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Summer Story: The Beach Party
Thu Aug 2, 2018 8:51am

This is an entry for the Summer competition.

Alyssa used to be a shy, unpopular girl. She certainly didn't have the looks freshman year. But after working 3 years to change her person, she became very popular and more bold by the time senior year rolled around. She was the most popular girl in school and would even gain the courage to flirt with the boys even the ones that she knew full well were taken.

This pissed off Ava Lang who had formerly been the most popular girl in school. She was the head cheerleader and had the sexier body so she couldn't understand why everyone suddenly had a hard-on for Alyssa. One day she witnessed Alyssa flirting with her boyfriend and that crossed the line. Ava wanted nothing more than to get back at Alyssa and knock her down a few pegs, so she decided to invite Alyssa to the July Beach Party Extravaganza. It was the biggest beach party of the summer and everyone from school would be there.

After receiving the invitation, Alyssa was so excited. She would finally get to go to a party rather then get ignored and shunned by everyone. Alyssa picked out a gorgeous blue bikini that was slightly padded to make her chest look a little bigger than it was. When she arrived at the beach she immediately found a spot to lay down so she could tan. Alyssa was there lying on a blanket in the hot sun when she fell asleep.

Ava predicted that Alyssa would eventually fall asleep and grinned when she noticed she was out cold. It was then Ava took the opportunity and carefully removed the bikini top from underneath. It was easier to do since Alyssa was sunbathing topless to avoid the tan lines. The bikini bottom was still tied and was a little trickier to undo but Ava managed to pull those off too. She giggled to herself as Alyssa now laid there naked as the day she was born.

She then went around telling everyone on the beach that Alyssa was naked on the beach. Everyone was excited to see this shy popular girl naked as she made many enemies from flirting with their boyfriends. Everyone gathered around and giggled as Alyssa was sound asleep with her bare butt on full display. Then a guy whispered. "Let's turn her over."

Everyone nodded in agreement wanting to see the other side of Alyssa. But without needing to even touch her, Alyssa rolled over in her sleep and was now laying face up with her legs parted and arms on each side giving a perfect view of everything. The boys whistled as they saw her chest and shaved pussy. The girls giggled as they saw her completely shaved pussy and inferior chest. Everyone then started taking pictures as Alyssa continued to sleep. Then after taking her towel away, Ava ran to the shore and filled a bucket with ice cold sea water. She came back with the bucket full of water and poured the entire thing on Alyssa making her jump up in shock and surprisw as she was hit with the cold water. This gave everyone the opportunity to really get a full view of everything.

The first thing Alyssa noticed was the crowd around her and she looked confused until she felt a gust of wind and something wasn't quite right. She looked down to see she was fully nude in front of all of her classmates. She screamed and quickly made to cover herself, but Ava acted quick and pinned her arms behind her back. "Not so fast. You flirted with our boyfriends and now you're going to be taught a lesson you won't ever forget."

Alyssa was then paraded around as she struggled to get free. "Let me go," she begged feeling embarrassed.

Instead Ava forced Alyssa to bend over and spread her legs. Then she took her thumb and shoved it up Alyssa's ass. Alyssa blushed red as she moaned from the surprise and her cheeks parted spreading wider. People giggled as Alyssa moaned. Alyssa had never felt so embarrassed in her life. As she was paraded and had fingers shoved up her ass and vagina making her moan against her will.

Even worse there were several photos and videos taken of her being paraded around the beach with thumbs and fingers up her ass and pussy. It was beyond degrading and embarrassing as the once shy popular girl had nothing left to hide and would enter senior year as the embarrassed naked girl at the beach rather than the outgoing popular girl who used to be shy.

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