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Naked and covered in leaches
Mon Jun 11, 2018 4:16pm

This is a true story.

I was 14 and was hanging out with another girl, Lisa, and 4 boys in a swamp near my house. The boys sometimes picked on me and Lisa since we were girls.

One day, the boys decided to throw Lisa into the swamp water. They all thought it was hilarious and were high fiveing each other. I looked at the water and noticed Lisa couldn't swim. I said "Oh my God" and jumped in to save her.

I took her back to shore and helped her cough out some water. The boys apologized for what they had done to her. Then I started to itch myself because I was so itchy. I looked down and noticed I was covered in leeches.

Since the leaches had gotten into my clothing I stripped to my bra and panties. When I realized the leaches had gotten into my bra and panties I stripped naked. Lisa was even more covered in leaches than I was since she was in the water for longer. So she had to strip naked too.

The boys helped us get the leeches off our naked bodies. Then both of us girls had to run home naked. Our boobs and butts and vaginas exposed to the world. It was very embarrassing.

My house was about a mile away from the swamp, and Lisa's was even further.

    • Damn - ScreamMario 51, Sun Jun 24 12:17am
      I'm 14 now and i wish i saw you 2.
    • Unique - Craig Landers, Mon Jun 11 8:01pm
      Having read a LOT of stories (even ones from archives before they were archived), I have to say this is a first. A mix of nudity along with creepy crawlers, leeches in this case. Some say those... more
    • Thats pretty hot - dazed, Mon Jun 11 5:30pm
      aside from the leeches, you both being naked in real life is a great story
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