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Wedige Spanker
Kirsty At Wedgie School #4 - Planning Revenge (nm)
Sat Aug 4, 2018 4:07pm

    • Chapter 1 - Wedige Spanker, Sat Aug 4 4:19pm
      Hello there fans :) Here is part 4 to Kirsty's storyline let's see how she is doing , hope you will like it , enjoy :) We left off with Kirsty becoming a true badass and proving that she could stand... more
      • Chapter 2 - Wedige Spanker, Sat Aug 4 4:22pm
        "So what do I do now Jenny" asked Kirsty worried "Itís ok my mum is great with this sort of stuff I am sure she will find out itís fake, come on like she said we will head back to class and then come ... more
        • Chapter 3 - Wedige Spanker, Sat Aug 4 4:24pm
          "I am sure that everyone has learned from their classes and I hope you have a great time away and if we should happen to see you all again well I am sure you will learn even more, now I would like... more
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