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Treble rebel
Enf/abdl Michelle embarrassed
Sun Aug 5, 2018 3:06pm

“Go on Michelle, A dare is a dare. It’s binding, you can’t back out now.” Said Mandy to her 16 year old friend.

“Fine” Said Michelle giving in.

Michelle quickly looked around, no one was watching. She quickly undid her jeans and dropped them to her ankles. Michelle was now standing in Thorpe theme Park, with her jeans at her ankles. She bent down and pulled her jeans and trainers straight off, then adjusted her shirt so it covered her thong. She passed the jeans to Mandy.

“Now, your blouse too.” Said Mandy.

It was lucky they were near the lockers, they’re was hardly anybody about. She quickly undid the buttons on her blouse and threw it at Mandy.

“You happy now? I’m in my underwear?”

Mandy giggled, “wow, you do stuff your bras I did wonder.” Laughed Mandy as she picked up Michelle’s trainers. “I’ll see you at school tomorrow. Have fun little Michee.”

Michelle blushed as Mandy turned and left, leaving Michelle stood there in just her baby pink thong and matching push up bra, that was quite clearly stuffed. Suddenly she heard laughter from behind her, a young girl and her friends had noticed her. The four girls were laughing at her, and worse they were bringing her unwanted attention. A few teen boys spotted the commotion and looked in her direction and laughed, then a young boy with his mum and auntie started pointing saying “look Mum, auntie Nicola that girl isn’t wearing clothes.”

Michelle looked about her for some place to run. More and more people were noticing her more and more people laughing. She was so busy looking for somewhere to hide she hadn’t noticed the boys aunt had moved closer to within touching distance. Before Michelle had time to move anywhere her thong had been pulled down too.

The boys auntie Nicola gave little Michelle a push and pulled her thong right off and placed it in her pocket. “WOW WHAT A BALD PUSSY YOU HAVE, HAVE YOU BEEN THROUGH PUBERTY YET? HOW OLD ARE YOU?” Shouted auntie Nicola.

Michelle went bright red as everyone in the packed corridor was now laughing at her, and seeing her bald pussy, this could not get any worse for her, could it?

“SHE’S SUPPOSED TO BE 16, I’M IN HER CLASS AT SCHOOL” Shouted Adam. Michelle spun around Adam was with three other boys all from her class and one of them Christopher was her crush. All four boys were seeing her completely bottomless with just her stuffed bra, but auntie Nicola hadn’t finished with Michelle just yet, she had in her hand one of her little nephews nappy’s. It had little blue bears on it, and before Michelle could do anything it was put on her around her waist, before Nicola removed her stuffed bra. The stuffing fell to the floor and Michelle was left in just a nappy in front of her crush his friends and a crowd of people embarrassed beyond anything she could imagine.

Nicola still had not finished with her yet, she picked up the teen, in a baby carry, and stuffed a bottle of milk in her mouth. She then carried her over to her sisters pushchair that was currently vacated by the little boy and Michelle was strapped into it. The boys laughed hard at her, along with everyone else. Nicola made sure Michelle drunk the whole bottle whilst still in front of her crush.

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    • Re: Enf/abdl Michelle embarrassed - Anonymous, Mon Aug 6 4:03pm
      More please this is great :)
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