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Wedige Spanker
Kirsty At Wedgie School - Final Part (nm)
Mon Aug 6, 2018 4:17pm

    • Chapter 1 - Wedige Spanker, Mon Aug 6 4:18pm
      Hello there people :) Well here is the last part to Kirsty's storyline, she has come along way since the start and all with a red raw backside but now Kirsty gets to dish some out , lets see how she... more
      • Chapter 2 - Wedige Spanker, Mon Aug 6 4:19pm
        As soon as Kirsty was able to move she got up said nothing to her sister and just ran up the stairs with her panties still wedgied deep in her pussy and butt crack and Michelle just laughed and went... more
        • Chapter 3 - Wedige Spanker, Mon Aug 6 4:21pm
          All the way to the school Kirsty was teased by Michelle saying things like "Oh I bet you are going to get it hard" and "I wonder if you get as much wedgies as I give you" giggled Michelle and Kirsty... more
          • Chapter 4 - Wedige Spanker, Mon Aug 6 4:23pm
            The rest of the girls clapped and cheered as Kirsty walked back round to Michelle's clenched bottom "MMMMMM !!!!!" Michelle cried "Right then, Jenny on the count of three, READY…….1…..2….3……WEDGIE... more
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