Summer Humilation - Naked on the beach
Sat Aug 11, 2018 8:41am

Not posted anything in ages so thought I'd write up a quick too part short story.

Hope you all enjoy.

SDS xx


Summer Humilation - Naked on the beach

I should have known better, it was a glorious sunny day and my older step-sister and her friends had offered to take me with them to the beach. I was reluctant as she often did mean and embarrassing things to me especially when our parents were not around, but I loved the beach and my parents wouldn't let me go alone, even though it was just a mile away. They thought her the more mature one, just because she was one year older, although she looked a good three or four year in truth. My step-sis Gabrielle had overheard me asking her mom the day before and had come to me last minute and told me I could come as long as I did her chores that night. This little deal helped ease my fears that they might have had something planned, but I had no idea what they had in store for me!

Excitedly I quickly grabbed a towel and my one piece, I didn't want to tempt her and her friends anymore than necessary and I ran down the street to catch them up before they left me. The four girls, although only slightly older made me feel a little child, I didn't really care but Gabrielle loved teasing me about my shortness and lack of womanly curves. We arrived at the beach and headed town towards to sea, to my shock the other girls quickly swept off their clothes to show they had already dressed swimsuits underneath. I looked around nervously at the busty beach suddenly aware of my issue.

“Oh what's wrong Elsie do you need to get changed?” giggled Gabrielle nudging another girl to look in my direction. There was a public toilet back up the beach but it was a far walk away and i was too giddy and excited to get splashing in the sea. Looking back I was pretty immature for my age if not by looks. I was debating what to do when Gabrielle came over with her friends and grabbed the towel off me. “Hurry up! God we’re doing you a favour you know!” she tutted as if annoyed by my presence already.

Before I knew what was happening one girl had my swimsuit and backpack and Gabrielle and Julie held the towel around me to to hide me so I could change. I wanted to ask them to at least let us go somewhere a bit less crowded but I got swept up in the moment. Slightly awkwardly and blushing I took my white Tshirt with a cartoon print off. Karen, another of my sisters friends took this from me and put it in my backpack for safe keeping.

The girls were giggling as I reached down under the towel to pull my pink shorts down next. “Hurry up Hallie! We're getting bored and you don’t want us to drop this towel and leave you, do ya?” laughed Gabrielle. She pretended to drop it making me let out a scream as I frantically tried to grab the towel while my shorts fell down my legs in the scuffle. The girls were all having a good laugh at my expense then as I regained my composure and stepped out of my shorts.

Karen grabbed these as well leaving me in just my knickers and bra underneath the towel. My composure didn't last long though as my sis pulled open the towel she was holding to get a look at me. “Awww soo cute I think you’ll be fine swimming in them little Halie-poo” I quickly tried to hide her view of my little childish pink knickers and white bra ash both her and Julie slackened their grip exposing me to the girls down the towel.

“Stop it! I can’t! I’m not a little kid!” I cried out grabbing the towel just in time as they let it go. I clung on tightly as the girl were surrounding me now and they had my clothes and swimsuit. “Your little pony knickers would say otherwise” she taunted pulling the towel up again to quickly flash the other girls my cartoon panties. I was blushing bright red and backed off trying my best to hold onto the towel. I looked around wildy, there was no boys our age nearby but the beach was packed and the last thing I wanted to do was people see my underwear.

“So you don’t want to swim in your little undiepanties?” I looked at her in shock, “Of course not!” I cried out taking another step back as the girls kept closing in on me. I only had the sea to my back so all was looking hopeless. My underwear which was already mortifying enough would go even more revealing when wet if the girl decided to push me in the water.

“But you’d be so cute, no one would care, just another little girl at the beach” taunted Julie joining in now. All her cronies took a sick pleasure in humiliating me at any opportunity. The worst thing was that my stepmother would never believe me over them when they ganged up. This wouldnt be the firs time they had done somthing to embarrass me. Once at the shopping cetrer they had opened and held opent eh changing room curtain exposing my knickers.

“No way!” I shouted distraught and terrified now.

“are you 100% sure? Last chance you don’t want to come swimming with us in your pony knix?” laughed Gabriel smiling like a cat cornering the mouse.

“Gabriel please, just let me get changed” I stammered. It felt so hopefully, I was sure it was only a matter of moments until the towel had been taken and me been forced into the sea in just my underwear. Oh if only I had know...

The girls all bust into hysterical laughter. “God don’t cry we were only joking” my sister laughed as they reached me again. “Come on hurry up or we really will take your towel”

Relief flooded through me as I let myself grin along at my own foolishness. The girls quickly took up their places again and I removed my bra under the protection of the towel. The bra was a simple vest style one and I didnt bother padding it as I had better things to worry about than boobs and boys yet in my opinion. The girls continued giggling as my embarrassing knickers quickly joined this and the rest of the clothes in the bag held by one of thegirls.

I reached for my swimsuit but Karen pulled away. A dread suddenly hit me. I was naked in just a towel. Surely the girls wouldn't go this far I dared to hope. “What do ya think little sister? How does it feel to be Nekkid” Gabrielle teased me again. I clung onto the towel for dear life but knew in a tug of war I would end up the bare loser. “Please this isn't funny” I cried as the other girls laughed obviously finding it very funny indeed.

“How about a deal? Do exactly what we say and we don’t take your towel and leave you butt naked on the beach?”

“Just give me my swimsuit!” I begged trying to pull away but they held onto the towel and I knew they could easily expose me between them. Gabriel pulled my towel again and looked down the back “ooo look at that pale little bottom sooo cute” she teased me making me squeak in shame. I regularly ran around in just my swimwear in summer and so I had nearly an all over tan, apart from my now almost expose private areas. “You really need to get some sun on there, oh and these little boobies” she laughed trying to get a look down the front also but I had it pulled tight to myself.

“Please leave me alone” I begged as they started to pull the towel away from me. “Last chance do what we say or end up naked” said Julie pulling from the other side lightly getting ready to rip it off me fully.

“Ok ok ok!” I cried and the girls all giggled as they let me go for the moment. The girls soon had hold of my towel again as they had when they were ‘helping’ me get changed. “Put your hands on your head” poked Gabriel.

I looked to her, pleading with my eyes to just leave me alone. “No your going to pull the towel off me” I whined and kept my grip tight. She loomed over me the extra foot making me feel very small and intimidated

“Only if you don’t do exactly what I saw say the first time from now on. Hands on head!”

Part 1/2 (TBC)

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