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Slumber Party posted from an old site
Tue Jul 10, 2018 12:14pm

When I was in my mid-thirties, I changed jobs and moved to a new city. I stayed with my cousin and his family while I tried to sell the house I moved from. I was grateful that they let me stay with them because I couldn’t really afford to rent or buy a place while I was still making mortgage payments on my old house.

His family consisted of his wife and 2 daughters aged 12 and 15. The 12-year-old, Sharon, was OK but the 15-year-old, Ellen, was a real bitch. However, it was hard to ignore the fact that her body had filled out nicely and that she had a beautiful face. She was good looking and she knew it.

She looked like a woman but she still acted like a kid. She was not the least bit respectful of the fact that I was 20 years older than her. She treated me more like a kid brother. She loved doing little annoying things like grabbing the TV remote and changing the station when I was trying to watch something. But, since I was a guest, I never said anything.

Her other favorite thing to do was to parade around in front of me in a T-shirt and panties when her parents weren’t home. She loved to sit so that her panties were completely exposed knowing that I couldn’t help looking. If she caught me looking, she would just smile. One time in particular I remember she had a little “accident” with her tube top and bared her breasts to me. She didn’t show the slightest sign of embarrassment.

Typical teenage girl I suppose, she had a smart mouth with her parents too. More than once, I dreamed about taking her over my knee, pulling down her panties and paddling her little white ass. She was so arrogant that, just once, I would have loved to make her cry. But, I was an adult and she was a kid, and not my kid, so that was just a fantasy.

I had been staying with them for several months (still trying to sell that damn house) when “the incident” occurred. It was a Friday night, her parents were gone for the weekend and Ellen had half a dozen of her friends over for a slumber party. I don’t think her parents even knew about the party but since I was there to provide adult supervision, it seemed OK.

By the way, Ellen had some friends who were as good looking as she was. Why couldn’t they have been about 10 years older?

Anyway, it was around midnight. Sharon was in her room. Ellen and her friends were in her room making a lot of noise. I was more or less asleep in my bed which was the pullout couch in the den.

All of a sudden, Ellen came running into the den screaming that there was a roach in her room. I was wearing pajama pants so I jumped up and started to reach for my robe but she grabbed my arm and just about dragged me into her room. All the girls were carrying on about the roach which was under her bed near the wall. Sharon was there too having heard the commotion.

They seemed a little shocked when I came walking in bare-chested. I had been working out and was in pretty good shape at the time so I was only a little embarrassed. Besides, they were dressed more skimpily than I was in their shorty nightgowns. They didn’t seem to be the least bit embarrassed by the fact you could see right through some of those nightgowns. I felt a little stirring in my loins as I started to think dirty thoughts. I wished I had put my robe on.

Ellen handed me a flashlight and I crawled under her queen-sized bed from the side on my stomach to have a look. The girls seemed completely oblivious to the view they were giving me from the floor before I slipped under the bed. All I saw wherever I looked were legs and panties. By the time I slid under the bed with my penis pressed against the floor, I was stiff as a board. God, I hoped it wouldn’t pop out of my pants before I had a chance to cover up on my way back out. Just thinking about that made me even harder.

But, back to the business at hand. I found the roach which was laying on its back dead. I had someone hand me a tissue so I could pick it up and get rid of it. Since it was all the way under the bed, I really had to stretch to reach it. Also, there was just enough clearance for me to fit so I was just barely able to get a hold of it.

Now I was faced with trying to get back out from under the bed. Since I was obviously struggling, a couple of the girls grabbed my legs to help pull me out. As I started to make some progress, they all of a sudden started screaming and laughing. One of the girls shouted, “Oh my God, his pants are coming down.”

My heart went to my throat and I prayed she was just kidding. Forgetting about the roach, I reached back with my hands and felt nothing but skin as far down as my upper thighs. My entire butt was exposed to all the girls! Since I couldn’t reach my pants to pull them back up, I desperately tried to crawl back under the bed.

Someone yelled, “Grab his legs. Don’t let him back under the bed.” They were clearly enjoying the view and my embarrassment and weren’t going to let me get away.

The more I tried to pull away, the harder they pulled my legs and the farther I could feel my pants slipping down. I was shouting for them to stop but that only made them laugh more and pull harder.

Then someone suggested, “Let’s take his pants off.” They all screamed and laughed at the idea of removing my pants. I didn’t hear anybody saying “No, you can’t do that.” To my utter horror, although I was kicking and squirming as much as I could, I felt my pajama pants being completely removed. They had me naked on the floor with the top half of my body still trapped under the bed. They all laughed and screamed with delight. I was absolutely mortified.

“Grab his legs. Pull him out.”

I was in a complete panic. I didn’t know what to do. That nice group of pretty girls had turned into a mob and mob mentality was taking over. I was desperate to keep them from seeing any more of my anatomy. At that point, I only had a couple of secrets left.

I could feel several pairs of hands and arms on each leg and, in spite of my best efforts, they were not only pulling me out but also pulling my legs apart.

“Look, you can see his balls.” Everybody screamed and laughed.

I know my face was crimson at that point because I could feel the heat. I had never known it was possible to be so humiliated. I prayed I would wake up from the nightmare.

They kept my head and shoulders under the bed because they knew I was virtually helpless as long as I was partially trapped. I was just as glad that they couldn’t see my face and that I couldn’t see theirs.

“Lift him up. Let’s see what he’s got.” Oh no, they wouldn’t.

With the top of my body still under the bed, they had my legs spread apart and proceeded to lift the lower part of my body off the floor a little. If you can picture the position I was in – on my stomach, shoulders under the bed, bent backwards at the waist, legs spread and held high. They were just about breaking my back although that was the least of my worries at the time. I could feel the cool air of the air conditioning on my penis.

They all let out an ear-shattering scream when they saw my still-erect penis. “Look, he has a boner.” They laughed hysterically.

I had eight young girls looking at my testicles and erect penis and I was helpless to do anything about it. They had me spreadeagled and on display in the most humiliating of positions. Ellen was seeing me naked. Even worse, so was Sharon. I was beside myself with shame. I completely lost control. I started cursing at them, “You ...ing bitches, I’ll kill you for this! Let me go, God damn it.”

“Tsk, tsk, such naughty language. I think he deserves a good spanking.”

I couldn’t believe it could get any worse but it did. While being held in that back-breaking and utterly humiliating position, they proceeded to give me a spanking the likes of which I had never received in my life. They kept on remarking on how funny my penis looked bouncing around while I was being spanked like a little child. To be a grown man being treated like that by young girls, I was almost paralyzed with humiliation. I could feel all the fight going out of me.

By that time, I was kicking and screaming. I had actually become a little child. I was yelling, “Ow, stop, stop” except the last “stop” sounded like “st-uh-uh-op.” I don’t know if it was the pain or the humiliation or both but I did something I hadn’t done in a long time – I started crying. I was blubbering like the child I had become.

“He’s crying. We better let him go.”

When they all released their hold on me, I just lay there for a few seconds not really wanting to come out and face them. Then I slithered out from under the bed. As I struggled to get to my feet sobbing loudly into my hands with my erection swinging around the room like a radar beacon, someone said, “He must have really enjoyed that. He still has his boner.” This, of course, was followed by another round of hysterical laughter. It didn’t sound like anybody felt the least bit sorry for me or regretted what they had just done to me.

Not even trying to cover my groin, I guess I gave them one last good look as I kept my hands over my face and, peeking through my fingers, ran from the room. Their laughter rang in my ears as I ran, penis bouncing, down the hall to the den and jumped in my bed. In 15 minutes, I had gone from a normal adult male to a naked, red-faced, red-assed, crying little baby.

I sobbed for what seemed like a long time. I was so humiliated, I couldn’t seem to stop. I hated myself for being such a wimp.

After I calmed down a little, I realized that I had to get out of the house. They were probably already planning what they were going to do to me next. I had visions of them fully dressed running me around the house crying and naked for the entire weekend. My God, I was actually afraid of them.

Still naked, I jumped out of bed and quickly got dressed and left the house. I didn’t return until late Sunday night when I knew my cousin and his wife would be home.

I dreaded facing Sharon and Ellen but I had to eventually. When I walked in the door, Sharon looked like she felt sorry for me but Ellen was beside herself with glee. She whispered her thanks for making her slumber party such a rousing success. She couldn’t wait to have another one. She was staring at my crotch the whole time.

I moved out a few days later having found another place to stay. Mercifully, I only saw Sharon and Ellen a few times after that. Ellen never could wipe the smile off her face whenever she saw me.

    • Fantastic - Jeepman89, Tue Jul 10 4:52pm
      I would love to read a sequel to this hot story!
      • Stripped by girls - Anon, Tue Jul 10 5:15pm
        Btw, jeepman are you adding some of the suggestions to part 5? Like the girls flashing peter their naughty bits or stroking him to orgasm?
        • Stripped by Girls - Jeepman89, Sat Jul 14 1:32pm
          I'm glad that there is interest in my story. I am working on Part 5 right now. I am a CFNM fan so the girls won't be getting naked for Peter but he will be forced to do things that will be quite... more
          • Idea - Anon, Thu Sep 20 12:15pm
          • JeepMan89 Story idea - Anon, Thu Jul 19 8:25pm
            Here is a pic for an idea to part 5 of Stripped by Girls. Having the girls and the birthday girl give him a handjob until he cums.
          • Jeepman89 - Anon, Tue Jul 17 9:32am
            Jeepman, what are your thoughts of adapting scenes in Heatseeker where guy is stripped nude by young girls?
      • Sequel - Anon, Tue Jul 10 5:12pm
        No sequel apparently a true story. Although feel free to add a fictitious one.
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