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Wedige Spanker
Chapter 3
Wed Sep 5, 2018 6:10am

After 10 minutes Ashley walked back in "So how is my little slave doing" Ashley asked as she grabbed Sarah’s legs and she pulled down sharply “MMMMMM !!!!!!” Sarah groaned as her panties dug deeper in to her bum crack and was starting to tug between her legs and on her pussy, Ashley then let go and Sarah bounced a little and then Ashley noticed the wet patch over Sarah's pussy and she grinned and placed her hand on Sarah's warm wet pussy and began to rub it.

“MMMMMMMMMM !!!!!!!!!!!!!!” Sarah moaned with pleaser and she wriggled in mid air "Oh you like that don't you, your such a naughty girl" Ashley whispered which sent waves of pleaser through Sarah's body and she shuddered, Ashley then turned Sarah around so her wedgied ass was facing out and then she used the hair brush again and spanked down hard on Sarah's wedgied little bottom until all of her bottom looked like a tomato.

"MMMMMM !!!!!!!" Sarah squealed with pleaser and a little pain as the fire in her ass took hold again and the warmth crept deeper in to her body and her crotch felt like it was ready to exploded, “Right looks like you bum is nice and red now Sarah, time to move on to your next punishment" Ashley sniggered.

“MMMMMM !!!!!!” Sarah giggled as her panties looked more like a thong “Oh poor little Sarah, feel a little sore HAHA, i bet your loving this you naughty girl, well it’s time to get you down” Ashley sniggered as she grabbed both of Sarah’s legs and Sarah gulped, "Are you ready" Ashley asked and Sarah blushing like crazy nodded yes and Ashley pulled down hard and fast “MMMMMMMM !!!!!!!” Sarah screamed as her panties went up past her shoulders past her head and then “RRRRIIIPPPPP !!!!!” went the panties and Sarah fell in to Ashley’s arms.

“There we go wasn’t that bad now was it” Ashley sniggered as she carried the now half naked giggling Sarah out of the bath room and in to the living room then Ashley placed Sarah down, "Hope you didn't mind me ripping your panties, they weren't your best one's were they" Ashley asked and Sarah shock her head no and Ashley smiled "That's good to hear, right moving on to your next punishment game" Ashley giggled.

Ashley carefully fixed Sarah to a chair backwards with her knees where you sit and her upper half of her body bent over the back rest so Sarah's naked red bottom was sticking up high in to the air, Ashley looked at the time and it said 4pm then Ashley grabbed a tube of lube and held Sarah's bum cheeks apart and squeezed a huge blob in to her bum crack right over her pink bum hole.

“MMMMMMM !!!!!!!” Sarah winced and giggled and her butt clenched as it was cold and Ashley just giggled “Now Sarah come on, it's only a little cold, you don’t want another spanking do you, just relax and it will be over before you know it” Ashley teased, Sarah giggled as she was unable to see what Ashley was doing but Sarah soon got an answer “MMMMMMMMMMM !!!!!!!” Sarah squealed as Ashley was forcing something long and hard in to her backside but because of the way Sarah were tied to the chair she just couldn’t see what it was.

In fact what Ashley was doing was she was forcing a fat butt plug in to Sarah's bum hole and when Ashley was happy it was in place she let go "HEHEHEHE.....oh Sarah, your bum looks so cute, it's like it has a tail” Ashley giggled, Ashley got up and walked round to Sarah's face and kneeled down "How do you feel Sarah, if you want me to take it out now is the time to tell me, just nod your head for yes to remove it or shake it for no to keep it in" Ashley asked and Sarah thought for a minute but found it very arousing and a big turn on so she shock her head no to keep it in and Ashley grinned "Good to hear naughty girl" Ashley said.

Ashley grinned as she turned on the butt plug "MMMMMM !!!!" Sarah squeaked as she quickly found out it was a vibrating butt plug and Ashley began to slap Sarah's ass for a few minutes making it bounce and turn red again, "MMMMMMM !!!!!!!" Sarah moaned and squealed with pleaser as she was building to a powerful orgasm and she began to wriggle around "HEHEHE.........does the naughty girl want to cum" Ashley asked grinned "MMMMM !!!!!!!" Sarah groaned nodding her head yes.

"Well not just yet" Ashley replied as she turned the butt plug off "MMMMMM !!!!!!" Sarah moaned with disappointment at being disallowed her release but Ashley knew what she was doing and wanted to tease and build up the pressure, "MMMMMMMM !!!!!!!" Sarah squealed as Ashley pinched and spanked Sarah's up in the air bottom for a few minutes and then she turned the butt plug back on.

"MMMMMMMMMM !!!!!!!!!" Sarah moaned and she shivered as she was getting closer to her release and then Ashley turned it off again and then begin spanking Sarah's ass again and this went on and on and on for 15 minutes with Ashley turning on the vibrating butt plug and getting Sarah closer to orgasm only to have it taken away from her when Ashley turned the butt plug off and Sarah groaned as she was spanked afterwards.

"MMMMMMMM !!!!!!!" Sarah not protested and Ashley grinned "I guess you really want to cum now don't you" Ashley giggled "MMMMMM !!!!!" Sarah squealed nodding her head yes "Ok then my naughty girl, go right ahead" Ashley teased as she turned the butt plug up to high, Sarah moaned and squealed as her pussy got hotter and hotter and soon started to drip and Ashley quickly layed a towel down to catch Sarah's juices and a few minutes later Sarah hit her release and went crazy with built up pleaser over the passed few minutes.

"MMMMMMMM !!!!!!!" "MMMMMMMM !!!!!" "MMMMMMM !!!!!!"
"MMMMMMMM !!!!!!!" "MMMMMMMM !!!!!" "MMMMMMM !!!!!!"
"MMMMMMMM !!!!!!!" "MMMMMMMM !!!!!" "MMMMMMM !!!!!!"
"MMMMMMMM !!!!!!!" "MMMMMMMM !!!!!" "MMMMMMM !!!!!!"

Sarah wriggled around and she clenched her bare bright red bottom which only made the vibrations stronger inside her ass hole when her ass cheeks closed around it "MMMMMMM !!!!!!!" Sarah groaned as she was stuck in a heaven loop of pleaser, soon Sarah's body fell limp and she was out of energy so Ashley turned the vibration's off but kept the butt girl in please and then Ashley walked round to Sarah's head and slowly and carefully removed the tape from Sarah's mouth.

Sarah took a deep breath and burst out in giggles "How do you feel, sounds like your having fun" Ashley said and Sarah grinned a very naughty grin "I AM IN HEAVEN........thank you so much Ashley" Sarah replied, "Glad to hear it, let's move on to your next toy" Ashley said as she placed the tape back over Sarah's mouth "MMMMM !!!!" Sarah squeaked as Ashley slowly removed the butt plug from Sarah's asshole.

Ashley then got out a bright pink dilldo and lubed it up and eased it in to Sarah's ass "MMMM !!!" Sarah groaned feeling it slip in and then Ashley turned it on and it began to wriggle inside Sarah's bottom and Sarah felt a new wave of pleaser flood her tied up body, the dilldo kept on messaging her anal walls and rubbing against her G-spot and she slowly wriggled in her bounds but the chair was heavy and strong so Sarah wasn't going anywhere fast "MMMMMM !!!!" Sarah moaned.

"Enjoy your new toy Sarah, I will be back at dinner time to set you free ok” Ashley sniggered and Sarah was left tied up with her naked little red hot bottom wriggling around and every few minutes Sarah would squeal and her pussy would leak her hot juices, “MMMMMMMM !!!!!!!!!!!” Sarah screamed with pleaser and then she would relax for a few minutes and then feel another orgasm build up again.

3 HOURS LATER Ashley came back to the moaning girl and she burst out in laughter seeing Sarah's bottom wriggling and her pussy dripping like glue from a tube “Oh it looks like you have had some fun" Ashley teased and Sarah nodded, “Oh then i think you have had enough pleaser, let's move on to a little pain" Ashley sniggered as she turned off the dilldo and slowly removed it from Sarah's worn out ass hole.

Ashley kneeled down next to Sarah's rosy red bottom and then she lit a candle and held it above Sarah's ass and soon drips of hot wax fell on to Sarah's bum cheeks "MMMMMMM !!!!!" Sarah squeaked with a mix of shock and a little pain but it wasn't that painful just a surprise at first, Ashley let more wax drip down and Sarah winced and moaned feeling the wax burn a little on her bottom and run down her ass cheeks before cooling and going hard again and Ashley did this for a few minutes.

"Are you still having fun Sarah" Ashley asked and Sarah nodded "That's good my naughty girl, but it's almost time for dinner so i better clean you off” Ashley said, Ashley used her finger nails and started to pick the wax off Sarah's bottom and Sarah groaned enjoying the feeling and she winced and her bottom clenched hard.

Once Ashley had removed all the wax from the Sarah's bottom she un-hocked her from the chair and eased Sarah up so till she was standing and then Ashley slowly removed the tape from the Sarah's mouth, Sarah blushed as red as her punished bottom as she stood in front of Ashley naked from the waist down and her pussy was still leaking juices and Sarah could feel it running down her inner thigh "Um......Ashley, can i use your shower before we have dinner please" Sarah asked blushing.

Ashley looked down and giggled "I see, looks like your still very horny, here wipe off and sure you can take a shower while i make a start on dinner, alright" Ashley replied as she handed Sarah some tissues "Thanks Ashley, i am having such a great time" Sarah said giggling as she wiped herself clean, "Yes i know naughty girl, now off you go and take that shower" Ashley replied giving Sarah's bare red bottom another slap.

"EEEEEEPPPPPP...........HEHEHEHE..........OK.......OK......I'm going" Sarah giggled as she walked away covering her cute red ass with her hands and biting her lower lip as she had a very naughty grin on her face as she walked in to Ashley's bedroom, Ashley giggled as she went to the kitchen place and made a start and she heard Sarah giggling as she walked out now fully nude as she quickly run in to the bathroom like she was playing a naughty game of chase "She really is a naughty girl" Ashley thought.

Sarah giggled and teased herself inside the shower as she was so horny she fingered her pussy and slapped her ass till she had another orgasm and she had to lean against the wall to brace herself up as she went a little light headed but thankfully her head cleared and she was able to finish her shower and then dry off, Sarah then giggled as she stood nude in the bathroom and knowing that her clothes were in the other room meant a quick naked dash to the bedroom.

Sarah slowly opened the door and then she ran out only to have Ashley walk out of her bedroom just as Sarah came round "WHAT'S UP CHEEKY...............*smack* !" Ashley giggled as she landed a sharp spank with her hand to Sarah's ass "EEEEEPPPPP..........HEY I AM TRYING TO GET DRESSED !" Sarah squeaked but was loving the naughty fun, "Oh really, well it looks like you just want to streak around my flat" Ashley chuckled and Sarah blushed bright red but the idea of it was getting her turned on "Maybe...HEHEHE !" Sarah giggled dashing in to the bedroom.

“Your so naughty" Ashley laughed "HEHEHE.......you love it" Sarah replied giggling "Not as much as you love getting spanked for it" Ashley sniggered and Sarah giggled again "Your not wrong" Sarah replied rubbing her naked bottom, "Well I am making some pasta for dinner, is that ok” Ashley asked "Sounds great, thanks" Sarah replied as she slipped on her clothes with a white bra, red panties this time and her black skirt and pink top and once she was all done she walked out.

Soon the girls had there dinners ready and all the way through dinner the girls laughed and giggled about all the naughty stuff they had been up to so far and soon dinner was done and the girls watched some TV till it got late, Sarah started to feel horny again and wanted more "fun" so she stood up and turned her bottom towards Ashley and bent over acting to scratch her leg and she wriggled her bottom and Ashley could with ease see right up Sarah's skirt and she giggled.

“Now Sarah, do you want another spanking” Ashley asked looking at Sarah and Sarah shivered with pleaser "HEHEHE......maybe" Sarah replied giggling and so Ashley stood up and grabbed Sarah's bottom in both hands and gave it a firm squeeze, "EEEPPP......HEHEHE.......HELLO !" Sarah giggled feeling Ashley's firm fingers on her ass "I think someone needs some hard punishment again, wait here !" Ashley ordered and Sarah shivered with pleaser again and her pussy twitched.

Ashley walked in to her bedroom and shut the door and Sarah waited for a few minutes feeling very turned on and she had lifted the back of her skirt and had slipped her hands inside the back of her panties and was rubbing and squeezing her ass cheeks in pleaser overload, Sarah heard the door begin to open and in a flash had removed her hands from the back of her panties and her skirt fell down just in time to have Ashley walk out "Ok then naughty girl, the next game is ready for you" Ashley said.

Sarah walked in and was in shock as there was a plastic sheet laying over the bed and a pile of pillows in the middle of the bed "Right we'll get ready for bed and then i will explain the game" Ashley said, Sarah was so excited she grabbed one of her bags and quickly opened it pulling out a pair of white and red spotted PJ's and Ashley giggled "Nice PJ's" she said and Sarah blushed "Glad you like them" Sarah replied.

Sarah removed her skirt then top and her bra and Ashley looked on grinning "Nice tits" Ashley chuckled and Sarah had a naughty grin on her face as she bounced and played with her boobs in a tease full show, "HEHEHE.......for that you will get extra spanked" Ashley sniggered and Sarah giggled as she slipped her PJ's on and then went to the bathroom to use the loo and brush her teeth.

Once done Ashley stripped off down to her black panties and then she just slipped on a old sports top and some jogging bottoms and after Ashley used the bathroom she walked back to explain the new game to Sarah, Sarah was told to lay down on her tummy with her waist on the pile of pillows and because of the pillows her bum stuck up in to the air and then Ashley got out some rope and tied it through the hocks on Sarah's wrists and then the same to her feet.

So now Sarah was tied spread eagled to the bed and Ashley then placed some duct tape over Sarah's mouth to keep her quiet “MMMMM !!!!!!” Sarah giggled as Ashley tugged the back of Sarah's PJ bottoms down to mid-thigh, then Ashley slipped her fingers inside the back of Sarah's panties and itched them down to the bottom of her clenching bum cheeks and Ashley grinned.

Ashley knew Sarah loved having her ass played with so she wanted to tease her so Ashley scraped and scratched her finger nails over Sarah's rosy pink bum cheeks “MMMMMM !!!!!!!” Sarah giggled wanting for a spanking to come and her bottom clenched and wiggled, a spanking did come but only a hand spanking this time but it was hard and fast “MMMMMMMMMMMM !!!!!!!!!!” Sarah cried with pleaser as Ashley spanked Sarah's poor little bottom back to cherry red while singing and song.

“This is the way I spank your bum, spank your bum, spank your bum, this is the way I spank your bum, because you’ve been so naughty” Ashley sang while giggling.

After 5 minutes Ashley stopped and grabbed the bottle of lube and using her free hand she held Sarah’s bum cheeks apart and squeezed a blob of lube over Sarah's bum hole, "MMMMMMM !!!!!" Sarah squeaked and giggled as the lube was cold and she clenched her bottom tight but she giggled feeling the lube oose inside her ass crack.

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