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Berlin Middle School spankings
Damir and Abigail
Fri Aug 3, 2018 9:21am

Damir and Abigail were step siblings. Damir was a 11 year old boy while Abigail was a 14 year old girl.

Abigail loves to to perverted things do Damir like hugging him towards her b-cup breast. She keeps saying how they're siblings and he's young so it doesn't matter. But Damir do get affected.

One day. The family lacked water so they can only take shower 2 at a time. "I can go with Damir." said Abigail. "N-no it's okay I-I can go with Dad". "Kids with kids." Said Abigail as she dragged him into the shower.

"T-this is bad..." Though of Damir. Abigail took of her shirt and her skirt. Revealing her green bra and white panties. She then took them of. Damir's cheeks went red as she saw her step sister's naked body, His penis turning to a boner.

"Com'on bro". She said as she strip him naked. Now they were both naked and Abigail could see his penis. "Here, I'll scrub your back". She grab the soap and made Damir sit down. She started scrubbing his back. The he scrubbed hers.

When they finish Damir went to get dried but Abigail stopped him. "Lets do something special". She grabbed Damir, lay him down and spread his legs. "What are you doing?" said Damir. "Something we'll never forget!" She grabbed his penis and started sucking on it. "No, s-stop it." Damir was getting a blowjob as a 11 year old! Cum stared coming out and Abigail stop.

"Hey, you're turn." She said as she went on all 4. Sticking her butt out, revealing her anus and vagina. Damir's penis went even bigger. He couldn't control himself. He went and put his penis into Abigail's vagina. They were having sex! Abigail moan while Damir f*cked her. Then he put his finger into her anus.

"So you're also kind of perverted huh?" Abigail said. "Yes." Damir replied. They then kissed lip to lip and Damir licked her boobs. They finally got out and said they were just talking. "Hey sis, lets never do that again." He said. "Got it." She replied.

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