Michelle naked part 1
Thu Jul 12, 2018 3:51pm

Michelle was a 19 year old, who had long straight brown hair, freckles, blue eyes, and a small mouth. She was fairly hot, she loved her body, but had b cup breasts, and her pubic hair hadn’t started growing yet, so when she was naked she could easily be mistaken for a 9 or 10 year old. She woke up on that warm summers day feeling happy, and in a really good mood. The sun was shining and everything was great. She quickly got dressed and walked down the hall to her first class. She had 5 lessons in a day. Her first lesson today was maths followed by English. Both were lectures and she sat there bored all morning doodling on her note pad.
After her two lectures she had lunch, then her next period was, history, again the lecture went on for a while, and everyone was bored. She then had a break before her last two lessons of the day, French, and P.E.

She hated P.E. But it was compulsory, Michelle wasn’t very good at sport, so she hated going, but she always attended because she didn’t want her grades to drop.
Laura hated Michelle and she made Michelle’s life hell. Today was no exception. Laura knew Michelle always showered later then the other girls. Michelle always did this because she didn’t want people to know how undeveloped she was and she certainly didn’t want people seeing her baked.
Laura waited till the locker room was clear, then took all of Michelle’s clothes and hid them in her locker leaving Michelle just the towel she entered the stall with.

When Michelle came out of the shower she wrapped the towel around herself and went to her locker. She noticed her clothes were missing. “Oh no this isn’t happening “ Michelle said to herself scared and embarrassed stood there in her towel and nothing else.
Laura had been hiding near the door and heard Michelle’s search she giggled, and came round the corner, much to Michelle’s surprise. Scared Michelle backed into the wall and tried hiding the fact she was so undeveloped. Laura simply took her phone out. “What do you want?” Asked Michelle startled.

Laura looked at her and giggled, “take your towel off and put your hands on your head!” Demanded Laura. Michelle was shocked her boobs were small and her pussy was bare and doing what Laura wanted would leave her entire body on show and Laura had her phone in her hand ready to take a picture.

“Please no Laura I’m begging you, please don’t make me do that!” Said Michelle now scared of what might happen. Laura giggled more, “do it, or I’ll push you outside in just your towel, I’m sure the boys would love to see you in just your towel.”

Michelle knew Laura would do it, and knew she was stronger then her, “promise me no one else will see me naked, promise me any photos you take won’t get spread around campus!” Said Michelle still trying to bargain with her.

“You have till I count to five, one, two, three,” reluctantly with no choice left she let the towel drop and put her hands on head “FLASH FLASH FLASH” went Laura’s camera. Laura laughed and left leaving the naked girl stood where she was.

    • Michelle naked part 3 - Treble rebel, Sat Jul 14 9:20pm
      The four girls, walked towards, the shopping centre. They got to the entrance, when Laura’s stomach began to rumble. “ I’m starving “ Laura proclaimed. “Let’s get something to eat before we shop.”... more
    • Michelle naked part 2 - Anonymous , Thu Jul 12 5:10pm
      A week later, Michelle hadn’t seen any pictures of her anywhere, Laura hadn’t mentioned the incident once to her, so Michelle started to relax and forget about it. Laura hadn’t forget about it, she... more
      • Technical difficulties - jaywriter01, Fri Jul 13 9:25pm
        Seems part 2 got cut off, can you post the rest? I'm loving Michelle's humiliation!
        • Technical difficulties - Anonymous , Sat Jul 14 5:14pm
          Parts 1 and 2 are fully complete, I was in the middle of writing part 3 but i started falling asleep so only posted half and came up as part 2 as well when really it was part . But I never got... more
      • Re: Michelle naked part 2 - Anonymous, Fri Jul 13 3:13pm
        The four girls, walked towards, the shopping centre. They got to the entrance, when Laura’s stomach began to rumble. “ I’m starving “ Laura proclaimed. “Let’s get something to eat before we shop.”... more
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