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Wedige Spanker
Chapter 4
Wed Sep 5, 2018 6:11am

Ashley then got the dilldo out again and held it against Sarah's bottom and slowly she worked it in a little then pulled it out and then worked it back in going in a little deeper then back out then back in going deeper still and Ashley did this for a few minutes, "MMMMMMMM !!!!!!" Sarah moaned as she raised her bottom up and wriggled it slowly as she felt her pussy get hot and sticky again and now she knew why she was laying on a plastic sheet "You like this my naughty slave" Ashley sniggered as she got a little faster "MMMMMM !!!!!" Sarah moaned and nodded yes.

After a few more minutes Sarah reached her climax and her pussy blew "MMMMMMMM !!!!!!!!" Sarah squealed and moaned in to the tape over her mouth which was a good thing it was there or the rest of the people in the block of flats would of been woken up, Ashley giggled as she kept on pumping Sarah's ass with the dilldo till Sarah's body fell limp on the bed and she was giggling and deep breathing through her nose.

When Ashley noticed Sarah was done she slowly removed the dilldo from Sarah's ass and then she walked round and slowly removed the tape from Sarah's mouth, “Hey Sarah well I am off to bed, we have had a lot of fun today and I do hope you sleep well, do you mind sleeping in bondage" Ashley asked "Um well i never had the chance so it will be interesting, thanks for today, it has been so much fun" Sarah replied.

Ashley smiled "Well i am going to be in a sleeping bag just down here, if you need me to let you out just say so ok.........oh just one more thing before the lights go out" Ashley chuckled as she gripped the back of Sarah's panties and pulled back firmly, "EEEEEPPPP !!!!" Sarah giggled as Ashley pulled Sarah's panties back and back and back till they reached her head and with one last firm tug Ashley had Sarah's panties over her fore head so now Sarah was laying in atomic wedgie.

"HEHEHEHE...........this feels funny" Sarah giggled as Ashley pulled Sarah's PJ bottoms back up "HEHEHE......don't want your cute wedgied bottom getting cold in the night do we" Ashley replied as she slipped in to her sleeping bag, after a few minutes of giggling and chatting Sarah's body was slowly shutting down from all the orgasms she had and Sarah slowly slipped under and fell asleep and Ashley smiled and turned off the light "Night night naughty girl" Ashley whispered as she to fell asleep.

Over night Sarah had woken up 3 times after having huge horny wet dreams and she winced and giggled as she felt a thick sticky goo between her legs, by now her panties had slipped off her head but were still wedgied filmy in her ass crack and were still firmly against her now soaked pussy and Sarah grinned and giggled as she went back to sleep.

9am the next morning Sarah had woke up to the sound of evil laugher coming from Ashley who had taken some photos “Morning sticky pants, sleep well” Ashley sniggered as she slapped Sarah's wedgied ass, "EEEEEPPPP..........HEHEHEHE.........Morning, i did sleep well with a mix of horny wet dreams" Sarah giggled as she wriggled her crotch in to the plastic sheet "Wow....good thing i put that sheet down" Ashley chuckled.

“So are you going to be good for me today Sarah” Ashley asked “Yes Ashley i will be very good for you” Sarah replied “Good because if you don’t then I will punish you some more, understand me” Ashley said “Yes Ashley” Sarah replied giggling, “Ok then I will get you up so you can take a nice warm shower ok” Ashley said as she un-hocked Sarah from the bed and removed the straps from her wrists and ankles and Sarah removed her PJ's and wedgied panties and went to the bathroom while Ashley went to make breakfast.

Sarah left the bathroom feeling nice and clean and noticed that the sheet had been removed and Sarah was told that a big sticky goo was cleaned off and Sarah giggled and blushed, Sarah got dressed in her pink panties, pink bra, black skirt and blue top and then she joined Ashely in the kitchen where they all had breakfast.

Soon it was time for Sarah to leave so Ashley helped Sarah pack her bags but Sarah wanted just one more quick game before she had to go and Ashley agreed to Sarah's request, Ashley sit down on the bed and tapped her lap and Sarah giggling like crazy layed over Ashley knees as Ashley lifted the back of Sarah's skirt and lowered her panties.


For a few minutes Ashley spanked Sarah's bottom back to rosy red and then she rubbed her ass cheeks lightly "Now Sarah if you never want get another release like this again then just let me know and we will work something out, ok" Ashley said placing her hand on Sarah's warm freshly spanked bottom, "HEHEHE.........ok Ashley" Sarah replied giggling "That's my naughty girl" Ashley sniggered as she pulled Sarah's panties back up and dropped her skirt back down and Sarah lifted herself back up.

Ashley drove Sarah back to the train station and soon Sarah's train pulled up and she got on and waved Ashley goodbye and Sarah couldn't help but shed a few tears as she was really going to miss Ashley, Sarah really enjoyed the time she had but she had no clue when or even if the next time she would meet Ashley and have that fun again would be.

Soon Sarah's train pulled in to the station and Sarah got off and was met by her mother and the two hugged and walked back to the car "So did you have a good time" Sarah's mother asked, "Yes mum, it was the best" Sarah replied as she told her mother a fake story about how the girls went out and visited some shops, played video games and watched films and Sarah's mother smiled "Oh that sounds very nice" she replied.

A few weeks went by after Sarah's hot horny weekend fun and she had a few texts and calls from Ashley but nothing that would make Sarah think she was going to be able to head back over and do it all again that was till she got a very interesting text.

"Dear Sarah, i have found myself a job in your town and after having some help from my parents i have found myself a new flat which is just down the road from where you live, would you like to come over some time and *hang out*" the text said.

Sarah's whole body had shivers and her pussy twitched and her bottom clenched and a very naughty grin crept across her face as she replied "LET'S DO IT !".

And so from that point Sarah had found herself what she wanted, someone to give her that powerful release of bondage and a good firm spanking to her cute naughty bottom and Sarah couldn't be any more happier.

The End ;)

Well there you go, I do hope you have enjoyed this storyline and please feel free to post a comment on what you think :)

Many Thanks ;)

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      • Excellent. - sinfulstories, Wed Sep 5 9:11am
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        • Hello there :) - Wedige Spanker, Wed Sep 5 5:25pm
          Hi thanks for the kind feedback I am glad you enjoyed the storyline :) I might come back to this and do add on's but that could be a way off as I have many other story's old and new that I am lining... more
          • :) - sinfulstories, Wed Sep 5 6:06pm
            Will do. Thanks.
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