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Mindy’s Thong Wedgie
Wed Jul 11, 2018 6:46pm

Hello there people :)

Been reading story's on here for a while now and as I am a big story writer I wanted to share my work with you all here, so please let me know how this story is and if you want to see more of my work :)

Enjoy :)

Mindy was a cute 18 year old girl with c-cup breasts and a cute little bottom she has a few friends in high school and has a great laugh with them and it was her last year as a junior in high school and she loved to hang out with her friends and play jokes with each other but this time her friends went a little too far.

During gym class Mindy and her friends decided to play a friendly game of basketball and as their teacher was out that day they could play without any trouble and as the sub let them do whatever they wanted it was game on, it was Mindy and 2 other girls against 3 guys 1 of them was Mindy’s boyfriend and it was a good game even though Mindy and the other girls lost 22-16.

When it was all over Mindy and 2 of the guys went into the locker room and one guy was whispering into the other guy’s ear and Mindy was suspicious at first but she just forgot about it and Mindy then left the locker to go use the bathroom, about 20 minutes later Mindy’s boyfriend called her to come over “Hey babe could you come here for a minute” Mindy’s boyfriend asked and that was a mistake and as Mindy walked in the room there was Mindy’s boyfriend and he had a weird look on his face.

When Mindy was about to ask him what he wanted the other guy jumps from behind of Mindy and pins her down face down on to a bench “COME ON VERY FUNNY !” Mindy laughed thinking it was all a game but as the guy pinned Mindy down he rips off her shorts while her boyfriend rips off her shirt, so all that’s left on Mindy is her red thong and bra “HEY OK LADS VERY FUNNY GAME’S OVER NOW, ALEX BABE LET ME GO NOW, COME ON SCOTT LET ME GO NOW !” Mindy asked feeling quite embarrassed.

With Mindy still pinned to the bench both of the guy’s tie Mindy’s hands behind her back and tie her feet together and since she is all tied up and can’t get out they both stand up take their hands and grab on to her thong and grin to each other and they both pull REALLY HARD !!!, “OOOOUUUUCCCCCCHHHHH !!!!!!!!!!” Mindy squealed as her thong went up to her shoulders and deep in to her bum crack and Mindy wiggled her white little bum cheeks “COME ON LADS LET ME GO, OOOWWW PLEASE COME ON THIS REALLY HURTS NOW !!!” Mindy winced as her bum crack started to feel quite sore.

The lads giggled as they tugged the back of Mindy’s thong all the way up to her bra strap and there was a little ripping sound coming from the thong and then Mindy winced as her bra was undone “OK STOP IT NOW ALEX PLEASE STOP IT !!!” Mindy screamed, but no not only did they undo her bra they tugged the back of her thong and then fed the bra straps through the thong and connected her almost ripped thong to her bra.

Then Mindy’s boyfriend Alex goes into his bag and he takes out his mobile phone and takes about 4 pictures of her nude on his phone well not all the way nude but mostly and when that class period was over they just left her there, so to add to Mindy’s embarrassment about 20 other students saw her and started laughing but that wasn’t the worse of it as one of the girls walks over with a hair brush and an evil grin on her face “SPANKING TIME !!!” the girl sniggered as she raised the brush up high and then.

“WACK !” “OOUUCCHH !!!!!!” “WACK !” “OOUUCCHH !!!!!!!” “WACK !” “OOUUCCHH !!!!!!!”
“WACK !” “OOUUCCHH !!!!!!” “WACK !” “OOUUCCHH !!!!!!!” “WACK !” “OOUUCCHH !!!!!!!”
“WACK !” “OOUUCCHH !!!!!!” “WACK !” “OOUUCCHH !!!!!!!” “WACK !” “OOUUCCHH !!!!!!!”
“WACK !” “OOUUCCHH !!!!!!” “WACK !” “OOUUCCHH !!!!!!!” “WACK !” “OOUUCCHH !!!!!!!”

For a good 10 minutes till Mindy’s bottom was cherry red just like her thong and she was crying like a new bore baby “MORE WEDGIES !!!” the girl laughed grabbing Mindy’s thong and pulled hard and sharp “OOOOWWWW !!!!!!!” Mindy squealed as everyone else laughed and after a few minutes everyone left, then Alex walked back in to let Mindy free and he stopped dead seeing Mindy was sobbing and her poor little bum cheeks bright red “Oh dear looks like someone got a harsh spanking” Alex said “ALEX PLEASE JUST GET ME OUT OF THIS, I AM IN SO MUCH PAIN !” Mindy sobbed “Ok babe sorry for all of this, it was just for a laugh” Alex said as he untied Mindy and the two hugged.

Mindy hugged Alex tight as he rubbed her red raw bottom better and then she got dressed and the two headed home and I know what you are thinking where was the sub when all this happened and the last time Mindy saw him was outside when she went for the bathroom, and to this day Mindy doesn’t know if any of the photo’s were sent to anybody and yes they are still friends but believe me Mindy will get them back at some point.

The End :)

Well there you go I do hope you liked it, please comment on what you think :)

Many thanks :)

    • Good story - jaywriter01, Fri Jul 13 9:22pm
      I'd be happy to see more of your work here, especially if it involves Mindy's revenge!
      • Re: Good story - Wedige Spanker, Mon Jul 16 11:29am
        Thanks I am so glad you liked it :) I have so many more story's to share with people, so seeing as it's going well I will post more :)
    • Hi there, yes i am from DA :) - Wedige Spanker, Wed Jul 11 6:54pm
      For those who recognize me I am from the site called Deviant Art, don't worry it's still my main website to post story's to but I thought I should share my work around so everyone has a chance to... more
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