Brenda's bare boy-butt obsession
Tue Jun 12, 2018 8:16am

Brenda Buttsmit was obsessed with boys' bottoms. She was only 14 years old and had never seen a naked boy but she had a vivid imagination. At first it was a minor distraction as the lines of boys in their school uniforms passed in the hall. Her furtive glimpses usually led to a reddening of his cheeks and a secret shame that she had done to them what she knew they all did to girls: undressed them in their imaginations.

Shy glances led to gawking when some cute guy bent over or had to stand on a chair and stretch up to reach something. On occasion, Brenda's mouth actually dropped open and her heart raced. Looking and reacting was one thing, unavoidable and natural, I suppose, especially at that age. But her thoughts and her reaction to them were, on the other hand, downright naughty!

But at that time, Brenda was discrete and gave one and all the impression of being a little-Miss-Goodie-two-shoes. Brenda's fascination with male nudity centered on boys' bums not their cocks. That turn around would surely come in time but for now the thought of pulling a boy's pants down, or a lad taking it OTK on the bare, or thinking about a boy being made to streak in public; these thrilled her as she lay tossing and turning at night and wondering about those strange, but not unpleasant, feelings 'down there'.

For about a year, Brenda kept things pretty much to herself until she was invited to her first ever sleep-over with three girls in her grade nine class. That was an eye-opener! For the first time she found out she was not alone. What a relief, a release and a joy that is for a 14-year old girl like Brenda.

The next few sleepovers saw strip-poker and Truth or dare games. But Brenda was not interested in her girlfriends' butts. She wanted man-meat and she wanted it raw. At her third sleepover an older sister of the party hostess had joined them. That's when Brenda learned how Truth or Dare games, which they'd been playing at earlier sleepovers, could become group events. A battery-operated, vibrating, real-life looking, but bigger than life-size dildo was the focus of the dare. Each of the five girls tried to reach the level of orgasm their older and very experienced friend had attained. Only Brenda excelled the senior sleepover sister.

On that occasion fate smiled on Brenda, as her friend's young brother happen to be spying on the group of girls and was caught by his sister just as Brenda had reached her Big-O climax. The sister was furious with her 15 years old brother. But Brenda was calm and insisted the mother not be informed of her son's wicked, perverted ways.

Everyone was amazed at Brenda's magnanimous attitude until she suggested the boy should take his punishment then and there. The girls all knew what that meant and, without a word spoken between them, the boy was grabbed, stripped naked and hoisted from lap to lap to get his punishment spanking. Most of the girls giggled and blushed but managed quick and sharp slaps to his bare butt.

Brenda, the girl most aggrieved by the boy, had the honour of punishing him last. She took her time and softly touched his now red buttock skin before administering his spanking one slap at a time. Her breathing was deep but calm, her whacks were severe but not done in haste; her smile was cool.

Brenda's obsession with bare boys' buttocks got so bad that during the summer before grade ten, Brenda had to wear large sunglasses, chew gum constantly and wear black swimsuits at the beach. Just looking at boys in Speedos set her eyes all googly, her mouth agape and her bathing suit stained with her pussy juices. But she was drawn to the beach everyday as she watched boys' bottoms.

Her delight was mixed with frustration until one day the unthinkable, the outlandish, the awfully wonderful happened. Six older guys, high school juniors all, were goofing around and picking on a boy from Brenda's class. Fred was wearing near knee-length boxer-type swimming trunks with ... God help him! ... Fred Flintstone & Barney Rubble images on the rear!!! Worse still, on the front were the words " Bedrock Boys ".

Fred's humiliation started with the older boys surrounding him but every few seconds one guy stepped away so Fred was on show to the girls at the beach who started to take an interest in the cruel taunting. At first the boys pretended to admire Fred's chosen bathing gear. The girls' giggles and laughs from outside the threatening circle only emphasized their sarcasm. Fred was trapped and he knew it.

Brenda was just beginning to clue in when, from five yards away, she saw Fred's colourful trunks go flying in the air, only to be caught by one boy and tossed around the circle. They continued to shift about so an ever-widening gap revealed the naked 14-year old boy, frantically trying to cover up and, at the same time, recapture his purloined trunks. Fred was properly protected with sunscreen, but every inch of flesh was turning bright red.

It was just a tease and good clean fun from the lads' point of view. They would eventually give Fred back his trunks ... but only after a few girls had a chance to see him naked but covering up his junk. It's girls of that age who are really nasty. One of the eight or so girls ( not Brenda ) who were crowded around joined in the teasing and taunting. But one in particular, Riana turned out to be the biggest bitch on the beach. She was a senior at the high school and so spoke with authority as she walked up to the boys.

"Just what do you guys think you're doing?" Riana shouted in the sternest of tones. The boys look to their feet and one started to reply in stuttering apologetic fashion. But Riana cut him off. " Don't tell me your excuses, boy!" she said between mean, terse lips. " Bullying is wrong and you must stop this immediately. Here, give me those trunks." They complied sheepishly but were surprised when Riana then said to the lads in softer tones, " Okay, you can go now. Go on, leave the poor boy alone. I mean it, scatter." Then she smiled wide and added, " Yo we're spoiling our view."

And with that all the older boys walked away and left Fred stark-naked in front of a circle of girls. Riana calmly walked past Fred and held her hands holding his trunks up high. She was a good nine inches taller than Fred and her reach was that and more.

"You want your Bedrock bathing suit, baby? Then let's see your rocks rock. Jump up and grab it and it's yours, sweet buns."

Fred foolishly tried for almost three minutes but it was clear he'd not get his trunks back that way. His family jewels were hopping and bobbing up and down and his bare butt grew taut as he stretched. He cried like a baby and even Riana was about to relent when a quiet voice from beyond the circle spoke up.

"Let him cover up his privates." Brenda had decided to join in the fun, " After all, he's just a little boy" said Brenda. But her words only added to Fred's humiliation, not least of all because he knew Brenda from school and would be in her homeroom class in September.

Brenda continued sounding more confident and in control. " He's a naughty, little boy for streaking like that. But if he lets me give him a spanking here and now, we should return his trunks and let him walk home in them." Brenda turned to face Riana, smiled and give her the quickest of winks.

"Okay," said Riana. "You're right, it's only fair. But why should you be the one to spank him?"

"Because I know him; he's not even in grade ten yet. And such a young, naughty boy shouldn't be punished by strangers, especially older kids. That would be too much like bullying. No, a good hand spanking from me is what he needs."

No one was going to argue with that logic, least of all Fred who was quietly led to where Brenda sat on the sand with her knees bent. Fred was positioned so his hands were outstretched to Brenda's left, his feet were spread far apart to Brenda's right and his cock and balls dangled between Brenda's knees. Fred's bare buttocks was atop her knees and within swatting range. The spanking began and did not end until both his butt cheeks were rosy red.

But Fred's humiliation was not over. Riana handed him back his trunks, as promised. But first she had ripped the cloth at each seam and then tore the garment width-wise in back so no cloth covered the rear. So Fred walked home crying with his red butt cheeks glowing and showing after all.

    • All is red that ends red - dazed, Tue Jun 12 2:19pm
      Another delightful read Ashley. Poor Fred. Maybe I am jaded, but I actually think he got off a little easy :)
      • hardly - ASHLEY, Tue Jun 12 2:21pm
        Oh, I am sure he was hard when he got off
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