Stripped at College Party (Old site)
Wed Jul 11, 2018 1:00pm

This is actually a difficult story to tell since it involves my own humiliation. About 4 years ago (I was 30 then) I was living in an apartment complex that was close to university and consequently there were alot of students living there also and that usually meant there were alot of loud parties going on during the weekend and sometimes even on weekdays.

Such things usually didn't bother me but one Sunday night there was this party going on a few apartments down the hall from me. I was in bed and trying to sleep but the music and noise was pretty raucous and although I tried, I couldn't ignore it.

I got up, put my robe on and walked down to the apartment. There were about 20 people inside this 2 bedroom apartment when I knocked on the door. The tenants were 2 college women whom I had spoken to only briefly in the past, but they seemed friendly enough. I explained to them about the problem and asked them to quiet down. While I was talking to them, these guys came up and started getting in my face and being belligerent. I have to admit that it was hard for me to display any real authority the way I was dressed. I was wearing the robe, a t-shirt and shorts.

They started trying to push me around and I attempted to stand my ground. Before long, we had gotten the attention of the entire group at the party. I was inside the apartment and 3 of the larger guys had backed me into a corner. I decided that it wasn't worth it and tried to leave. One of the guys who seemed to be in charge said outloud, "What should we do with this guy?". Someone from the back of the group yelled out, "Strip him!" which was followed by laughter and someone yelling, "Yeah, that would teach him a lesson!"

I attempted to push past these guys and make a run for it but I didn't get very far. The 3 guys in question grabbed me and pushed me down to the floor. I remember hoots, hollers and laughter as I felt my robe being forcibly pulled off of me. I was trying to fight back but it was 3 on one and I was basically pinned to the ground. All of a sudden, I felt my shirt rip. It wasn't being pulled off, it was being ripped and torn off. I tried to hold on to my shorts, but there were a couple of pairs of hands on the waistband and I felt and heard an loud rip as I felt it tear away.

There I was. Naked. Really naked. Thinking back on the experience, it was surreal and everything was happening in slow motion. I remember the roar of laughter as they stood me up. They dragged me over to a coffee table and pushed me up on it so everyone could get a good look. Once they let go of me, I jumped off the table and ran for the door. I made it out into the hallway and ran back to my apartment. I have to admit I was pretty scared and considered calling the police, but felt it would be more embarrassing to tell them what happened, so I decided to do nothing.

I moved out about a month later and during that time I saw the 2 women who lived there a few times in passing. They would smile and say hello to me, and I would blush. I always got the feeling they were enjoying my humiliation. I was glad to get out of there, but ever since then I have to admit when I think about it I feel the humiliation but also I get turned on as well, imagining myself being stripped again out in a public place.

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