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Oh Say, Can You See? (ENF)
Fri Jul 13, 2018 2:40pm

Hey everyone, this is my first story here, so feel free to tell me what you think. I hope to improve with feedback and practice!
This happened earlier this month--on the 4th of July, to be precise. I, along with most of the people at my high school, had been invited to a 4th of July party, and I was excited. I haven't been invited to many parties, and I wanted to make the most of this.

For you to understand the rest of this story, I'd better introduce myself. My name is Alyssa, and I've always been the quiet type. I'd like to think I'm pretty, with shoulder-length light brown hair, a slim figure, and a dash of freckles, but I'm not unusually hot, nor would I want to be. I don't like to draw attention to myself, and I always dress conservatively and prefer not to wear makeup.

On this particular occasion, though, I was planning to come out of my shell. I was excited about this party--I had psyched myself up to wear a little less than usual and flirt a little more. Tonight, my outfit consisted of my usual red Converse, together with white short shorts and a blue tank top that was short enough to leave an inch or so of exposed skin above my waistband. My heart beat a little faster as I looked at myself in the mirror. It was a very cute outfit, and though no one would call it slutty, it was a lot more skin than I'd ever shown before. I was both nervous and excited.

I knew my parents wouldn't approve of my choice of clothes--in fact, they didn't even know I was going to the party. They had already left with my little brother to watch the parade, and I had told them I'd be spending the evening with a few friends. They trusted me, which made me feel kind of bad, since I'd never deceived them like this before. However, I pushed those feelings to the back of my mind. Tonight, I was going to enjoy myself.

I showed up at the party around 8. As I walked toward the door, I began to have some second thoughts. I was suddenly embarrassed of what I was wearing, and I blushed at the thought of however many people were going to see the amount of thigh and midriff I had chosen to show. Silly, most girls dress like this all summer and don't give it a second thought, I told myself, and, pushing my qualms aside, I walked confidently up the sidewalk and in the door.

As I stepped inside, I felt somewhat overwhelmed, but also excited. The house was decked out patriotically and lit by blue and red lights. There was loud music playing, and dozens of people milling around, some holding drinks or snacks, a few carrying small American flags. The main room was basically a free for all, but one of the adjacent rooms was set up for karaoke, and another was being set up as a dance floor. In a small, darkened back room, a few guys were watching the movie Independence Day.

I felt a bit lost for a few minutes, but on my way over to the drinks, I spotted Drew, a cute guy I have a few classes with. I don't know him too well, but we were at least on friendly terms. “Hey, Alyssa,” he said, greeting me with a smile. “You look good tonight.”

I smiled and blushed. “Hey Drew.” We chatted for a few minutes, exchanging small talk and mildly flirtatious comments.

As we talked, I noticed Haylee and Makenzie across the room. Everyone considers them the hottest girls in my grade. They're total sluts and everyone knows it--they always dress in revealing clothes and flirt indiscriminately and they've each had more boyfriends than I can count. Their personality is pretty much the exact opposite of mine, which is probably why I've always disliked them, and why they dislike me right back. I am jealous of their confidence and their ability to influence people, but I would never dress or act the way they do.

Tonight, they were dressed in matching patriotic outfits: blue star-spangled bikini tops and red-and-white striped miniskirts, plus bright red lipstick and bright blue eyeshadow. Haylee's blond hair had a single streak of blue in it, and Makenzie's brown hair had a single streak of red. With their exposed skin, supermodel curves, and just the right level of summer tan, they were attracting a lot of attention from the boys, and they were clearly loving it. I'd be mortified to be seen in that kind of outfit, but even I had to admit they looked amazing.

At the same time that I saw them across the room, they noticed me. I saw Haylee point at me and say something in Makenzie's ear, and then Makenzie giggled and said something back. I didn't think much of it--the two of them were always gossiping. I returned my focus to my current conversation, feeling glad that for the first time, I could hold a boy's attention too--and I didn't need to reveal as much skin as they did.

After a few minutes, a group of Drew's friends interrupted us, asking Drew to come with them to somewhere or other--it was hard to hear over the music. Drew nodded, but as he turned to go, he looked back at me. “Hey, when the dance floor is ready, will you dance with me?”

“I'd love to,” I told him with a grin. He grinned back before vanishing into the crowd. I felt thrilled. Ordinarily I wouldn't have the guts to talk to a guy the way I just had, but now I was glad that I had decided to be more confident tonight.

I looked around for another conversation I could join, and was surprised to see that Haylee and Makenzie had come across the room to me. “Alyssa! It's so good to see you!” Haylee said with a huge smile, showing off a set of dazzlingly white teeth.

“You look so cute in that outfit!” Makenzie added.

I was on my guard--these two had pantsed me and tried in various ways to embarrass me before. I didn't plan to fall for their tricks. On the other hand, if they did want to be friendly tonight, I wasn't going to argue. “Thanks,” I said cautiously. “I like your outfits too. It's a…bold statement.” It wasn't quite true--I was actually a little disgusted that they were walking around the party half-naked and didn't seem to care. But it was, indeed, bold, bolder than I would ever be.

Haylee and Makenzie giggled. “So, the reason we came over here,” Haylee explained, “is that this party is pretty great and it's making us feel patriotic.”

“Liberty and justice for all!” Makenzie added with a winning smile.

“We figured that, after the times we've been mean to you in the past, it would be just for us to help you out tonight,” Haylee continued.

“Help me how?” I asked, not buying it.

“We thought you might want a boy to dance with later on,” Makenzie said. “Pick a boy, any boy, and we can set you up with him.”

“We're skilled that way,” Haylee said with a giggle, cupping her breasts suggestively.

“Actually,” I said, beaming, “I don't need your help. I've gotten a boy's attention all on my own.”

“Oooh,” Haylee and Makenzie both said, looking at each other with surprise and…delight? “Who's the boy?” Haylee asked.

“Drew Johnson,” I said, feeling a bit smug. I figured I'd probably screwed up their little plan, whatever it was, and they'd retreat and hopefully leave me alone the rest of the night.

“Congratulations,” said Makenzie, her smile unfaltering. “He seems like a nice guy.” To my surprise, the two of them didn't back off and return to their admirers like I expected. Instead, they stayed and chatted with me about various topics, from clothes to teachers to hair dye. They even asked if I'd consider trying out for cheerleading with them. I was still on my guard, but it was actually a genuinely pleasant conversation, with no veiled insults or embarrassing subtexts. After a few minutes, Haylee excused herself to get a drink, and I kept on talking with just Makenzie until she returned with her cup of ice water (I guess soda would be too harmful to her perfect body, and the party hadn't been going long enough for the alcohol to come out).

As Haylee approached, she took a minute to smile and wink at a guy who was eyeing her breasts, but, not watching where she was going, she tripped, spilling cold water over all our feet. Both Haylee and Makenzie shrieked, and I bent over automatically to help scoop up the scattered ice cubes.

That was my mistake.

For all my reminding myself that I couldn't trust those sluts, I never saw it coming. As soon as my hands were near the ground, they both sprang into motion. Makenzie was suddenly crouched behind me, holding my wrists behind my ankles, and Haylee was using a roll of duct tape I hadn't even seen she was carrying to tie them there.

“Hey!” I shouted. “What is this?”

Haylee and Makenzie doubled over laughing. “This was the plan all along!” Makenzie giggled.

“And you totally fell for it! You should have seen your face!” Haylee added. She laughed, took a deep breath, and then started laughing all over again.

I was pretty upset, partly with them for tricking me, but even more so with myself for falling into their trap. I didn't want to show how angry I was, though, because I figured that would just make them laugh more. I analyzed my position. My hands were trapped behind my legs by several layers of duct tape. This meant that my face was close to the floor, my hair was falling down over my shoes, and my butt was sticking up in the air. Breaking or tearing the tape was out of the question. Walking was also impossible. I could maybe get around with some tiny, embarrassing hops, but it would be slow and might result in me falling on my face. Unfortunately, there wasn't any obvious way I could get out of this predicament, especially if I wanted to keep my dignity.

Haylee and Makenzie still hadn't stopped giggling, and I was getting stressed because people were beginning to notice. I couldn't see everything from my angle, but I could tell that some boys were starting to look at me, which was embarrassing both because my butt, highlighted by my tight white shorts, was sticking in the air, and because my shirt had started to fall down and was exposing several more inches of my midriff. Finally, I said, “Okay, you've had your laugh, now let me go.” To my own surprise, I added, “Bitches.” I'd never used language like that before, and it probably wasn't very smart in my current situation, but I guess I was stressed out and not really thinking.

That got them to stop laughing. “Well well well, little Alyssa has a dirtier mouth than I thought,” said Haylee, smiling at Makenzie in mock surprise.

“I think a naughty girl like that should be punished,” Makenzie said, patting my bottom.

“I agree,” Haylee said, giving one of my butt cheeks a pinch.

I barely have time to be mad at them for touching me like that before I realized what they were about to do. “Nonono stop! Please stop! Don't!” It was too late. Working together, they had unfastened my shorts and dragged them, together with my panties, over the curve of my butt and down my legs, leaving me trapped with my bare ass sticking in the air, and, worse, my pussy completely exposed from behind.

My heart stopped for a few seconds as I felt the air against my most private areas and realized just how bad my situation was. Then it started up again, beating hard and fast in my ears as I incoherently begged them to cover me again. “No, please no, I'll do anything, this is humiliating, please, don't let anyone see me like this, nooooo…” My protests dissolved into a groan as I felt both Haylee and Makenzie rubbing and pinching my bare ass cheeks--they had no intention of letting me go any time soon.

I struggled one more time to break my arms free, but I knew it was futile. I heard the girls giggling again, and I stopped, realizing that all I was accomplishing was making my bum wiggle. Then I noticed several boys taking an interest in my predicament, and Haylee, to my horror, was encouraging them. “Hey guys, don't be shy!” she called to them. “Alyssa has a pretty cute ass here, don't you think?”

“Her ass is good, but we'd rather see yours!” some idiot shouted.

Haylee giggled. “Okay then,” she said, and she turned around and bent over, giving the guys a quick look up her skirt at her blue thong and her flawless ass. “If you want a longer look than that,” she said, “you'll have to be content with Alyssa's.”

“Step right up,” Makenzie announced.

I shook my head as hard as I could and tried to shuffle away, but it was no good as four or five boys came up closer. “No no no!” I pleaded, but my tormentors were deaf to my begging. I tried to imagine being Haylee and not caring that all these boys were seeing my ass, but I couldn't. The situation was too mortifying. “Please, please, let me go!” I was starting to sob. My face was turning pink from a combination of shame and the blood flowing to my head. My top had fallen up to my armpits, revealing my bra. The only consolation was that I was over at the edge of the party, and the lights were dim enough that only the nearest people could see me. Still, I could already hear whispers spreading and people calling their friends over, and I knew I had to get out soon or everyone at the party would see me.

Makenzie squatted down in front of me. (Incidentally, squatting caused her miniskirt to rise around her waist, exposing her respectively red thong--not that she cared.) “Come on, Alyssa,” she said. “It's the 4th of July! We can't let you go without putting on a show!”

“No, please, really, I'll--what are you doing?” Makenzie had put one of her fingers in her mouth and was sucking on it. What is she doing? I wondered as she stood up, but I didn't have to wonder for long. I felt Haylee grab my ass cheeks and spread them apart, and before I could prepare myself, Makenzie had stuck her finger in my asshole.

I squealed in surprise and pain--I'd never had anything up my ass before. Haylee and Makenzie laughed hysterically at my reaction as Makenzie twisted her finger around in my ass. We had drawn a decently sized audience by now, and I heard some of them laughing as well. The audience was mostly guys, but there were also some girls enjoying my humiliation. “I think she's ready,” Makenzie said, withdrawing her finger and turning to get something. I miserably wondered what they would do to me next.

“Okay, Alyssa,” Haylee giggled, “we'd like to see how much of a patriot you are.”

“Yeah!” Makenzie chimed in. “We're going to test how much you really love America…and we're going to use these!” She revealed a bundle of those American flags on wooden sticks that always get handed out at 4th of July parades.

“Give me the first flag, Makenzie,” Haylee giggled, and Makenzie held up a flag and gave it to her. I had a sneaking suspicion of where this was going, but I desperately hoped I was wrong…

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      13 Reasons’s Why, Season 2 Tyler ending but with a girl
    • Oh Say, Can You See: Part 2 - jaywriter01, Fri Jul 13 2:44pm
      I wasn't wrong. Haylee took the flag and stuck it in my ass. The stick was about half the diameter of a finger, so it didn't hurt much, but it was sure uncomfortable. The discomfort was nothing... more
      • Oh Say, Can You See: Part 3 (final) - jaywriter01, Fri Jul 13 2:48pm
        “You bring her into the room,” Haylee told Makenzie, “and I'll get Drew.” Drew? I thought. What on earth does that jerk have to do with this? Thoughts flashed through my mind, and I didn't like any... more
        • This was great - jalixm, Tue Jul 17 1:47pm
          Please continue.
        • Fantastic! - Red, Sat Jul 14 4:20pm
          I’m excited to see how Mackenzie and Haylee use their leverage next ;j
        • Impressed - Nikolai, Sat Jul 14 1:01am
          Bravo loved it
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