispering to my friend and they started to giggle. She asked me if I could hand her a slice of bread, but that would require me to get up and bend over the table to reach it, so I told her to get it herself.

"No, I can't" she said. "My back hurts. I could just ask your mother for it!"

"NO!" I yelled. I got up, and bent over the table to get a slice.

SUDDENLY, Jackie pulled up my dress to put my bare ass on display, and pulled my butt cheeks apart to show all of my friends the buttplug in me!

I was so embarrassed that I marched up to my room and locked my door. I will get her back somehow!

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