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Peeping Tracey (Part 1)
Thu Sep 6, 2018 8:15am

Tracey was a young teen who was still developing. Every day the girls had gym, Tracey would subtly take a peak at other girls as they changed. She wasn't necessarily lesbian, but she couldn't seem to stop herself from staring as they showered and changed. For the most part, she seemed to get away with doing so as no one would notice her as her eyes focused on the mirror. That was, until one day she took it too far. Tracey changed quickly after gym class was over but lingered around pretending to be waiting for a friend. What she didn't realize was the cheerleading team had practice right after. She was staring at one of her classmates as she showered through the thin curtain that barely covered anything.

As she turned around her eyes widened. Standing behind her was the older sister of the girl she was just staring at and she looked pissed. "What do you think you're doing?" asked Meghan (the older sister) angrily. "Are you staring at my sister as she showers? You pervert."

Tracey's mouth was wide open not knowing what to say. "Yo, Sarah, finish up and get out here. It's important!" Meghan yelled to her sister.

She then grabbed Tracey by the arm and pulled her towards the locker area. "So you think it's okay to stare at people when they're changing do you? Does it turn you on you perv?" Meghan yelled loudly.

Tracey stared in terror not able to say a word. Tracey then felt her shorts get pulled to the ground revealing her baby blue cotton panties. One of the other girls spoke, "Let's turn the tables on her and see how she feels about it."

"Good idea, Hannah. Girls? Grab her arms and pull her shirt off. If she resists, pull out the scissors and cut it into tiny pieces," Meghan ordered.

The girls complied pulling Tracey's shirt over her head only to have it get stuck as it was a button up. Hannah wickedly pulled out a pair of scissors rather than unbutton the shirt. Tracey squirmed and shut her eyes as she heard the sounds of snipping cloth. She knew her shirt was getting cut off into small tiny pieces. Tracey was now in a white bra and baby blue panties only seconds away from being butt naked.

That's when Sarah came out of the shower, dried herself off and put her clothes on. "What's up, Meghan?" Sarah asked scanning the room seeing Tracey standing in her underwear. Her arms were pinned behind her back. "What's going on?"

"This pervert here was staring at you while you showered," Meghan told Sarah whose eyes widened as she spoke then she turned to Tracey and glared.

"I always knew something was up with you. The way you lingered behind when you were changed. I assumed you were waiting for a friend, but then you would leave the locker room alone. Now I know it's because you're just a pervert who needs to be taught a lesson," Sarah said.

Sarah then ripped off Tracey's bra and immediately ripped her panties off too leaving Tracey completely naked and unable to cover.

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        • Wow loved it :D - Anonymous, Sat Sep 8 10:19am
          Such an awesome story weldone :)
      • keep going - Steve Austin, Thu Sep 6 5:13pm
        Looking forward to part 3
      • Just awesome :D - Anonymous, Thu Sep 6 10:10am
        Great story I love it ;)
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