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Hears my first ever lewd story (Erins humilating school day)
Wed Sep 5, 2018 7:30pm

Erin woke up to the sound of her alarm. Slightly annoyed by its loud beeping sound she grumbled and said “5 more minutes” and put her head back onto the pillow but then realized she had gym this morning. “Sigh guess I have to get up”, Erin threw her blanket off her and stood up Erin never wore clothes when she went to bed. So she was currently standing in her room butt naked. She stretched and then sniffed under her arms and said “yep I need a shower”. Erin thought to herself for a second if whether or not she should put on some type of clothing before going to the bathroom and decided against the idea. “Why should I put anything on” she thought when they’re just gonna have to be taken off, plus mom and dad aren’t home since they left for work with that Erin opened her bedroom door and started walking down the hall towards the bathroom. There was a slight draft in the hallway which had caused her nipples to get hard and goosebumps to form on her skin, as Erin walked her hips swayed ever so seductively and her soft firm ass would jiggle with each step “I cant wait till I get to stop waking up so early i need more sleep” she said out loud as she entered her bathroom. Erin closed the bathroom door to not let any of the soon to be warm air out, turned on the shower so it would start to get warm and checked to see if there was a clean dry towel for her to use after she was done. Erin then hopped into the shower letting out a small moan from the hot water hitting her nude body “ahh this feels great” erin then proceed to take her favorite shampoo and wash her long black silk like hair. since Erin didn't like to cut her hair much, if at all her hair was almost at the point where it covered her butt when it wasn't being tied up into a ponytail it just hung a mere two inches. After rinsing off her hands of shampoo Erin grabbed her vanilla scented body wash and squeezed a generous amount onto her hand as she didn't care much for loofahs or washcloths finding them nasty and uncomforbale.Erin then started to lather the soap all over her body making sure to get every inch possible while taking extra sptime on her b cup breasts and sensitive pink nipples she felt herself getting and aroused. “Sigh why do i get horny so easily” erin thought about whether or not to masturbate and decided it was probably a good idea “i don't want to go to school horny” she thought with soap still on her hands she started to rub soap over her pubic hair. It was dark black and completely untrimmed she never tried to shave or trim it do to laziness, her hand then reached her pussy she lef out a moan as her slippery long fingers rubbed against her clit before she continued she took a bit more soap turned around and bent over spreading her ass cheeks apart she rubbed the soap in between her ass crack and tight ass hole. Erin then did something most people would find strange she took her right index finger and placed it over her anaus moveing it back and forth before slowly inserting it into her ass. An intense wave of pleasure washed over her and she started breathing heavy every time she did something involving her ass it drove her crazy and while moving her finger in and out of her ass she started fingering her pussy which had grown damp and hot with arousal. She closed her eyes and imagine she was at school completely naked and masturbateing like she was in the classroom the teacher Ms bhramdat her middle eastern teacher with a perfect hourglass figure amd divine ass giving her a disgusted look and all the boys and girls in the class would be laughing or cheering or just as shocked as the teacher taking pictures or recording her masturbation, her clothes taken and hidden away by her fellow students this would go on till she felt her knees buckle and pussy juice squirt from her, the walls of her ass and pussy would contract squeezing her fingers she would collapse and shudder as her orgasam hit her. Erin then opens her eyes she was sitting in the shower her finger still in her ass she sighed “that was a good climax though a bit embarrassing to think about she thought” erin then got up washed the soap off her body and hands turned off the shower and got out. She then wrapped a towel around her wet body and proceed to brush her teeth did a quick body check and hung up the towel now that her body was nice and dry she know longer needed it. Erin then opens the bathroom door and quickly ran to her room as it was still cold in the house she closed her bedroom door and started to look for clothes to wear. First putting on a pair of silky smooth plain cream colored panties and matching bra next putting on one of her many pairs of jeans since that's all she liked to wear the ones she took out really made her ass stand out which is how she liked it and lastly a short sleeve dark blue shirt that said pink on it in pink text. She then put on socks and her senior sweatshirt and shoes grabbed her gym uniform and a pair of panties for emergencies stuffed them in her school bag and headed down stairs and out the door. And while she had already forgotten her morning masturbation fantasy she would soon find out that some fantasies come true. (end of chapter 1)

    • Good setup, but trying splitting it into paragraphs to make it easier to read
    • Plz give me feedback and commnets - Smellsgood2020, Wed Sep 5 7:35pm
      Part two were the real humlition amd embaressment is going to happen sry if this dissapoints or dosent follow the boards theme.
      • Feedback - The Controverser, Thu Sep 6 6:26am
        Okay, so, first of all, glad you decided to make the jump from reading to writing. Secondly, I do have to agree with Anonymous. Breaking the story up in paragraphs might be a pain in the butt for the ... more
        • very thoughtful feedback - Hooked6, Fri Sep 7 2:42pm
          The Controverser: I must say your feedback to the author of this story was very well thought out and helpful.It was concise yet contained all the important points needed to encourage this poster in... more
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