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Wedige Spanker
Chapter 1
Wed Sep 5, 2018 6:03am

Hello there fans, here is the last part to Sarah's kinky adventure ;)

When we left off Sarah was enjoying her new kink of getting tied up and having her bottom bared and spanked and it was a real turn on for her, but since Sarah found out about her new turn on she had been trying to recreate it by self spanking but it wasn't as good.

Sarah thought her kink was doomed to die till she got a phone call from her friend Ashley and the two giggled and chatted and then Sarah learned that Ashley has her own kink about being a master, so Sarah and Ashley agreed to have a weekend together where Sarah would be Ashley's slave.

So now Sarah was really looking forward to the weekend and her mind was spinning with naughty idea's, wonder what will happen ???

Let's find out, enjoy ;)

When Saturday morning came Sarah's alarm clock went off at around 8am and she slapped it off and stretched out and soon a naughty grin grew on her face and she giggled and rolled over on to her front.

Blushing bright red and giggling Sarah slipped her bed sheets back to reveal her black PJ bottoms but out of the top of the PJ bottoms was a stretched out piece of fabric, the fabric in question was in fact Sarah's bright pink panties that were wedgied all the way up to where her bra strap was and indeed was still on.

Sarah had spent the night asleep in a bra connection wedgie and she loved it and oddly she had the best night's sleep ever.

The night before Sarah was so naughty and horny about seeing Ashley and being her slave that Sarah couldn't sleep and for hours she turned and huffed but then she had a naughty idea and got out of bed and she looked at the time and it said 1am, "Right i think i know what would put my horny side at ease, since self spanking isn't as much of a release i will try something new" Sarah thought so she went to her underwear draw and pulled out one of her bra's.

Sarah removed her PJ top and placed it to one side for a minute and she slipped her bra on but didn't do the strap up then with a naughty grin she reached in to the back of her PJ bottom's, after wriggling her fingers watch made her giggle she pulled the back of her bright pink panties out and with a lot of pulling and stretching and huffing Sarah was able to get her panties up to her bra strap.

Then came the hard part as she tried to loop her bra strap through the back leg holes of her panties and after a few miss try's Sarah was about to give up but she wanted to see what it was like so taking a deep breath Sarah pulled her panties up, she shuddered as the fabric rubbed against her already warm moist pussy and Sarah was able to hold her panties in place as she worked her bra strap through and quickly fixed it closed.

Sarah let go and slightly moaned and giggled feeling the tight wedgie between her ass cheeks and against her pussy and the feeling of tightness against her boobs and she grinned as it felt like she was in a small version of bondage, Sarah bent down and grabbed her PJ top and she shuddered as the wedgie tugged against her ass hole and damp pussy and she slipped her PJ top back on and walked back to bed and she grinned and giggled enjoying the new wonderful feeling and she soon had a tiny orgasm making her panties slip deeper in and she moaned herself to sleep.

Now that it was morning Sarah thought best to end the game and get ready for the big day before her parents caught on to what Sarah was up to so she got out of bed and stood up and she giggled as her panties were so stretched out from her wriggling and moving in her sleep that the wedgie was almost gone, but the fabric of her panties stayed inside her ass crack and halfway in to her pussy slips because they were still damp and sticky from the orgasm she had in the night.

Sarah removed her PJ's then had a naughty grin and got her mobile phone out and set up the photo timer and placed her mobile on her drawers facing her, after a few very naughty pic's of herself in her bra connection wedgie she sent a few close up shots of her wedgied ass and gave her bum cheeks a few slaps and she giggled.

Sarah then saved the photo's and sent copy's to Ashley as a tease and after a few minutes Ashley replied back with "So you like wedgies as well, this weekend just got a whole lot more interesting *wink* *wink*" and Sarah couldn't help but giggle, "Glad you like, can't wait to see you again" Sarah sent a text "Same here, you are well over due for a nice hard spanking *wink* *wink*" was Ashley's reply and Sarah grinned "Can't wait, see you soon" Sarah sent the text "Ok see you soon" was Ashley's reply and then Sarah turned her mobile off and placed it down.

Sarah then reached back to her bra strap and thankfully the bra released with ease and she slipped the bra off and she moaned in relief as her boobs bounced freely and then she looked down at her panties and the front were damp, but thankfully nothing had leaked through and then Sarah looked at the back and giggled as her panties had thonged deep in to her ass crack and as Sarah slipped her panties off and now nude in her bedroom Sarah picked the panties up and giggled again at how stretched out they were.

Sarah thought best to hide the pair of panties inside her wash pile and as Sarah's parents let her do her own washing then there was no chance of them being seen so Sarah grabbed her bathrobe then opened her bedroom door and walked out of her bedroom and slipped in to the bathroom and turned the shower on, once the water was nice and warm Sarah slipped inside and had a nice warm shower making sure to wash her crotch off and between her legs and once all clean she turned the water off and stepped out to dry off.

Sarah slipped her bathrobe back on and walked out just in time to see her mother walk out "Morning mum" Sarah said with joy "OH...........morning Sarah, thought i heard the shower going, didn't think you would be up so early" the mother replied, "Well i have a little bit of packing to do and i want to be ready to go" Sarah said with a smile trying not to blush thinking about where she was going "I see, ok then well let me just get ready and then i will make a start on breakfast" the mother replied "Sounds good to me" Sarah said as she walked into her room and shut the door.

Sarah removed her bathrobe and hanged it back up and giggled as she stood nude in her bedroom and the morning sun was already up in the sky shinning in to her room through the window and as her bedroom looks out over the back garden no one could see in if Sarah passed the window, there was a good foot of sunlight shinning in to her room and as she walked in to it on her way to her draw her body shuddered in the warm light and Sarah smiled and closed her eyes and her hands slowly moved over her naked body enjoying the warm feeling and she started day dreaming.

Just then there was a knock at her door and Sarah squeaked a little coming out of her day dream "Sarah it's dad, i am heading in to town today for some new garden tools, would you like a lift to the train station on the way" her father called, "UM............…yyyy.........yer.....yes please, thanks dad" Sarah replied still dreaming a little as she was enjoying the warm feeling on her nude body way to much "Ok then sweetie, just let me know when your ready" the father said walking away "Ok dad, thanks again" Sarah replied as she was blushing bright red.

"HEHEHE.............that was a little close, better stop playing around and get dressed" Sarah giggled to herself as she walked to her underwear draw and she pulled out a pair of white panties and matching bra and slipped them on, then came a black skirt and a pink top and after Sarah fixed her hair and put on some may cup she walked out of her room and down the stairs to the living room and a few minutes later her mother walked down all dressed and ready for the day.

"Hey Sarah, so want shall i make you for breakfast" the mother asked "Hey mum, well i don't mind really" Sarah replied "How does pancakes, eggs and bacon sound" the mother asked and Sarah's eyes went wide open, "Oh yer, that sounds amazing" Sarah replied and the mother smiled "Right then, I'll get right on it" the mother said "Need any help" Sarah asked "Um you could set the table if you like" the mother replied "Sure thing" Sarah said as she walked over.

Sarah layed out the table ready and 30 minutes later her father walked down just as breakfast was ready and the family sat and chatted "So Sarah you all ready to go" the mother asked "Yep, just the last few bathroom stuff to pack and then all done" Sarah replied, "You got your money ready for the train and you know what time to get it and to get back" the father asked and Sarah smiled as her dad was always the sort of father that would look out for there kids even when it was over the top.

"Yes dad, everything is sorted out, don't worry" Sarah replied "I'm not worried i know you will be safe and look out for yourself, i just care" the father replied with a little huff that always made the mother chuckle a little "I know dad, i will be safe" Sarah said, soon breakfast was done and Sarah went back up to her room and finished packing her bags and started to bring them down to the front door and then she slipped her shoes on and was ready to go "Ok dad, all set to go" Sarah called.

Sarah's father loaded her bags as Sarah got kissed and hugged from her mother something that Sarah still has to have even when she is 18 but Sarah didn't mind and hugged back "You will call us when your there so we know your safe ok" the mother said, Sarah smiled "Of course mum, no worries" Sarah replied and then Sarah walked towards her fathers car and got inside and the car drove off with Sarah's mother waving.

30 minutes later the car pulled in to the train station carpark and Sarah checked the time and it said 11am "Good timing dad, my train is in 15 minutes" Sarah said "Well thankfully there wasn't much traffic on the roads today, let's get you to that platform" he replied, Sarah and her father pulled the bags from the boot and walked in to the station and Sarah paid for her ticket and they walked out on to the platform ready for the train and 10 minutes later Sarah's train was called and a minute later the train pulled in to the station and slowly came to a stop.

Sarah's dad helps get her bags on to the train and then the two hug tight "Take care sweetie, have a lovely weekend and remember to call us when your there ok" her dad said and Sarah smiled "Will do dad, thanks for the lift and the help" Sarah replied, Sarah's dad walked off the train and stood on the platform and 5 minutes later the train blow it's whistle and the single went green and the train slowly pulled out of the station and Sarah waved her dad off and he did the same.

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