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Treble rebel
Cheryl bottomless
Mon Aug 6, 2018 4:32pm

“But Mum, I don’t want to go shopping with my older sister, I want to go to the theme park with my friends.” Said Cheryl.

“you’ll do as I say, now both of you in the car!!” Said her Mum.

Cheryl and Katie got into the car, and their Mum drove them to the shopping centre. They got out and their Mum drove off leaving them there. “Come on Cheryl, let’s get your new clothes quickly.”

Katie grabbed Cheryl’s hand and pulled her towards the first shop. It was Debenhams, but Katie pulled Cheryl right into the baby section, and quickly pulled down her sisters shorts leaving her in her care bear panties. Katie made Cheryl step out of her shorts, Katie then placed Cheryl’s shorts in her handbag.

“Now Cheryl, I’ll give you your shorts back, but only if from now on you do as your told. Do you understand?” Asked Katie, Cheryl nodded bright red.

Katie looked at the baby section and a wicked grin crossed her face, they were standing next to shelves full of nappy’s, and right at the bottom were teen nappy’s. Katie grabbed a box in Cheryl’s size. There was 8 nappy’s in the box, and they had pictures of “my little pony” on them. Cheryl looked at the box in her sisters hand with apprehension on her face, she was embarrassed enough without her shorts but if her sister made her wear nappy’s around the centre she’d never live it down.

What if anyone she knew saw her, she dread to think. The aisle they were in was pretty empty, Katie grabbed Cheryl’s hand and walked towards the counter before stopping in front a bunch of nighties that were on display. They were tiny meant for 2/3 year olds, they were far too small to fit over Cheryl’s head let alone be put on properly, but it gave Katie another idea. “Take your shirt off, Cheryl.” Said Katie.

Cheryl was in a shop, she didn’t want to take her shirt off, she was wearing her stuffed bra underneath, although she was 16 she was still barely filling an A cup. Cheryl had been stuffing her bras ever since year 9 now she was in year 11, and her breasts still hadn’t developed, but if she took her shirt off people would easily tell she had it stuffed. “Please, don’t make me take my shirt off I’ll do anything else please.” Cheryl begged her sister.

Katie resized she had hit her sisters weak spot. “Take your shirt off, or I’ll take your care bear panties instead. I’m sure everyone would love to see your pussy.” Laughed Katie.

Cheryl knowing she didn’t want anyone seeing her pussy quickly pulled her shirt off and gave it to her sister. Katie put it in her bag too and then pulled Cheryl over to the kids aisle where she made Cheryl try on the 8-9 year olds nighties.

Cheryl was so embarrassed walking around Debenhams in just her underwear, but her sister was forcing her. Katie then chose a “hello kitty” nightie that was not only tight on her but didn’t cover Cheryl’s body below her belly button. She then took Cheryl over to the shoes department and got her a pair of “hello kitty” trainers. Then she got her matching socks.

Katie then held Cheryl’s clothes in one hand, and held Cheryl’s hand with her other hand. They went and queued up at the till. There was 3 people in front of them but only one girl serving customers. They waited in the queue, the woman who the girl was serving was taking a long time, she was having trouble, with the barcode reader. Cheryl and Katie waited in the queue patiently. After 10 minutes another woman joined the queue behind them, she looked at Cheryl in her underwear and shook her head. Katie noticed and she spoke to the lady. “ do you have a problem with the way my sister is dressed?” Asked Katie.

The lady looked at Katie and scoffed, “your sister isn’t dressed, she’s clearly wearing her underwear and from the looks of it, she needs a vest not a bra.”

Cheryl went red at this comment as she clearly thought that her breasts were small and clearly pointing it out. The three people in front of her one girl and two guys laughed at the ladies comment.

“My sister had an accident, she has wet herself, I’ve got her change of clothes right here.” Katie indicated the clothes she had in her hands.

This was getting worse for Cheryl by the second everyone was now laughing because they thought she had wet herself. Cheryl moved her hands to try and cover her underwear as the boys and girl were trying to look.

“Well if your sister has had an accident then change her, right now, she’s only 12 and clearly has nothing to hide.” Said the woman. Cheryl was in shock surely Katie wouldn’t change her into a nappy with these boys, girl and woman watching.

Just then a couple and their young child, plus two teen boys and three teen girls joined the queue.

“But I haven’t paid for the nappy’s yet.” Said Katie not wanting to embarrass her sister further.

The older woman scoffed again before taking a step towards Katie and Cheryl so now she was in arms reach of both girls. “ I’ll lend you one, once you’ve bought yours you can give me one back.” Said the woman, who at the same time reached out and pulled Cheryl’s panties to the floor. Cheryl shocked at suddenly being stripped tried to back away but tripped over, Katie caught Cheryl’s arms, as the woman pulled Cheryl’s panties straight off and lifted them into the air to show everyone she had them. Katie was holding her sister by her arms, stopping her from falling over. Also stopping her from covering her bare bald pussy. The boys were wolf whistling, the girls laughing and Cheryl was bright red and bottomless.

    • Cheryl bottomless part 2 - Treble rebel , Mon Aug 27 3:30am
      The woman took out the nappy she had and quickly put it on Cheryl, “There, that will stop your sister from having more accidents!” Cheryl looked down the nappy was quite bulky and had “my little... more
    • That was good - leom1133, Sat Aug 11 9:28am
      keep going
    • Re: Cheryl bottomless - Anonymous, Wed Aug 8 5:16am
      Awesome please keep going :D
    • Re: Cheryl bottomless - Anonymous, Mon Aug 6 8:39pm
      more plz
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