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Wedige Spanker
Chapter 2
Wed Sep 5, 2018 6:04am

Sarah smiled and naughty smile and got her mobile out and sent a text to Ashley saying she was on her way and Sarah settled down for the 30 minute train ride in to the next town and soon Sarah's stop was coming so she got herself ready, 10 minutes later the train started to slow down and Sarah was full of joy like a little girl going to a sweet shop and then a few minutes later the train pulled in to the station and came to a stop.

The girls soon both spotted eachother and Ashley walked on to the train and the girls both hugged quick and Ashley helped get Sarah's bags off the train and once on the platform they hugged for real "OH IT'S SO GOOD TO SEE YOU AGAIN !" Sarah said full of joy "It's great to see you to Sarah" Ashley replied feeling a little overwhelmed, the girls soon broke the hug and Sarah smiled with a giggle "HEHE........sorry, i have just really been looking forward to this" Sarah said as her face started to blush.

"Me to, so let's get your stuff loaded in to my car and then head off to my place" Ashley replied "Sounds great" Sarah said as they walked off the platform and Sarah passed her ticket through the machine gates, as Ashley was only waiting she was allowed through as the same man who was watching over the gates was still there who she asked if it was ok to just wait for her friend to arrive as it was her first time on a train by herself and the kind man agreed.

The girls walked out of the station and over to the carpark and soon up to a nice black mini "Nice car" Sarah said "Thanks, I've just passed my test a month ago and my dad had this nice car ready for me" Ashley replied "Wow, your dad sounds great" Sarah said "Yep he is, right let's get you loaded and head over to my flat" Ashley replied and Sarah giggled with joy and feeling quite naughty quickly packed her bags in to the boot and slid in to the passenger seat and Ashley slipped in to the driving seat and she started the car and drove out of the car park.

About 2 miles down the road Ashley turned off and drove up to a tall block of flats and then in to another car park and Ashley parked up "Right here we are" Ashley said and Sarah looked out "Wow, it's huge" Sarah replied "Yep it sure is, thankfully it has a lift as i live on the top floor" Ashley said "Nice, bet the view is amazing" Sarah replied "It is but i am enjoying the view from down here" Ashley giggled eyeing up Sarah's cute round bottom hidden under her skirt and Sarah turned around.

Sarah blushed and giggled feeling her face get warm and the wonderful tingling feeling came back to her pussy "HEHEHE...........well i guess we both will enjoy the great views" Sarah replied with a naughty grin and a wink, Ashley smiled with naughty evil "Yes we will, come on, no time to waste" Ashley replied as the two girls walked in to the building and up to the lift and Ashley passed the button marked level 10 and the doors closed and the lift went up and Sarah had goose bumps and she grinned.

A minute later they were at the top and walked down the hallway towards a flat numbered 200 and Ashley got out her key and opened the door "Welcome to my home Sarah" Ashley said as she pushed the door open "Wow your flat is huge" Sarah replied as she walked inside, "Well i have a really good weekend job in a super market and my parents have paid for half of my college funds so yer all and all it's a nice place" Ashley said.

Sarah placed her bags down and turned to Ashley "SO WHEN CAN WE START OUR GAMES !" Sarah squeaked "WOAH........HANG ON THERE SPEEDY.........I know you have been looking forward to this but you have just walked in, let's get you settled first and unpacked, then we can have a look at some games we can play, alright" Ashley replied with a chuckle "HEHEHE..........sorry, your right" Sarah said blushing as she felt a little silly as the girls carried Sarah's bags in to the bed room.

"Um so where am i going to sleep" Sarah asked "Well that depends on where you end up at the end of our games" Ashley replied with a grin and Sarah giggled and she winced as her pussy tingled like crazy as she knew she was within touching reach of the kink she so wanted and loved, "OH PLEASE ASHLEY..............can we start now, i can just take stuff from my bags when i need it" Sarah begged and Ashley giggled and stood up and crossed her arms with a big smile.

"First we will have some lunch and get you settled and then we will go over some rules ok" Ashley said "Rules ?" Sarah replied confused "Yes, to make sure i don't really hurt you i will stop and ask you if you want the game to go on if i think you want it to stop, but be careful if you tell me your ok to go on don't have a go at me if it was more than you can handle, does that sound fair" Ashley asked "Yer that sounds fair, you can go full on and spank me, that i love and tie me up how ever just adds to the pleaser" Sarah replied giggling and blushing.

"Ok then, well i have made us some sandwiches and cakes so lets get stuck in, you must be hungry after your long trip" Ashley said and Sarah thought about it "You know, i could do with some food right now" Sarah replied, so the girls sat down and had lunch and they chatted and laughed around how they found there kinks and what turned them on and soon the time hit 2pm "Ashley please can we start how, i have been waiting for 2 hours" Sarah asked and Ashley grinned with evil.

“Ok wait here and I will go grab some toys we can play with ok” Ashley said and Sarah nodded as Ashley walked in to the bedroom and over to a cupboard and she opened the door and grabbed one for many bags that were placed inside, Ashley walked back out to the living room “Ok then Sarah this is what the game involves, you will wear these cute black leather straps around your wrists and ankles as part of the game ok” Ashley said and Sarah nodded with wide eyes and giggled "Kinky" Sarah laughed and Ashley grinned.

Ashley got out the straps and fixed a set to Sarah’s wrists and then her ankles and Sarah looked on as all the straps had a huge metal hock on the side and they felt a little tight on her skin, Ashley asked Sarah to lay down on to her tummy and Sarah did so “Ok Sarah just hold your arms behind your back for me alright” Ashley asked.

“Ok sure” Sarah replied getting turned on and she was giggling like crazy of what Ashley was making her do but she did what she was told and held her arms behind her back, then Ashley hocked the straps together so Sarah’s arms were now fixed behind her back.

Ashley then asked for Sarah to put her feet together and then Ashley hocked the straps together so now Sarah was fully bound up with just straps "How do you feel Sarah" Ashley asked "It feels nice, i can wriggle around and not feel like i need to really put any force in to moving, "A nice way to start things off, ease your way in to the bondage" Ashley chuckled "HEHEHE......yer you could say that" Sarah replied giggling.

Ashley then tapped the back of Sarah's skirt right on her bottom "EEEPPP...…...HEHEHE !" Sarah squealed and giggled as she wriggled her ass around "I'm i going to get a spanking master” Sarah asked giggling as her horny naughty side started to come to life, “Oh well........” Ashley replied giving a slap to the back of Sarah’s skirt right on her bottom “OUCH...…....HEHEHE !!!!!” Sarah squealed but she giggled again.

"Maybe" Ashley teased "HEHEHE........this is going to be fun" Sarah giggled feeling her pussy heat up inside her panties “Oh little Sarah, this is going to be a lot, of fun” Ashley replied, "I might get a little loud thro, what about your neighbours" Sarah asked blushing bright red, Ashley grinned and walked back to the cupboard and then walked back "Good point Sarah, time to tape that mouth shut" Ashley replied as she kneeled down and placed some duct tape from her bag over Sarah’s mouth.

“Right let’s have a look at what you are hiding under that skirt” Ashley sniggered as she reached over and unzipped Sarah’s skirt and pulled it away “MMMMMMM !!!!!!” Sarah giggled and Ashley chuckled seeing Sarah’s snow white panties over her cute bum cheeks, “Oh Sarah you look so cute and your little bottom feels so soft and warm” Ashley teased as she pulled the back waist band around and Sarah winced and her bottom clenched.

“Time for a spanking for being so naughty” Ashley teased as she pulled the back of the white panties down to the bottom of Sarah’s bum cheeks “MMMMM !!!!!” Sarah giggled as she wriggled around letting Ashley see her now bare butt bounce and jiggle, "MMMMMMM !!!!" Sarah flinched and laughed and she clenched her butt cheeks tight together as Ashley ran her finger nails over Sarah’s bum cheeks and Ashley laughed.

“Oh poor little Sarah is your cute butt ticklish...….....HAHAHA !” Ashley giggled “MMMMMM !!!!!!” Sarah squeaked as Ashley slapped Sarah's bottom a little and her bum went a little rosy pink “Right time for a good hard spanking” Ashley said as she pulled a huge hair brush from her bag and tapped it on Sarah’s wincing bottom, “Ready Sarah” Ashley asked and Sarah nodded her head yes and took a deep breath “Ok then, here is come's !” Ashley sniggered as she raised the brush up high and then.

"WACK !" "MMMM !!!" "WACK !" "MMMM !!!" "WACK !" "MMMM !!!"
"WACK !" "MMMM !!!" "WACK !" "MMMM !!!" "WACK !" "MMMM !!!"
"WACK !" "MMMM !!!" "WACK !" "MMMM !!!" "WACK !" "MMMM !!!"
"WACK !" "MMMM !!!" "WACK !" "MMMM !!!" "WACK !" "MMMM !!!"

For 5 minutes Ashley rained down semi-hard blows to Sarah’s bottom going from cheek to cheek and Sarah’s bottom slowly started to turn a bright red “MMMMMMMMMM !!!!!!!!!!!” Sarah squealed and moaned, Sarah could feel her pussy was getting hot and the heat in her bottom from the spanking was slowly creeping inside her body "MMMM !!!!!!" Sarah moaned as a spank hit across where her bottom and thighs meet.

“Right looks like your ass is a nice bright red Sarah, so as you now like to be wedgied as well let’s hang you up for a little bit, ok Sarah” Ashley sniggered and she grabbed the back of Sarah’s panties and lifted her up by them, “MMMMMMMMMMM !!!!!!!!!!” Sarah moaned as her panties shot deep in to her red bottom and the rush of fabric in to her sensitive skin felt like heaven and the tugging against her hot moist pussy was so good.

Ashley carried Sarah by the back of her panties in to the bathroom and spotted the shower rail and she grinned and lifted Sarah up and fixed the back of her panties to the rail and then let go, “MMMMMMMMM !!!!!” Sarah groaned as she fell in to her very first hanging wedgie and her panties shot so fast in to her poor bottom they thonged right in to her crack and her cherry red bum cheeks poked out the sides.

Ashley giggled and slapped Sarah’s bottom for a few minutes “MMMMMMMM !!!!!!!!!!” Sarah moaned and giggled wincing and shaking with pleaser and pain “Right you just hang here for a while ok Sarah" Ashley chuckled at her joke "MMMMMMMMM !!!!!!" Sarah moaned nodding her head yes while giggling, "OH THIS IS GREAT.......I FEEL SO HORNY I COULD JUST FINGER MYSELF LIKE CRAZY !" Sarah screamed inside her mind "Be back soon" Ashley teased as she slightly pulled down on Sarah's legs then spanked her ass.

"MMMMMMM !!!!!!" Sarah moaned as her face went bright red just like her wedgied bottom and she could feel her pussy get very hot and wet as she wriggled in her first ever hanging wedgie, Sarah really started to enjoy it as the more she wriggled the firmer her panties rubbed against her hot wet pussy "MMMMMMM !!!!!!!" Sarah moaned feeling a orgasm building up and she winced as her pussy was starting to leak.

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