Emma G
Tattle and Regret
Fri Jul 13, 2018 1:21pm

The Origin Story: http://disc.yourwebapps.com/discussion.cgi?id=245772;article=4972

A return of a story I started awhile back. Sorry I haven't been as active, but I figured I would comtinue a story you guys seem to like. We left off with Anna being utterly humiliated in front of her classmates and threatened to make things worse if anything were to ever happen. Well, since today is Friday the 13th let's see how unlucky Anna gets when she DOES tell someone.


Anna sat in her bedroom on the morning of Friday the 13th. She began thinking about the incodemt that occurred a few months ago. She hadn't told ANY one about the incident. She was too scared to. But after several months passed, Anna felt she needed to tell someone. She was almost positive the girl would have forgotten about her threat and it's not like she could find out. So she texted her good friend Rachel that she needed to talk to her about something and told her to meet her at the park. The park was usually pretty empty and wouldn't seem out of the ordinary. So she got dressed and went to the park. She was dying to meet her friend and tell her everything. When she got to the park she saw Rachel standing next to a gigantic rock that people often like to climb. It was a good place to talk as it was away from anyone who was at the park.

Rachel greeted Anna and then asked what she wanted to tell her. Making sure the coast was clear, Anna just blurted out everything. She told her about Tommy and him being a jerk, about how he tricked her and humiliated her, and she told her about his girlfriend walking in and adding to the humiliation, and after everything was out she leaned against her friend and cried. For 5 months she kept it all to herself and it was satisfying to just let it all out. Rachel however had a strange look. A smile. A smirk.

"Oh, Anna. You just couldn't stay quiet could you?" Rachel asked. "You were given one task. And now you've blown it.

"What do you mean? What are you talking about?" Anna asked a bit nervous now.

All of a sudden Lizzie came out from the other side of the rock and Anna's eyes widened. "I thought you would end up telling your friend," Lizzie said. "So I told her to tell me if at any point you ever tried to counsel her. She told me you told her you wanted to tell her something so I tagged along with her. Do you remember what I said what would happen if you ever told anyone?"

"Y-you said my videos would be posted and I would make things worse," Anna said with a pale face. "Please, I'm begging you. i'll do anything. Please don't post those videos."

"I'll tell you what, Anna. I'll give you one more chance to prove yourself. If you do everything I tell you, I won't post the videos. But fail to do three things and I will post them EVERY where."

"I'll do anything I promise," Anna said.

"Alright. Start by taking all of your clothes off," Lizzie said.

Anna immediately started stripping. First her shirt was pulled off revealing her white padded bra. Then her shorts were off revealing her white cotton panties with teddy bears on it. Then she breather before taking off her bra and panties. She was now naked in the park with her ex friend and enemy. She immediately covered everything with her hands.

"Hands at your side," Lizzie demanded.

Anna reluctantly complied. Her pussy was completely bare and her small breasts were now on display. "Let's take her on a little stroll," Rachel grinned taking Anna's hand. Lizzie smiled and grabbed Anna's other hand.

Anna noticed the park was little more packed than usual as she passed each walker. She was escorted unable to cover. They turned the corner and that's when she gasped. There had to be a hundred people. All of she slowly recognized to be some of her classmates and people she knew rather well. What was going on? "You forgot that today's the Summer Festival at the park," Lizzie giggled seeing Anna's face. "Everyone from school is here because they all recieved special invitations as soon as I got the message that you were meeting Rachel here. It seems we already have quite the audience."

Anna couldn't believe she forgot that today was the big festival that occured every year for alumnis and attending students. There were different locations for the festivals and this year it was the park. Now Anna feared for her life that she would be seen. Rachel and Lizzie escorted Anna all the way onto the stage that was set up in front. People started to look and stare as they saw the naked girl being escorted onto the stage.

"Hello everyone!" Lizzie said into a microphone on the stage. "We have a very special show for you all to kick off the Summer Festival! I know the Festival can be a bit of a bore sometimes but I promised you all an exciting show this year and now you will get that special show. Please welcome Anna Little to the stage to give you an exciting show prepared just for you."

Away from the mic Lizzie turned and gave Anna her next task. "You are going to lie down in front of everyone with your legs spread wide and masturbate in front of them. Fail to do so and I can play the videos on the big screen before posting them."

Anna having no choice complied by lying down and spreading her legs wide. Slowly she began to rub in front of so many people it was so humiliating and degrading. She moaned loud then even louder as she began to move faster and faster. Suddenly there was a rhythm she had as she knew she was being recorded by everyone.

Then she hit her climax and squirted everywhere in front of the stage as people recorded it on their phones. More videos Anna had to worry about. Then a smile appeared on Lizzie's face as she revealed the third task for Anna to do. "Now you have to post every single embarrassing video you have to date, every photo as well, to the internet. Including ones that are you of a baby and the ones recorded. Lucky for you I have them all set up to be sent out. All you have to do is hit this send button and the deed is done. Fail to do it and I will play them all for everyone to watch and then post them anyways."

Anna wanted to cry as she realized there was no escaping. Everyone would see the videos and photos no matter what. She scrolled through the photos. She saw pcitures of her on the potty, getting her diaper changed, the videos recorded on Valentine's Day, and even a video recorded today most likely of her stripping and masturbating. Anna took the deep breath as she cried. "I-I can't. I can't hit the button," Anna said. "Please. There has to be an alternative."

Lizzie smiled. "There is."

With those worde Lizzie took the phone and hit the send button for Anna. And moments later everything was on display on the big screen. The videos, the photos, and even a little live webcam that followed Anna as she stood there naked and completely humiliated. And it all started because a crush she had on a boy.

The end.

    • Damn - ScreamMario 51, Sat Jul 14 12:47am
      Rachel is the worst. Fake friends are worst than enemies. At least Lizzie was honest!
    • Poor Anna :( - jaywriter01, Fri Jul 13 9:16pm
      Delightfully thorough humiliation, would love to see her get revenge on those responsible though!
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