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Tue Jun 12, 2018 12:04pm

Now I know that a few readers curse
Stripping tales presented in verse.
But I'm not ashamed
To be by them flamed.
On me the effect is the reverse.

So, here's a stripping / pants pulling saga which I believe is appropriate to this board. It has an interesting cadence and rhyme scheme, but the scansion may be a bit off at times.

Holly Hughes loves to amuse
Herself at others' expense.
She often annoys younger boys
By pulling down their pants.

In Junior High, Holly would try
To shame lads weaker than she.
Boys in grade eight came to hate
Ninth grader Unholy Holly.

Holly did hang with a rough gang
Of girls who'd repeated a grade.
They were older as well as bolder
And loved putting boys on parade.

Of her gang of four, Holly was for sure
The nastiest one and the keenest
Bitch, leaving lads with nary a stitch.
At boy-stripping she was the meanest.

The other three weren't as cruel as she,
But loved pulling a prank that rankles.
A boy classmate would dread his fate:
His trousers and underpants at his ankles.

But Holly devised even worse stuff for guys
She wanted her pranks to be a shocker.
A guy's humiliation would bring such elation!
He'd be bound naked inside a girl's locker.

So cool and hip, they made one boy strip
Each morning inside the school yard.
Who'd be the one they'd choose to pick on
And force him, all his clothes to discard?

Sometimes they'd disagree on who it should be.
And when such a dilemma arose,
They would pick two and then force them to
Remove each of the other boy's clothes.

Holly's favourite prank? Get guys to spank
Each other right in the school hall.
Each boy had a turn; bare butts would burn
And their shame would be seen by all.

These girls were cruel not only in school.
They also had fun at the mall.
Boys met their doom in a ladies washroom,
They'd be left naked in a toilet stall.

But that was last year. And, as you'll hear,
Things changed when the girls graduated.
That September they'll always remember
As the time when they were humiliated.

Well over the top, their pranks had to stop
And some boys in twelfth grade saw to it.
Her gang in tenth grade were put on parade.
Their past bullying? They came to rue it.

Older teenage hunks can be vicious punks.
Some had kid-brothers in Junior High,
Who'd lost britches to those nasty bitches.
Now it was time for those girls to cry.

For Holly and her crew those bitches got they due.
Their boy-stripping scheme, ended it would seem.
They got stripped and then their butts whipped
Belts were wielded by the whole football team.

Boys can be crude when stripping girls nude;
And destroying all their clothes seemed nuts
But what got them stewed and made them brood
Was the boys shoving cucumbers up their butts.

Holly and her friends learned you can get burned
When you strip boys and leave them in the nude.
But what goes around must soon come around
And in the end, you're the one who'll get screwed.

    • Great story! - jaywriter01, Fri Jul 13 9:08pm
      Glad to see justice served! Your rhyming style is awesome, and though it may not be for everyone, I hope to see more of your whimsical summaries!
    • Ha! That was cool - leom1133, Tue Jun 12 8:38pm
      Applause applause!
    • Amazing! - SwimKid, Tue Jun 12 3:09pm
      Why not tell me more, in deeper detail about the times Holly stripped boys? Specially about those times where they made two boys strip each other.
    • Love this! - dazed, Tue Jun 12 2:09pm
      The image of the two boys having to strip each other at the girl's commands is wickedly delicious, let alone having to spank each other's bare butts in front of everyone. The revenge is even better!... more
      • Ta - ASHLEY, Tue Jun 12 2:11pm
        Thank you for your kind words. Nice to hear from a old fan as opposed to an old flame
    • bad - ew, Tue Jun 12 1:42pm
      this sucks dude just write a normal story
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