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School locker room, and swimming lessons
Tue Sep 4, 2018 9:23pm

I never minded having to change for gym class. I know for most people it's a big deal but I never cared that much if other girls saw me in my underwear for a second whilst I was changing. After all, you're also likely to see them in their undies too so in a way you’re even, and before long, everyone's used to just changing around each other. As long as it's quick it's no big deal to me. I was never close friends with anyone in my gym class but I imagine if i was I would have had no problem standing half naked and having a full conversation with them in the locker room. I was friendly with everyone else, just not really at that level of comfort. As I said, I was fine with it.. Until swimming started. The awkwardness in the room was palpable since our shitty little school locker room didn't have a bathroom area, or any kind of stall for that matter. The showers were all connected and the works. Going from panties and a sports bra to fully one hundred percent butt naked was a shock to say the least. Everyone knew it was weird, no one really wanted to do it, so for the most part during the swimming days of gym class, everyone would stand with their backs turned to each other, facing the lockers as much as possible.

Stripping nude, knowing the person behind you could easily just turn around and see your butt without you knowing was a thought that I tried to keep out of my mind. Not to mention the person on either side could see you out the corner of their eye. I know they could because I could see them out of mine. You just do your best to keep your eyes forward, not wanting to get caught looking at someone else's tits. Which, by the way, is very difficult. I'm no lesbian, or even experimental but when someone is completely nude right next to you it takes a little effort to not look. I guess it's just human nature or instinct or something. On most days everyone would try to kind of synchronize when they undressed without saying a word about. Just wait for one person to start, and everyone else follows suit, but when you're running late, and everyone else is changed and for some reason they're still hanging out in the locker room, chatting away, I can't help but imagine they are sneaking peeks at me. Obviously they've seen my butt, most people see a few, I just hope they didn't catch a glimpse of anything else while I step out of my pants.

Once I'm changed everything's alright again. I just walk down the aisle, maybe passing a few naked bootys on the way, like I said, everyone sees a few butts. I was usually a quick changer, not staying exposed for long, so when i'm done, I close my locker and try to pretend like I can't see all the untanned skin around me. After a while I actually think I became quite familiar with the three girls butts who used the lockers behind me. Not that I meant to, but like I said, you see someones pale, bare ass you can't help but look for a second. So I guess it's reassuring to know that anytime they saw me naked, it was fair since I saw them naked, and of course everyone has a silent agreement to just not mention it. The point I'm trying to make here is that everyone's embarrassed being naked in the locker room, but when everyone's embarrassed, then no one's really embarrassed, you know? As if we all share the glory of it together.

Or at least that was until these three girls decided that they wanted to disrupt the peaceful balance. At first they were obnoxious, if they walked by and you were naked they'd say something about it, or joking compliment you butt. Everyone felt too awkward to really do anything about it so it kept escalating until they would slap peoples bum when they weren't expecting, or play keep away with someone's swimsuit right before they put it on. Maybe they'd yank your pants down to your ankles and tell you they were helping you get ready to change, or maybe they'd slam the locker shut while you were naked and make you slowly put the combination back in while everyone else finished changing. I was no exception to the torment. On occasion they would grab my sides causing me to jump and spaz out, sometimes they would rip my towel off me right after I took my bathing suit off, and then use it to furiously dry my hair. The list goes on. But as time went on, they were clearly getting out of hand.

Recently, after I had changed, and most of the class, boys included, was waiting in the gym for the teacher to show up, they walked in a little late, but one of them, Alexa, had her normal clothes on. Alexa walked right up to me, and told me she forgot her bathing suit today and was wondering if I had an extra since we were basically the same size. I tried to be polite and tell her I didn't unfortunately, but she asked if she could have the one off my back, and I'd just skip class for the day. Of course I didn't want to because I would get a detention for skipping, but she insisted and pleaded saying that she would fail the class if she missed another lesson. She was trying so hard to guilt trip me but I just didn't want to. After telling her no for the last time, she stepped closer to me, basically an inch away from my face and grabbed the top of my one piece suit, yanking it down, nearly exposing my chest.

I screamed and tried to fight her away but the other two grabbed my arms, effectively restraining me while I begged her to stop. A quick glance around the room showed that everyone was watching, and no one was helping. Alexa grabbed both the strings off my shoulders and forcefully pulled them down to my wrists, and with it, my one piece folded over itself, espoing my body to everyone, all the way down to my hips. My boobies were out in the open, displayed to the whole class. My pleas echoed in the pool area as the other girls carefully slipped the strings completely off my hands without giving the chance to break free. All I could think about was what was t come next. The whole class had already seen the full size of my breasts and my modest nipples that topped them, but soon I'd be fully nude in front of everyone like I never had been before.

I know that other girls had probably seen my pair of tits before but not like this. They saw them because I willingly undressed, not because I was forcefully stripped, and never before had they so undoubtedly gotten such an unadulterated view before. But the worst part, was it was the boys too. A full class of forty people, staring at my disrobed chest. They could have helped me but the girls were too scared, and the boys were probably enjoying my misery. I was kicking and screaming, but in one fell swoop, Alexa dropped my swimsuit to my ankles. I couldn't get away, but the kicking made it difficult for her to get it from around my ankles. I was nearly in tears as now I knew my vagina was the center of everyone's attention. With barely any pubic hair, every boy was probably getting hard staring at my reluctantly exposed pussy. All I could do was stick my butt out in the other direction where no one was so that I could maybe hide it a little, but I could feel the chlorine filled air surrounding most likely still fully visible vag.

Alexa tried over and over to snatch my swimsuit off my ankles but I put up a good last fight. Eventually she got it off one foot, but the last one proved more difficult. I was suffering naked in front of everyone, trying to hold on to my last hope of propriety. Alexa was cruel, holding my leg off the ground so I couldn't kick around as much, and then lifting it to the height of my waist. As I realized that if I didn't stop fighting, soon enough my legs would completely split and held open for viewing, I stopped struggling. But she kept acting like I was still kicking, purposefully, lifting my leg further and further. I shouted, pathetically begged for sympathy, but none came, and my legs was lifted until my knee nearly touched my boob. I had already stopped struggling, letting the swimsuit dangle off of my foot instead until Alexa finally took it. I was standing, now in tears, with my leg held in a standing split, and my pussy exhibited for every boy in the class.

It was brief, but I know that everyone in the class was staring at my crotch. She didn't need to spread my legs so wide, or hold them there for so long for everyone to see my spread pussy, but she clearly wanted to humiliate me for the fun of it. When Alexa finally put me down, I thought it was finally over and they'd let me run back to the locker room, but instead, she grabbed both of my legs, and the three of them united to lift me entirely off the ground. I was panicking, scared of the torment they had planned for me. They walked me over to the pool and swung me once. I already knew what was coming, and screamed, desperately for them not to, but on the second swing they let go, and my naked body flew five feet in the air, my legs kicking, and arms flailing I splashed into the water, instantly inhaling a mouthful of it. I came back up, gasping for air in between my sobbing and choking. I wanted to just sink to the bottom and hide.

When Alexa yelled that I better get back to the locker room before the teacher showed up, I started to swim to the edge. Swimming awkwardly, trying to cover myself underwater, it took a few seconds for me to reach the wall. There wasn't a ladder so I had to use both hands to lift myself out. It was one final look at my c cup boobs before I could lift one leg out of the water, and regain my balance on land. Dripping wet, naked as the day I was born, and vulnerable to forty sharp stares, I shamefully covered my c cup breasts as best I could with one arm. I used the other to hide my wet pussy as I started to shuffle through the crowd of my peers, all them staring at me unforgivingly, as I headed to the locker room. They all must have watched as my shining wet ass walked out the door, as the room was now completely silent except for the sound of my dripping water, and my bare feet on the tile floor. Back inside the locker room, Alexa was already there, fully changed into my swimsuit, trying not to laugh at my public disgrace. As she walked back out, she yelled for me to save my towel for her too before cracking up and leaving.

Of course I didn't, I dried off, and put my clothes back. I felt sick, like someone I knew died or something. The whole class just watched as every inch of me was exposed and then fully presented, specifically for their pleasure at my expense. I was used to being naked in the locker room, when everyone knows to kind of look away. I'm used to stripping naked in front of people in the locker room but being stripped makes you feel vulnerable. It used to be they saw me naked because I let them, not because I was forced. To add injury to insult it was it was in front of the all the boys too. With just girls in the locker room there's nothing sexual about it, but being laid bare in front of them, knowing they were liked watching it all makes it even worse. But the cherry on top of it all, I got detention for skipping class. I didn't tell any of the teachers, I just wanted to move on but everyone in the school heard about it. I should be glad there wasn't any cellphones around. For the rest of the day, I could tell everyone was still staring at me, even after I was fully dressed.

    • Good job! - Anonymoose, Thu Sep 6 9:55pm
      This is a hot story, Amm. More like this please.
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