Social Worker Stripped (old site story)
Tue Jul 10, 2018 8:22pm

I had just moved to a new town, got the new job that I had been training for, and a gotten new apartment. Things seemed to be going great, until two weeks into the job. I thought this job was a little tough, dealing with angry parents, disorderly children, and bad situations, but this was all what I signed up for, until my last case.. It was a black family, living in a bad neighborhood, with reports of bad behavior at school for the children. Nothing out of the ordinary. It's typical for these cases, that the case worker, namely me, go out to the home to asses the situation. It's usually a knock on the door, a I'm *%&%$ from Children and Youth Services, and a “... you” with a door slammed in your face.

This time was very different.. It was a warm, sunny day in the middle of June. My day had gone smooth up until this point, and I was in a unusually good mood because of it. I pulled up to the house, which was part of a project complex, and walked to the old dingy door. When I knocked, a middle aged, over weight black woman opened the door. “Who'a you?” “My name is Emily Clara from CYS, I'm here because of a report from your son's school..” To my surprise, she just smiled (slightly devilishly) and said “Oh yes.. I'm very sorry about that, Marcus has been having some problems lately, maybe you could help. Come on in..” She unchained the door, and stepped aside.

As I came in, I could see that this was your typical, lower class home. Garbage, clothes and toys strewn about, dirty dishes, and a slight odor.. She offered me a seat on the couch, and called her children in. There were four of them. The oldest, who looked to be about the same age as me(early twenties) was one of three girls, the third oldest, which looked about sixteen, and the fourth oldest who was around fourteen or so... Then came Marcus, who was the youngest and about ten or eleven, came and sat across from me, while the three girls sat on both sides of me on the couch.

This, I found a little strange... The mother stood and said, “Well know, little miss prissy, I know what you came for, and my boy Marcus may not be look like he a good boy, but he as good a boy I could ask for.” “Now we gonna show you what a real families house looks like, stand up.” By this time I was pretty tense and was wondering if I'd get out of there without some kind of altercation. I said okay, and and slowly stood. She told me to follow, which I did, and she began to lead me through her house. “You know, I never liked your type.” “You young whites who think they gonna save th' world an' that they got th' shit to do it.” As I glanced shyly around, she turned sharply and said “Ya think yo too good for us don't ya?” I gasped out the world no.. “You know, I think you do.” “Hey, Latifa, this little white bitch says she's too good fo us!” I just stared at her with wide eyes and a dumb look on my face as the oldest daughter came in.

She got right in my face and just stared at me for a minute with a pissed off look on her face.. Finally she said “Why do you think yo better than us, ...?” She waited, and after I stood looking at her feet in the awkward silence, she said, “You think you better than us 'cause of those fancy clothes o' yours?” Then she knelt down in front of me, glanced up with an grin for a second, and finally undid my $50 dollar dress pants and pulled them down to my ankles, leaving me standing there in my Victoria Secret, baby blue, thong panties. As I looked at her in shock, she gave me the first real hard slap that I have ever received in my life. “Take those fancy ass pants off.” I knew this was going to be much worse than I thought, as I reached down, crying, and slid my pants over my feet. By this time, all of the children were in the room. Marcus came, stood in front of me, and without a seconds hesitation, cupped my pussy. I was so shocked, that I slapped him.. This was probably the very worst mistake in my life. As quick as lightning Latifa kneed me in the gut, and held me down bent over like I was.

She then let Marcus fondle my ass to his little perverted heart's content. He even pulled my panties down, and started fondling my pussy like a pro. All while the mother pulled out a video camera and began filming my humiliation. I was so scared of the black girl holding my arms, that I didn't resist a bit.. I hate thinking of this, but this is how much of a coward I really was.. He finished up his revenge with ten or so stinging slaps on my ass.. Latifa let me go as I stood there, bottomless, in only my flats, untucked shirt and business jacket... The mother then dragged me crying and bottomless to the bedroom by my hair, stripped me of my few remaining clothes and threw me naked onto the bed. “spread um bitch”, she said. Slowly I complied, covering my breasts and pussy with my hands. “Hands at yo sides, you stupid ...!” I quickly laid them at my side, leaving me spread eagle for all of them to see.. For the next hour, the four kids each got there turn tormenting me.. They spanked me, made me play horse, dress up, and they even made me go outside in there back yard to “clean the pool” while their neighbors ogled at the naked white chick.

Finally, they led me back inside. “Now, I want you to say that you is a stupid, pathetic, white bitch who is nothing but scum and deserves to be humiliated.” While crying my eyes out, I chocked out, “I'm- ah stupid, pa-the—tic, white b-itch who is scum and deserves to be hu—miliated.” She said, “Well the white bitch finally knows how worthless she really is, but all those stuck up idiots down at CYS don't know.” “Maybe we should show them, Ma.”, said Latifa. “Just what I was thinking.” With that, they rapped me in a make shift dress made from a white bed sheet, and took me to there minivan out front. On the ride to CYS, they all discussed how much of a slut I was, and how pathetic I looked sitting there. The boy actually stole the sheet at one point, and left me naked in the front seat cowering for about fifteen minutes until we got close to the building.

At that point, they tied my hands behind my back, and covered them with my hands in my purse so that it looked as if I was just holding it. The mother then pulled out a fat dildo from her purse and said, “Now, bitch, I'm gonna put this in you, were going to walk up there, and you're gonna tell yo boss that you guys can stay away from my family for good. If you can make it up there and say that, we'll let you have your clothes, and get rid of the video of your slutty ass. If you ... it up, then that nice video of you will end up on every website we can get it on. Got it?” I just nodded timidly, doubting my ability to stay calm enough to act normal with that dildo inside of me. Latifa reached from the back, shoved the black dildo in me, while I cringed with humiliation, then rapped the bed sheet around me again.

The mother and Latifa got out and lead me in.. Just as we entered the door, Latifa lifted the back of the sheet, flipped a switch on the dildo and to my horror, it began to vibrate inside of me! People were already staring at the odd site, as I walked in with my make shift dress and a very strange look on my face. By the time we were in the elevator and onto my floor, my pussy was so wet and I could hardly walk.. they lead me into my section (all cubicals) while my co-workers stared.. As I looked for my supervisor so I could attempt to end this, there plan became terrifyingly clear to me..

Both women grabbed the sheet from off me, and took off. I was left standing there, completely naked, hands tied behind my back, and a huge, black, vibrating dildo sticking out from my pussy.. I stood there, looking on in horror as some people looked on in shook, others bursting into laughter.. My supervisor actually approached me, “Emily, what is going on???!!” I could stand it no longer, and I actually orgasmed right there. I fell back out of exhaustion and humiliation and laid there in my own cum.

They eventually found and arrested the mother and Latifa, and the three other children were put into foster care. The job that I was assigned to do was done, but at the cost of my total humiliation. I never returned to that town again.

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