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Embarrassed by Mother
Fri Jul 13, 2018 8:27pm

Alannah was a young teenage girl who would act rather rebellious and wouldn't always listen to her parents. She was pretty stereotypical for a teenager as she would constantly argue with her parents even in front of others. Alannah almost always made a scene when she and her parents were out doing somethin. One day, she crossed a boundary she would soon regret.

Her mother tended to be rather patient with Alannah. She would try to calm her daughter down and do whatever she could to try and make her daughter happy. So when Alannah was hanging out with a bunch of her friends in the family room, Alannah's mother walked in and greeted the girls and some boys with, "Hello, can I get you guys something to drink or eat?"

Before any of her friends could speak Alannah responded with, "Go away, mom. We don't need your help."

There was absolute silence from everyone as her friends stared at Alannah in amazement and her mother stood there not knowing what to do. All she did was offer drinks and tried to make her daughter happy, but suddenly she was the bad guy. Alannah's mother simply left the room trying to hold a tough look. It honestly hurt her and frustrated her. As she left she heard Alannag scoff. "Can you believe her? Always interrupting me with her stupid questions. How lame of a mother is she?"

Alannah's mother had enough. It was one thing for her to have a rude response, it happens. But to talk about her after she's left as if she's some monster who tortures her was the last straw. Allanah's mother walked up the stairs and grabbed a cylinder shaped brush usually used for curling hair. And then she walked back down and entered the family room. Alannah and her friends were still there watching Game of Thrones.

Alannah's mother unplugged the power outlet and the tv and cable box turned off. Alannah glared. "What the ... was that about?" She yelled.

"You will learn to treat me with respect," Alannah's mother started. "You will learn what happens in this household when you disrespect me. You will get everything that you have brought upon yourseld. Get up now and get those pants off."

Alannah didn't move. "No, i'm not going to take my pants off."

Alannah's mother approached her and yanked her arm up. She sat on a chair in the middle of the room where everyone could see. She then yanked Alannah's jeans down stretchinv them as she pulled barelt bothering to actually undo them. The jeans also began to pull Alannah's panties with them as they were all dragged to the ankles. Alannah's bare bottom was now on full display for her friends to see. Without hesitation, Alannah's bare bottom spanking began.

    • More please - Steeve, Wed Aug 15 6:19am
      Please continue with this. It's an awesome start.
    • Not bad - ScreamMario 51, Sat Jul 14 12:28am
      Story is good so far, you should make a part 2!
    • Good start - jaywriter01, Fri Jul 13 9:12pm
      Nice start, will there be a Part 2?
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