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Tue Aug 7, 2018 1:29pm

It was the deepest part of the Great Depression. 1937 and it was the pits. Folks in West Virginia were used to scraping by, but this was the worst in living memory. Nearly half the population has upped roots and left for jobs or the hope of employment in Ohio. Things got so bad, with a local tax base reduced to near nothing, that some small towns made cuts to services anyway that they could.

In one village near the Kentucky border, Overton, the town elders had to sell off the community’s only school building to raise money to stave off bankruptcy. Not enough kids there, anyway. So instead, an old two-room shack on the outskirts of town was turned into a half-day elementary school for kids Kindergarten to grade 8.

The community could only afford two teachers who did double duty morning and afternoon with only a half hour in between for a meager lunch provided by a student’s mother. ( The lunch duty was shared on a rotating basis among about 40 – 50 mothers for each teacher’s need, so maybe three or four times a year a student’s family would have ‘ to do for’ the school ma’am. So ‘apple for the teacher’ plus a sandwich and hard-boiled egg or two was not an onerous burden on any one family.

The rural two room school house accommodated classes in the morning and the afternoon with combined classes. The younger children came to school in the afternoon and split into K through grade 2 in one room and third and fourth grade students in the other.

In the morning, students in grades 5 and 6 would be given lessons in Room A. Room B was those in grades 7 & 8. Therefore, these rooms were crowded with boys and girls at their most mischievous and rambunctious stages of maturity (or more likely, immaturity) and pre-teen and teenage development.

That’s just how it was in the fall of 1937. Money was hard to come by and experienced teachers fled to better prospects in the cities up north. Life was hard and people were hardened and wouldn’t put up with any nonsense at home, at work or, for kids, at school. The Overton village council members were overjoyed when they received an application for the teaching position from a young woman who had recently graduated from a Finishing school up in Boston and who had a one-year teaching certificate to boot.

When they interviewed Miss Wanda Shamus, the school trustees were impressed with her ‘good old-fashioned approach to discipline’. They weren’t expecting such a young lady to hold to the time-honored ways which included the dunce cap and corner time for humiliation and bare-bottom strapping for punishment.

“Indeed.” said the 19-year-old applicant, “ Boys will be boys and when they misbehave like little boys, they must be treated that way too, no matter how old they are. I have no qualms whatsoever in stripping and strapping a 16-year-old boy who acts up, just as I would a 5-year-old boy. And I’d have it done in front of the class to add to his humiliation. ‘Hard lessons teach best’ is my motto.”

The trustees wanted to know if Miss Shamus’ discipline techniques would be different for naughty girls who acted up in class,

“They have to be a little different, of course,” replied the would-be teacher. “ That’s especially so in the upper grades where exposing a girl’s naked body to boys in the classroom would only make things harder…. Uhh harder to contain, that is… harder to handle, I mean. I’m sure you understand.“ Miss Shamus was blushing and, under her ankle length skirt, her panties were getting moist.

“So, in fact,” recovered the blushing applicant, ” while a naughty girl must be shamed as well as physically punished, I would have to avoid stirring things up too much among the boys. Therefore, a misbehaving girl would be spanked ( bare-bottom, of course ) in front of the class, but she would not be made to remove all her clothes and show off all her .. shall we say ‘ sexual charms’ the way I would insist naughty boys would.” Miss Shamus was smiling inwardly as she reflected on her little word-joke: ‘naughty boys would’ with ‘naughty boy’s wood.”

This was acceptable to the school trustees and Miss Shamus was hired to handle grades 7 and 8 in the morning and grades 4 and 5 in the afternoon.

Miss Shamus punishment philosophy would be put into action on her first day teaching to the great shame of the oldest boy in her upper-grade class. For the student in question, Victor Timmons, had been held back twice in his elementary school career. So, although he was entering 8th grade, he was 15 years old and very well developed for his age. Victor was not only the oldest student in the class, was also the tallest with the broadest shoulders and, it was noted by all the girls, had the most interesting bulge in his overalls crotch.

So on this first day of school, Victor was in Room B with 21 other classmates whose ages ranged from 12 to 15 years and consisted of ten boys, including himself, plus 12 girls.

By way of introduction, their teacher, Miss Shamus told them about how she was recently graduated from finishing school up North and had a teaching degree.

One of the girls, a notorious brown-noser by the name of Denise, raised her hand and asked how someone could have graduated at such an early age as she, for Miss Shamus was clearly so young.

Flattered, Miss Shamus explained that she had skipped grades twice and was only 19 years old. She was primly attired, but her starched white blouse was tight on her and clearly a main attraction for the boys. But her black skirt went to her ankles, in Depression Era fashion. Her hair was in a tight bun but piled high and round which meant her tresses when released would likely flow past her hips and fall to her buttock cheeks.

She looked young of face, strict and old-fashioned of attire in one aspect, yet something about her appearance promised hidden secrets awaiting discovery. The girls saw this and had an idea of what it meant. But the boys in the class only felt its effect.

Discipline was meted out in school and at home under the rule of ' Spare the rod..etc " Rules were arbitrary, restrictive and strictly enforced. Physical punishment and humiliation was deemed appropriate and effective as a deterrent for errant boys ( not so much for girls ) Public bare-bottom strapping in front of the class and in plain view of girls was not an unusual punishment for naughty boys. Chewing gum was not allowed during class.

Now Victor's family, like everyone else in the region, was dirt poor and little treats were savored as pure joy. On this first day of school, Victor was caught popping a stick of gum in his mouth. His mother had given him that sweet treat for him to enjoy at recess. But Victor couldn’t wait that long and he broke the rules by chewing gum in class.

He was caught because that nasty bitch Lynn saw him drop the gum wrapper on the floor and she immediately put her hand up and, in a sing-song innocent voice said, " Teacher, teacher! Victor dropped some paper on the floor." Miss Shamus also saw Victor moving his jaws as if chewing.

His teacher demanded Victor share with the class. But the boy says he only had the one stick of gum. But Miss Shamus said him he must share something because greed is a sin and sharing is a virtue.

“But I have nothing to share,” pleads the 15-year-old boy. “ I can’t share what I haven’t got, can I?”

Pretending to be helpful, Denise points out that Victor does indeed have a lot of stuff to share… namely all his clothes.

“ Indeed,” smirks Lynn.” And he should be punished for chewing gum in class too.”

A slow smile forms on Miss Shamus’ face and she agrees that Victor should share his clothing, all his clothes, with the other nine boys.. Punishment to be sorted out after that. His nine items of clothing ( 2 shoes, 2 socks, shirt, belt, pants, hat, and underpants) were assigned to each boy in the class. Victor stripped off one item at a time until he was naked. Other boys were told they may take the shared items home at the end of the day, for safe keeping. Victor is to stay nude all day.

Thinking that Victor will be up for a strapping, Lynn suggested his punishment be shared among the girls. But the teacher pointed out that the strap must only be used by a teacher and she would give Victor ten of the best, which she did then and there with Victor leaning against the teacher’s desk with his back arched and his butt thrust high.

But with that done, Miss Shamus admitted that Lynn had made a good point. Girls should be part of the sharing lesson that Victor needs to learn. So she said he will be spanked 12 smacks by each of the 12 girls OTK.. for a gross of hand spanks on his already red bottom.

The girls were not gentle and Victor, wearing only a dunce cap, spent the rest of the day standing doing corner-time. His butt was way too sore to sit.

But Lynn pointed out that Victor also broke another rule by littering, dropping the gum wrapper on the floor. So another punishment should be due. The teacher agreed, and so decided Victor should go into room A at mid-morning and pick up their wastepaper basket and be naked before the grade 5 and 6 boys and girls too.

At the closing bell Victor was sent home and had to run naked for three miles. But first Miss Shamus gave him a note for his mother explaining why he's nude, where is clothes may be found and to strongly suggest that he stay naked until he has gone to each of the homes of his male classmates to ask for his clothes back.

His mother agreed that he should beg for his clothes, but only after giving her son another sound strapping.

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