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Wedige Spanker
Sarah And Her Kink #3 - Weekend Wonders - End (nm)
Wed Sep 5, 2018 6:01am

    • Chapter 1 - Wedige Spanker, Wed Sep 5 6:03am
      Hello there fans, here is the last part to Sarah's kinky adventure ;) When we left off Sarah was enjoying her new kink of getting tied up and having her bottom bared and spanked and it was a real... more
      • Chapter 2 - Wedige Spanker, Wed Sep 5 6:04am
        Sarah smiled and naughty smile and got her mobile out and sent a text to Ashley saying she was on her way and Sarah settled down for the 30 minute train ride in to the next town and soon Sarah's stop ... more
        • Chapter 3 - Wedige Spanker, Wed Sep 5 6:10am
          After 10 minutes Ashley walked back in "So how is my little slave doing" Ashley asked as she grabbed Sarah’s legs and she pulled down sharply “MMMMMM !!!!!!” Sarah groaned as her panties dug deeper... more
          • Chapter 4 - Wedige Spanker, Wed Sep 5 6:11am
            Ashley then got the dilldo out again and held it against Sarah's bottom and slowly she worked it in a little then pulled it out and then worked it back in going in a little deeper then back out then... more
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