Not As Expected : Part One
Wed Jun 13, 2018 1:57pm

First story warning. Might not be amazing. But here is my first complete story that I wrote today. Part one is pretty much the set up with not much else. But hopefully, you like it. The ending I think makes it all worth it.


My name is Julia Tempst. I am 18 years old, I think I have a pretty good body, and I feel as though I am required to tell you that I can be a little bit of a perv. Ever since I discovered the male body, I just canít help but need to see every boy I know naked. Whenever I meet someone, even if I donít like them, I canít help but imagine what they look like naked. Itís my morbid curiosity that gets the best of me. Many of the boys and men in my life I have tricked into getting naked or spied on them while they undress. I just canít help myself!

My latest target is Josh Meyerwitz. He lives around eight houses up from mine. He is this super cute guy, he is two years older than me, and Iíve known him for a few years now. Ever since Iíve known him Iíve been trying to figure out a way to see him naked. He does competitive swimming so I scooped out his swim practice, he always wears this speedo that looks AMAZING on him. But every time I tried to sneak a peak by sneaking into the locker room or getting his speedo loose in the pool, it never works out. Luckily a friend of a friend told me his schedule. He goes to swim practice, he gets dressed in the private bathrooms at the gym, then drives home, then he showers. My connection also told me that his room is being renovated, so he is sleeping, and more importantly showering, in the basement of his house. Which bingo, has a window in his backyard that I can spy on him from. Josh gets back from his swim practice at 9:30 PM, so I have to be outside his window by 9:45 PM to see the goods.

Iíve got it all planned out. I have this nice black spy outfit that I use. Itís a black sweater, with black jeans, I have these dark navy slip on shoes that I wear for sneaking, and a black beanie that I wear to keep my hair hidden. So tonight I plan on sneaking over to Joshís house and getting into his backyard where I can access the window to see him in. Iíll see him strip and shower, maybe even masturbate if Iím lucky, then bounce and be home by 10. Another day in the life of Julia master perv!

    • Not As Expected : Part Two - Mandraek, Wed Jun 13 1:58pm
      So itís 9:30 PM and everything is set. I got my spy outfit on. I got confirmation from my friend that he just left the gym and is on his way home. To avoid any suspicion, I take the road behind all... more
      • Not As Expected : Part Three - Mandraek, Wed Jun 13 1:59pm
        Well this is just super. I missed my chance to see Josh naked. Iím sitting in the backyard of another neighbor. And worst yet, Iím wearing my bra, and thats about it for above the waist. The night... more
        • Not As Expected : Part Four - Mandraek, Wed Jun 13 1:59pm
          I just wanted to see Josh naked. Is that too much for a girl to ask for? Now Iím in my neighbors yard wearing just my black beanie and my white panties (what? my spy outfit was black and I didnít... more
          • Not As Expected : Part Five - Mandraek, Wed Jun 13 2:00pm
            I jump a few fences sneakily, remember I am a nudity loving spy after all and I still have these abilities. And Iím able to get past a few houses undetected. Some houses lights went off but there... more
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