Lost in a Haze : Part One
Wed Jul 4, 2018 8:29pm

Here is the newest story. I wanted to do something small and simple rather than my longer and more complex previous story. Someone on my Tumblr requested certain elements be included in my next story, so I made sure to include those elements in this one. If you have any requests, please feel free to message me on Tumblr and I'll try to accommodate. Enjoy the new story!


Hell Week. The two words that can lead to both brotherhood and complete humiliation. Hell Week hadn’t gone well for Barry Richards, a scrawny young freshman eager to get into any kind of frat he could think of. Barry was never popular in high school but thought that college was a fresh start. He was finally going to have a girlfriend and the best way to get one was through a frat. But when he applied to Chi Psi the leader of the frat, Dom Alviar, stripped him to his underwear and made him crawl around like a pig. Then he still wouldn’t let Barry into the frat. Barry sulked back to his dorm after humiliating himself in front of a bunch of people and ended up getting nothing out of it.

Barry’s older sister Jessica Richards barged into Barry’s room with excitement.

“So?” Jessica started, “Did you get in?”

Barry was just dead inside. All of the work and all of the pain for nothing. Barry explained everything that happened and that he didn’t get into the frat.

“That’s ridiculous!” Jessica shouted. Jessica was the sorority leader of Kappa Alpha and was the one who really pushed Barry into joining a frat, thinking it would help him make friends in college.

“Who is the leader of the frat?” Jessica asked.

“Dom something,” Barry responded.

Jessica knew exactly who Barry was talking about. Dominic Alviar was a notorious jerk at the university. He was kicked off the football team after punching out other players and demanding special treatment, like his own private shower. Ever since he was kicked out, Dom took pleasure in messing with a freshman as a power move.

But Jessica was tired of Dom’s games. Maybe it was time for a game of her own, after all, no one messes with Jessica’s family. So Jessica went back to the sorority and began planning her revenge on Dom and his ego.

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