Mirror Mirror : Part One
Thu Jul 12, 2018 1:11pm

Hey everyone here is my latest ENF story. I decided to throw in some supernatural/magic based stuff in it to give that a try as I have enjoyed those kinds of stories in the past. If you want to see more of my works, feel free to check out my Tumblr for the rest of my stories or to give me requests.


Enjoy the story!


“Say it!” Amber Beck shouted as her two goons held fellow high school Junior, Mary Russell against the wall. Amber’s two minors began pulling Mary’s school uniform shirt up and over her bra exposing it to the school and the other students that were watching the event unfold.

“I said say it!” Amber shouted once again. The shirt was almost completely off of Mary’s body and her body was starting to attract goosebumps. “Say it or we take the bra too!”

“I’m sorry! I’m sorry!” Mary shouted back to Amber. “You’re pretty!”

“Say the whole thing!” Amber demanded from Mary as she approached and took hold of Mary’s left bra cup.

“Amber Beck is way prettier than me or any other girl at the school!” Mary recited for the whole school.

“Damn right!” Amber soaked in the compliment. “Now let’s prove it!”

Amber yanked Mary’s bra down exposing her tiny boobs to everyone who was watching. The whole crowd cheered Amber on and laughed at Mary’s exposure. Mary squirmed as she tried to hide and cover her nudity but it was no use, Amber’s goons had a hold of her. Suddenly the crowd parted like the red sea and Sister Jude walked up and broke up the fight. Mary, once she was free, quickly covered herself up.

“Bullying and humiliating your classmates again Amber?” Sister Jude angrily addressed Amber. Sister Jude grabbed Amber by the arm and dragged her into her office.

Amber Beck was the top dog at Saint Lucy’s School for Christian Youths. She was gorgeous, at least to herself. But she knew that and often would force others to admit it as well. And when someone refused to admit that she was prettier than they were, she would strip them of their clothes until they would admit it. She thought, if they wouldn’t admit that she was better then they should have a good long look at themselves. It helped with others got a good long look at them as well.

“This is ridiculous!” Sister Jude yelled. “You can’t keep humiliating the girls at this school!”

“But Sister Jude,” Amber started. “It’s not my fault that they can’t see the truth. I won’t stop until every girl at this school admits how hot I am.”

While talking Amber was distracted by her reflection in Sister Jude’s glasses as well as her reflection in the window of Sister Jude’s office.

“You’re awfully vain. You know that?” Sister Jude said. That’s when Sister Jude had an idea for Amber’s punishment. Sister Jude leaned in and tugged a single hair out of Amber’s head.

“What the hell?” Amber whined back.

Sister Jude opened her book of prayers up to the page labeled “THE CLOTHES OF THE MARTYR”. Sister Jude licked the lock of hair and placed it on the page and spoke the prayer aloud. Suddenly the hair turned to gold and evaporated into the air.

“What the hell was that?” Amber asked.

“A curse.” Sister Jude warned. “You are dismissed.”

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